AHL roster moves: Jakub Nakladal down, Kent Simpson up

There are a couple of things going on in regarding the Stockton Heat’s roster that are sure to have direct impacts on the Flames’.

First, there’s the obvious: the Flames have returned defenceman Jakub Nakladal to the AHL. They now carry seven defenders, leaving 22 contracts up with the big club.

Second: Kent Simpson, who was sent down to the ECHL after Karri Ramo was sent down to the AHL, has been recalled back up to the AHL. So the Flames will almost certainly be recalling a goalie from the Stockton Heat, almost certainly tied in to Jonas Hiller’s injury from the night before.

On Jakub Nakladal

Nakladal was recalled to the Flames on Oct. 21 in a move that saw Brett Kulak sent down. Kulak had played six games for the Flames, and was looking pretty decent (albeit starting to slip in play, just a little), so it was a pretty basic defenceman swap.

We never got to see what he could do, though, as just two days later, Ladislav Smid returned to action for the first time since January. Smid remained in the lineup until T.J. Brodie became healthy enough to play.

With Brodie back, the Flames were carrying eight defencemen, leaving two as healthy scratches. That’s no good, and so it’s back to Stockton for Nakladal, and in all likelihood, back to actual playing time for him. He had three assists in two games prior to being recalled, and will bring back steady veteran leadership to the farm team.

On Kent Simpson

When the Flames finally solved their three goalie problem by sending Ramo to Stockton, additional moves still had to be made. After all, just as three goalies on one NHL team wasn’t ideal, neither would three goalies be on one AHL team.

Simpson, who had played for the ECHL’s Stockton Thunder in the 2014-15 season, was slated to be Jon Gillies’ backup in the AHL this season. With Ramo down, though, and Gillies obviously not going anywhere, he was the next casualty, and down (geographically, up) to Adirondack he went.

Simpson played two games with Adirondack, posting a .939 save percentage before being recalled to the Heat.

That leaves three goalies in Stockton again, which obviously isn’t acceptable. We’ll see soon just how long Hiller is out for, because Ramo will be making his return to the Flames.

It’s also entirely possible this move is precautionary. With Nakladal sent down, the Flames don’t have to put anybody – say, Hiller – on the injury reserve. Assuming Ramo is brought up for insurance purposes, he can be sent back down to Stockton without having to clear waivers again, as long as he is returned within 10 games played, or 30 days since the recall.

  • beloch

    Here’s hoping Ortio’s strong performance as relief last night was enough to get him the start against Montreal. The timing could not be better for a rookie goalie to string together a few quality starts and seize the starter job.

    • beloch

      I wouldn’t call that strong, he looked pretty shaky. Especially his rebound control. Hoping he gets it figured out though, cause the flames sure could use some solid goaltending.

      • beloch

        Rebounds have been a problem for everyone… the arent clearing them or taking back possession of the puck resulting in point blank second and third chances. The forwards havent been picking up their checks.

        Defensively this has been a horror show… a cheesy one.

        • beloch

          I agree the defence hasn’t been great, way too many shots in the home plate, and that’s with weak pressure on the points.

          I’m talking about 2 of the first 3 shots that were bad angles and dribbled straight to the front of the net. They weren’t howitzers either, kind of soft actually. You can blame it on lack of playing time but those are still plays that shouldn’t happen.

          I wasn’t saying Ortio is a wash, or a bum. Just saying I watched the game. I love the Flames, but I’m no blind fan boy. Soooo just calling it how I personally saw it. To each their own of course.

  • beloch

    Why Smid isn’t down Gormley a two week conditioning stint so we could see what Nakladal could go is beyond me. Smid. I mean, is this a rebuild or what? I really don’t get Hartley sometimes. The sooner Smid, Engelland and Russell go, the better. We need some of these young D to start developing alongside the young forwards.

    Also, waiting until these decrepit vets work their own way out of the lineup before seeing what you really have in your young guys seems foolish to me.

    • beloch

      I feel the same about Hiller, who after last night officially has the worst SV% of any goalie in the NHL. Yes, that’s right…the worst of the worst. Fact.

      Let’s go Ortio