Site News: Familiar Names In New Roles

(Because it’s site news, here’s some photos of German newspapers!)

Folks, we have a bit of house-keeping to announce here at FlamesNation as it regards to our managerial and editorial team. We have a couple familiar names in brand-new roles!

We’ve very proud to announce that Ari will be taking the reigns of FlamesNation as Managing Editor effective today. She’ll be handling the day-to-day operations of the site, cracking the whip on our bench full of excellent writers, and also continuing to churn out superb content. In concert with Ari’s promotion, I’m moving into a new role as Senior Contributing Editor. I’ll be writing just as much as I’ve been, but I merely won’t be (a) handling breaking news as often or (b) yelling at the writing staff as much (or as loudly).

For you guys? The only “real” change is you’ll see even more strong content from our crew.

And now, a message from the new overlord:


I remember years ago first finding this blog. I can’t remember how I found it, but I do remember I kept coming back because it was teaching me things about the Flames I’d never considered before and couldn’t find in the mainstream. I even remember sheepishly tweeting at Kent years ago, asking him what “corsi” was, because I knew it was important but I’d totally forgotten why.

So this is weird for me. It was weird when I was asked to start writing here… what, eight months ago? Something like that. The idea that I’d be contributing to the blog that taught me so much more about hockey was inconceivable, and yet, there I was, seeing my name up there three times a week. 

Now it’s going up another level, since I’m gonna be around pretty much every day. So get used to me. Or don’t, I’m not the boss of you. Just the boss of everyone else here. But I think it’d be nice if we all got along anyway, especially because we’re all here because we love the Flames, tumultuous times they may be going through or not.

And man oh man, have we all got some opinions on what’s going on lately. That’s why we’re here! I look forward to expressing strong emotions about this professional hockey team with the lot of you.

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    Moderator: the proper way to say what you did would be something like:

    I disagree with this decision.

    She dislikes players I like, I dislike players she likes.

    She has strong opinions over what the coach does, and does not do – which I also disagree with.

    She was negative with the Flames run, which was against what I was feeling about it – which was it was exciting hockey (regardless of the Corsi numbers).

    Also, the language she uses sometimes offends my sensibilities.

    No need for unprofessionalism in your post and personal attacks on the writers. If you do not like the writers, you are free to leave. Do not be a jerk.

    • RexLibris

      Couldn’t agree more, the constant bashing of human beings that did not meet her “standards” for a game we all love to watch was beyond painful.

      Stopped reading M&G for the same reasons: offensive language constantly, child like, out bursts attacking players. Stuff that should never be acceptable on any reputable website. This certainly does not add to FN’s credibility, rather it hurts the product significantly.

      • RedMan

        So, you guys are attacking Arii for…. attacking players? ahhhh I seeeeeee…. you can have an opinion, but Arii can’t… brilliant.

        Oh, Hey, Look there, it’s the door – please exercise your vote with your feet.

      • Ari Yanover

        Have suffered through Ari’s harangues over Baertschi leaving, and others, and making the unfortunate mistake of checking M & G recently, I’ve got to pretty much agree with everything in this comment. Sure, on FN she tones down the vitriol and language but still its hard to take.

        Guess we’ll see how things develop and make decisions then. Perhaps she is able to develop her article’s attitude into something more positive while at the same time bringing her obvious research and writing skills.

    • ville de champignons


      Always enjoy your well-thought-out posts, with often obscure references, but this one has me puzzled. The reference to the “Hypno-Toad” would seem to me to be insulting, but I am sure it is not. I did not see that Simpsons episode and since it appears to be a slow day, could you please clarify? Thx.

      • Ari Yanover

        It’s a Futurama episode, and it is an honour to be compared to the Hypnotoad.

        All hail the Hypnotoad.

        Thanks for the congrats, everyone! For those who don’t like me, oh well.

  • RedMan

    Congrats Arii…I enjoy your articles but pls. shorten them up…remember it’s all about quality of content not quantity….best of luck in your new role!!

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    This has a great website — usually my first stop — to follow Flames news and analysis, and I want to thank the efforts of everyone involved in making it so.

    I wish all contributors the very best. I’m sure Ari and the rest of the team will do a fine job in continuing their tradition of quality blog journalism.

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    Congrats Arii and all. Arii I enjoy reading your mix of stats and human interest. Your summary article at the end of last season was excellent and helped with the blackness of that day.

  • Lordmork

    Ryan, I’ve enjoyed your work and I’m looking forward to reading more.

    Ari, congratulations on the new role! I enjoy your work and hope to see more.

    I hope nobody on the writing team will let the naysayers change how they write their content. The reason I come to Flamesnation is for a variety of opinions and learned analysis. It’s fine to disagree with the results of that analysis, but not to dictate what sort of content gets posted.

  • Thanks Ryan and congratulations Arii;

    I really appreciate the articles provided by both of you.

    And after the start of this season, how is anyone here possibly ragging on any of the writers for pointing out that perhaps the team was not quite as good as last year would indicate? Furthermore, if the opinion doesn’t correlate with your own, it doesn’t mean it isn’t good, entertaining, and thought provoking writing.

    • Burnward

      Everyone definitely predicted that Gio and Hamilton would be horrible, Backlund would disappear, the effort, discipline and concentration would collapse and the goalies would be shaky as hell.

      • ClayBort

        Fair, but not my point.

        My issue lies in the vitriol pointed towards authors who dare to point out problems or levy criticism towards the team or management.

      • DestroDertell

        Backlund has played well away from Bollig/Bouma, just like everyone expected. Many people raised questions over the penalty differential; losing one of your best player at it (Byron) is a factor. Everyone raised questions over the goaltending situation. You have a point about Gio/Hamilton.

        Effort is just the excuse to live in denial over how bad Hartley, his lineup decisions and his endless passing system have always been.

  • Thanks for all the well-wishes, everyone. I plan on writing for FN until the team moves to Las Vegas next season when the city refuses to build them a shiny new arena. Or until Thom decides to put me on waivers.

  • jonahgo

    i really liked ari’s writing last season at m&g, and i’m looking forward to her continued work here. congratulations! she writes compelling, coherent arguments, and for those who don’t like those compelling, coherent arguments… what can i say? to put it in preemptively moderated language, i think you’re dopes.