Jakub Nakladal Recalled, Kulak Returned to Stockton

In a move that may mean something or may merely be a depth shuffle, the Calgary Flames announced via press release that they have recalled defenseman Jakub Nakladal from the AHL’s Stockton Heat. He takes the roster spot of young Brett Kulak, who was returned to the Heat in a corresponding move.

Nakaldal is 27, from the Czech Republic and a right-handed shot. He’s also been very good for Stockton in both games he’s played in, putting up three assists. He probably would’ve made the NHL team out of camp had he not gotten his bell rung in a pre-season game in Denver. From that point onwards, he never seemed to get his momentum back. He heads to the NHL to potentially make his debut after stints playing pro in the Czech Extraliga, the Kontinental Hockey League and Finland’s SM-Liiga.

(Thankfully, nobody gave him the “best defenseman outside of the North America” kiss of death when he signed in May as a free agent.)

The 21-year-old Kulak heads back to the AHL with some confidence, as he played pretty damn well over the past couple of weeks. He played six games during this stint and was perfectly fine on a third pairing with Deryk Engelland. However, with Ladislav Smid getting healthy and Kulak probably headed to the press box, my guess is that management felt it was better to get him playing a lot in the AHL right away rather than having him hanging around the NHL team in the hopes that somebody else got injured.

Kulak asserted himself really well and outside of a few flubs in the last few games when the whole team was lousy, he looked like an NHL defenseman. He’ll be back.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      Based on what we’ve seen in Calgary, I completely agree. But he was a pretty darn good defender in Edmonton, I’d really like to see if he can regain his form.
      It’s a dream I know.

        • RedMan

          I would be dissapointed if they didn’t give Smid a stint in Stockton.

          I am also glad to see Nakladal –

          Kulak was fine, but this team is rebuilding, and it’s good to give these guys a opportunity to cycle through and get a taste.

          • RedMan

            obviously you haven’t been paying attention.

            don’t waste time feeling overly stupid though, your not different from most Oiler fans don’t understand any concept of a rebuild that doesn’t include being the worst team in the league for 10 years.

          • Joe Mamma

            Oh, I’ve been paying attention. I’m not the one that’s been living in a dream world. You were riding a clearly unsustainable statistical aberration last year, and it is coming home to roost.

            You absolutely are rebuilding. Nice to see the delusion starting to wear off.

            Boy you guys sure are touchy. Maybe if you’d shown a little humility and class while you were catching lightning in a bottle, instead of pounding your chests and kicking oiler fans when they were down, you wouldn’t have to deal with the karmic vengeance posts now. But it’s too late for that now.

            Lessons learned eh?

          • Joe Mamma

            Like I said. You can dish it out, but you can’t take it.

            Maybe I see the attraction now though. This IS pretty fun. I think I’ll stay a while.

            FN Moderator: If you don’t tone it down – you won’t be staying too long.

          • Joe Mamma

            The hypocrisy around here is astounding. Tone it down? I’ve barely thrown a jab, never mind any haymakers. Is that all it takes to get under your skin around here?

            Walter White, burnward, Montana Man, ultrathinzigzags, and numerous others from your lovely blog have been relentlessly trolling ON for years. But you see, they don’t believe in censorship at ON. Clearly you do. Got it.

            Feel free to ban me if that’s how you roll. I’ll wear that ban like a badge of honor. And we’ll all have a good laugh over at ON about how thin-skinned you guys are.

          • Joe Mamma

            Hate to disappoint. Perhaps they realized that I was right. I didn’t ask to be banned, they used a thinly veiled threat of a ban to shut me up. I’m pretty sure calling someone a hypocrite when they are being a hypocrite is well within the ToS.

      • RexLibris

        Smid had one good year here.

        The rest were kind of middling.

        He was traded at peak or near-peak value.

        I’d wager better odds for Nakladal or Kulak at this stage if only because of the rust Smid will have on an already limited skill set.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    Kulak is a future NHLer. I thought he was really good in all but one game (which frankly was nice to see, in light of his teammates level of play). I am curious to see Nakaladal, especially after reading nothing but great reviews for his play in Stockton.

    Kulak will have his day in the sun, for now I want to see what Nakaladal can do.

  • McRib

    Brett Kulak’s possession numbers were some of the best on the team this year, especially considering he was playing with Deryk Engelland (4th worst possession player in the league). This could actually be a move that makes us worse, unless of course Nakladal can perform at the same level as Kulak did (unlikely).

    After watching the Flames this year I believe what all the advanced stats folks have been saying all along, we overachieved last year as all the stars aligned. You don’t even have to believe in advanced stats to make that determination, watching these first few games with my own eyes is enough. I really hope the Flames brass doesn’t do anything drastic like trade a Bennett like the idiots at TSN are suggesting today. The rebuild is not over, lots of positives to look at, but we are a ways away from being all in. The Flames overachieved in 2004 and they spent the next five years dismantling their farm system to substain a level of play that was not possible, I really hope they don’t do it again.

