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Leafs are sports worst franchise according to ESPN, Canucks players to pick their own goal songs, a baby vs a blogger picking winners, Flames goalies, Oilers still bad, an NHL All-hipster team, Fantasy hockey cheat sheets and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by DraftKings.

In the roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. (Posted across all Nation Network team sites)


ESPN once again ranks Leafs worst sports franchise in North America

The Leafs are on pace for 27 points

Nylander stands out in Marlies season opener

David Clarkson could make his Columbus return versus Leafs

Canucks letting players pick their own goal songs

Canucks open letter: Nice start but…

Flames should let Kris Russell go

What we learned from the Flames 3 on 3 OT

The curious case of the Hiller-Ramo tandem

Why does Backlund always have to be pushed down the lineup?

The Royal Half: 2015-16 Season predictions

In case you missed Baby vs Blogger: Canucks @ LA


Oilers: Nikita Nikitin going nowhere

Line blender: It’s a weird science

Moral victories: More positives than negatives

No quick fix for Oilers – Scrap of the week

Trust & Tradition

Screen Shot 2015-10-15 at 3.15.16 PM

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More from around the Network…

How to argue with a hockey blogger

The NHL All-Hipster team part 2

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  • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

    I won’t bother listening to Stauffer today – heard it all before. Core group of players/ not getting the chances/ he’d be the first to admit that/ new arena/ stanley cup contenders… few years.

    Bob! If you are reading this
    1) McT, Lowe and Katz have driven this team into the sewer
    2) Few means three or four, not nine
    3) A new arena ain’t gonna do it for this team
    4) Instead of syaing “he’d be the first to admit that, why don’t you just tell it like it is”

    Tier 2 fan looking forward to the cheap tickets that come with tanking, and HNIC tommorow

    • everton fc

      Personally I think they should have promoted Nelson as head coach to work with the kids. Their defence is poor. The goaltending so-so. Still work to do in Edmonton. A young coach with some moxie, a will to win, a will to succeed expectations, a demeanor not bothered by the market, the fans, or the media…

      I think Nelson was this coach….

  • The Funky Chicken Has Left The Building

    I don’t think I can take the losing, the paid Oiler apologists, or the horrible bank commercials that link their product to hockey and/or the Oilers much longer. I’m heading down to the the CBH to see if I can get the Champ to snap/lose it on me.

    #shut the hell up and just win

  • For Pete's Sake!

    I actually thought the Oilers put in an honest strong effort last night from most of the players. Wins would be nice but I can’t blame them when they work hard.

    They just got beat by a bigger, better team last night.

    Taylor Hall in particular was great. The kind of second effort he put in when he scored that goal, that’s what we need from everyone on the team!

    We sure could use Eberle’s help on the powerplay. An extra goal or two there sure would have helped.

  • everton fc

    New regime bought in to appease the fans and hopefully kick start the club into respectability . Playing the West template , it is already evident Oilers do not have the personnel to do that with any respectability or positive results. The new regime has basically become a wash , and playing that way with our personnel will just bring about more poor results . Even our forwards are fast losing ability to be creative and losing ability to beat opposition players one on one . It does not appear to be when we will win a game , it is more how long can we remain in a game . We should beat whom we are better than , but is their any clubs actually worse than ours ? I am beginning to wonder if we are not the worst club in the league even with McDavid . Even he looks to be getting worse after last nights poor game and +- of -3 .

  • everton fc

    Here come some trashes. If Drai and Nurse are developing in the AHL why not send McDavid down now. If that is his core then why burn a year of his entry deal. Or can he be sent down with his contract? Enlighten me. Regardless some of McDavids expressions last night indicated he has been Oilered already. Send him to the A to hone his skill and win the cup there. Why keep him around this moribund tirefire.

    • robc186

      If Nurse and Draisaitl were here the Oilers might not be 0-4. McDavid played pretty good in the preseason with Draisaitl but can’t find anyone on the current team to gel with.

      • MorningOwl

        Just because 29 other teams don’t expect rookies and 18 year olds to turn around ‘worst teams’ in the history of the NHL, and just because the Oil have done it year after year only to watch the rookies struggle and develop a losing culture, doesn’t mean it won’t work this time!

        By all means, bring in Drai and Nurse – THIS time it may work! what can you lose, except Drai and Nurse?

        the only problem is, now the Oilers have a real coach and a real GM, so my guess is these new guys won’t be smart enough to deviate from what has been proven to work by 29 other teams over many years.

  • robc186

    It is very possible they will go to 0-6 and possibly even 0-8 but I don’t think the sky is falling. The Oil could not have gotten a worse schedule to start the season especially these first 4 games followed by HNIC which they never win and a Sunday game in Van on the short change. They really need a team closer to their standing to get things straightened out, playing against Hitchcock 2 of your first 4 would give anyone a headache, his win % against Edmonton must be about .950. Its a long year and I expect Chiarelli and TMc will get it sorted out. They are both winners and know the game so I believe they will sort it out and just maybe we’ll have some meaningful hockey in March. In the meantime don’t throw your remote thru the flatscreen !

    • MorningOwl

      the Oilers would be well advised to send McD back to the OHL if the Oil go 2-7 or 1-8 ib the first 9.

      People were half joking when they said the Oilers will destroy another first overall – but here we are, and in the last game you could see McD’s body language looking frighteningly much like Halls body language -which is NOT a good thing.

      patience this year, yes. but if after 10 games things haven’t turned around, I expect the GM to make changes, and THIS time, it won’t be a new coach.

      • piscera.infada

        People were half joking when they said the Oilers will destroy another first overall – but here we are, and in the last game you could see McD’s body language looking frighteningly much like Halls body language -which is NOT a good thing.

        As a Flames’ fan, this comment is ludicrous. Yes, expectation were too high for McDavid. Yes, he’s been slow to start. Kid’s a hell of a prospect, and I fully expect that by the end of the year we’ll be talking about how great a young NHLer he is.

        I have always been one to label a player “generational” once they’ve prove to be generational (ie. in hindsight). So, in my eyes, no McDavid, nor Eichel are “generational” yet. They’ll be great players though. Need I remind you Johnny Hockey had zero points at this point last year, and there was a very serious discussion about if he needed to go to the AHL?

        Look, all these knee-jerk reactions about the “failure” or “success” of an 18 year-old, three games into their NHL career is garbage. I hate the Oilers, just as I hate the Canucks, but seriously, better players on those teams will make the Flames better in the long-run (hopefully), and vice-versa.

        • RedMan

          You actually have to wait to call a player generational until he has done something?

          You obviously are not an Oiler fan.

          It wasn’t me that overhyped make David and it wasn’t me that originally said he would get ruined starting as an 18 year old, and in fact it was oiler fans that were commenting on how his body language and facial expressions looked like Halls Hall, dejected etcetera. You don’t think he should go back to junior under any circumstance? Maybe you’re right. Just another possibility and opinion. But Ludacris? Ludacris may be a bit of an exaggeration.

          I have said all along that he looks like a great prospect. You have to be crazy to think otherwise. I’m just having a great “McDavid day” as wished upon me by oiler fans over and over again during the oil best season, known as preseason. 🙂

          • piscera.infada

            “Ludacris” is a now defunct rapper.

            In all seriousness though, I’d just like to remind you that it wasn’t Oilers fans who pegged McDavid as a “generational” player. Sure, they’ve been nauseating about him for the last several months, but wouldn’t you be? In fact, I know you would be.

            The media hyped the kid up so much that some were expecting him to literally be a saviour in his first 3 games? Hard to fathom…

  • dach3569

    Based on results of Eichel, Sprong, Domi and about 8 other rookies are more generational then McDud.
    I think the Conner hype was basing the term generational on the lifespans of mosquitos.

  • MorningOwl

    I am willing to bet that the NHL makes ANOTHER rule this year that limits the amount of 1 first over all picks allowed in, say, any 3 years running…. and a kind of sliding scale that limits 2nd overalls, top 10’s, etc.

    the League really needs to address teams like the Oilers that perform so badly for so many years that they destroy the draft for legitimate teams.

    I seriously don’t expect a relegation league, which actually makes sense for teams like the Oilers, but after watching the league make the new rules around the draft which were clearly meant to address the Oilers, I would expect them to be even more aggresive this year to make sure this kind of crap is not rewarded year after year at the expense of legitimate teams.

    • For Pete's Sake!

      We’re four games into the season and the Oilers got beat by a strong St. Louis squad last night. The same team that kicked Johnny Gaudreau and the boys asses in Calgary the other night.

      I don’t know why you Calgary guys worry so much about the Oilers. It’s touching though.

        • HardBoiledOil 1.0

          and like the Cubs and Royals in baseball, you can’t lose forever….both teams went through LONG years of losing over and over and over again and now are a series win each away from facing each other for the World Series.

        • For Pete's Sake!

          Hey, they’ve been an embarrassment to us Oiler fans for the last nine years.

          But many teams suffer through periods of bad management. Even Detroit and Chicago have gone through extended periods of mediocrity.

          It’s a fact that it’s harder to make the playoffs in today’s league than ever. Someday your team may go through it and you’ll appreciate the draft rules the way they are.

          But maybe you think your team’s too perfect for that to ever happen. 🙂

  • Oilerz4life

    The only thing that is going to help this team is if Chiarelli is able to improve the D and bottom six. It frightens me to see MacT wispering in his ear and see footage of him hanging out with Klowe and Katz in the owners box. He had the opportunity to buy out Nikitin and pick up Franson for a song and crapped on that opportunity. There were players deleted from the roster that made the team better when they were here. I’m a believer in McLellan, but he needs something he can work with. More than just the “we have to work with what we got” b.s.

  • Derzie

    Saturday’s game is important. The fans of the losing team have a right to be concerned for the season. It’s early but both teams are stumbling out of the gate.

  • piscera.infada

    People. Our bottom 6 has been just as bad as our top 6 against their lines they play. At least there’s some chances from our top 2. But basically pure non factor from the bottom 6 too.