    • Christian Roatis

      Really? Common man… A post like this is pretty much the definition of trolling. Its one thing to discuss relevant things amongst fan bases, or poke here and there. But this is just being a d1ck by posting something completely irrelevant to try and piss off people having a discussion about their roster. Go away.

      That was a sick goal by McDavid though. Wow.

        • #97TRAIN

          That’s what Oilersnation is for. If you’re going to comment on the Flames then do it. If you’re going to be an ass because you were gifted the next Crosby out of pure luck, despite possessing the biggest joke of a franchise (worse than the Leafs) then GTFO.

          • Randaman

            Do you have aggression issues?

            Ziggy, Walter White and others visit Oilers Nation all the time and trash talk so get over it.

            Life’s too short

            Oh ya McDavid!!!! LOL

          • Gkpoil

            Biggest joke of a franchise? Yea klowe and Mac T were an embarrassment for many years, but the flames aren’t exactly a beacon of brilliance. Holding on to kipper and iginla until they had zero trade value was brutal. What exactly has Calgary accomplished this decade that puts the flames in a different league as the oil? You had a lucky run last year. Sure the oilers were brutal for a decade but now we have we have hall, eberle, nuge, Mcdavid and yak and they’re starting to click, you got ????? Maybe a top 20 point getter and good ole dougie

            I know it’s really early in the season, but too many flamer fans kicked us when we were down so…….. Karma is a bitch!!! Just think, you’ll get to bash the Canucks soon enough

  • McRib

    Jon Gillies had a 36 save shutout tonight. Who cares who our goalies are now with the Flames, when it matters in a year or two it looks like we have a gem on our hands (not that we didn’t already know that). Something positive to focus on.

  • Big Ell

    Stockton Heat win 1 – 0 over the Texas Stars. Freddie Hamilton with the goal, Morrison and Shoshoni with the assists, Gillies with the shutout bis second in three games.

  • Nick24

    Glad all the Oilers fans are excited about their team, but lets keep comments regarding the Oilers on Oilers Nation. Some gloating is fine, but when comments have nothing to do with the article in question it really isn’t appropriate.

    In the future, comments posted that are not relevant to the discussion will be removed.

  • Gkpoil

    Good move and well deserved as by all accounts he was in a league of his own in the AHL.

    Perfect 6/7 guy who can fill in responsibly when needed and also it’s not hurting anything if/when he spends a game in the press box

  • Joe Mamma

    No issue with Nakladal coming up, all for it. If they intend on keeping Smid long term though, I’m going to be sick. Kulak is already the better defender, so is Nakladal and so is Wotherspoon. I’d rather see all three replace Engelland, Russell and Wideman.

    Youth and speed being replaced by old age and plodding? I really hope not. Why does Hartley love the truculence guys so much? They get every break, every benefit of the doubt. Someone should remind him the team is in a rebuild. Always Earned, Never Given (unless there’s a big contract involved or a truculent veteran).

    Smid should never see the NHL again, IMO. Seriously, what exactly did Kulak do or not do to deserve to be sent down? But then, I’ve asked the same about Wotherspoon.

  • RedMan

    It’s unbelievable and sickening that over half the comments on here are from trolls or in relation to trolls. When I first discovered this site years ago, that was not the case. It’s also a reason a lot of long time posters rarely post or font post at all anymore.

    So, without solicitation, here are my basic ideas to try and fix the problem and restore the Nations sites to the place for intellectual discussion they used to be (and yes, I’m guilty too):

    1) Reboot the site. Wipe out all of the accounts and make people reregister their user name and email. No more posting without signing in. You must sign in to post.

    2) Restate the Nations mission statement: mature, intellectual debate. Everyone has an opinion. Feel free to disagree, but state why in a rational manner. Keep it civil, on topic and mature.

    3) No insults, no name calling, no personal attacks, no trolling, no baiting, no having to agree with fan boys or tide bandwagons. Doing so results in a ban. One warning only. After that, absolute zero tolerance, go elsewhere. All opinions are welcome.

    These rules would be stated in a new article relaunching the site, underneath the team site banners, when you register and as a sticky.

    Just my opinion.

    • piscera.infada

      Couldn’t agree more.

      However, I do somewhat sympathize with the Oilers’ trolls. There were many, many Flames’ fans over there to end last season, puffing out their chests, and making a mess of their boards.

      I miss what this site was a couple years ago. Hopefully it will return to that soon, but I’m not holding my breath, unfortunately.

      • Joe Mamma

        Oh this is priceless. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, we’re all screaming for rational discourse and not picking on one another? Is that right? Unbelievable.

        FN mod: unnecessary

        I wouldn’t hold your breath for nation-wide bans bud.