The Flames Should Claim Mark Arcobello

The big hockey news out of Toronto this morning is that the Maple Leafs have decided to waive veteran center Mark Arcobello. For many reasons, I don’t think he’ll make it through the waiver wire – he’s got several qualities which National Hockey League clubs seem to value.

And I think the Calgary Flames should claim him.

Mark Arcobello is several things. He’s 27. He’s inexpensive, with a $1.1 million cap hit. He’s right-handed. He’s a center. And while he doesn’t generate a ton of points, he’s a rock-solid 200-foot player that helps keep the puck out of his end.

Of course, the “doesn’t generate points” part is why Toronto is waiving him. And it’s also why he’s probably headed to his sixth NHL club (after stints with Edmonton, Nashville, Pittsburgh, Arizona and Toronto) over the past two seasons. Heck, he was with four teams last year.

In terms of Calgary’s depth chart, Arcobello is definitely better than Brandon Bollig and potentially an upgrade over Josh Jooris right now. He’s not the world’s most physical player, which may bode poorly for him within the Flames line-up given Bob Hartley’s decision-making, but he drives play the right way and the Flames absolutely need somebody like that right now.

And if he doesn’t work out, he’s dirt-cheap and can easily be (a) traded or (b) buried in the AHL without much worry. It’s a very low-risk opportunity for the Flames to shake up their roster and add an asset that could help them win games. And heaven knows they’d like to win games at some point this season.

  • Burnward

    OMG are you serious? Admittedly a feisty 200′ player, but he doesn’t score (much) and is tiny. He’s exactly what we DON’T need! Heck, I’d take Byron any day over him and Byron couldn’t even stick, though I’m sure many will debate that point. We have many, many guys on the farm who I’d take before even considering Arcobello. Good luck to him in the AHL, because moving across 6 NHL teams in 2 years pretty much proves the point that he’s never going to be much more that a tweener who can’t stick in the NHL.

    • Parallex

      “Heck, I’d take Byron any day over him and Byron couldn’t even stick”

      That argument will only work on people who didn’t think that the Flames made a mistake in waiving him.

      I think the better question would be: Who would you rather have on the Flames right now… Derek Grant or Mark Arcobello? I’d rather have Arcobello then Grant personally.

  • Burnward

    NO!!! Mind boggling to even suggest we need this guy.

    It wouldn’t get any more pathetic than claiming a Leafs cast off that was an Oilers cast off!!!

    We have a half dozen guys in Stockton that have earned their opportunity, we don’t need this plug

    • Bob Cobb

      Agree. But you aren’t getting those on the waiver wire.

      If Huds walks or isn’t resigned we really need AT LEAST 2 top 6 fwds and really the only way to get them is drafting. That’s why finishing in the lotto this year could be a blessing in disguise. Tough medicine to swallow, but exactly what this team needs.

      Or we need one of our prospects in the system to take a miracle step forward.

        • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

          But most people on here are only about the now, not the 2 years from now.

          It is still apparent that the Flames are building (not rebuilding) we still need to get physically stronger (since some on here take offence to the word “bigger”) so they don’t get pushed off the puck so easily. Gaudreau obviously has the Sydney Crosby lower body strength because he is strong on the puck, his quickness and edge work obviously help him on the boards.

          We are nowhere near ready to challenge for the Cup so I wish we HAD traded Gio over the summer, just like I hope they trade Hudler and Russell while the league still loves them.

          We need to build a team that is physically strong and skilled, complemented by elite level talent ala the Blues but with goaltending and desire to win.

  • Max_Power

    Ryan, if you claim him, (or anyone), on waivers I am pretty sure he cannot be sent to the minors. He has to be on your NHL roster. Which means when Ferland is healthy, someone else will have to be waived.

    Also he is not easily tradeable. otherwise he’d be traded instead of waived.
    A big no thanks to Arcobello

  • ronipedia

    I would agree but he is a center and we kind of already have all of the centers.

    Besides, he’ll get picked up and then be available again in a few months, poor guy.

  • RedMan

    Now, hold on everyone…

    I like the idea.

    Consider that there might at some point be a guy who could frame, in his house, a legitimate NHL jersey from each of the 30 teams, with his name and number on it. At this rate he’ll get there within the next 3-4 years.

    In the interest of making something like that happen, let’s pick him up.

  • beloch

    Arcobello has been a decent AHL scorer, but didn’t make it into the NHL until he was 25. He’s been a third or fourth liner, even in Edmonton. WOWY analysis shows he has had a positive impact on most of his linemates, but not all. His career scoring pace is 30 points/season, but that’s based on a small sample of just over a season and a half.

    As a fourth line possession driver he might not be a terrible option. He’s comparable to Byron, although Byron had better WOWY results and possession numbers.

    The real problem is that Hartley isn’t any more likely to play Arcobello on the fourth line than he was to play Byron last season. Byron did play, but practically never in place of Bollig. You have to ask whether or not Arcobello could play higher up in the rotation, and I don’t see that happening as long as Frolik, Huddler, and Jones are healthy. If one of those guys is injured, I’d frankly rather see the minutes given to a high-ceiling rookie like Poirier.

  • OKG

    Just because he’s similar to Byron, doesn’t mean he’s Byron.

    Byron is possibly the best depth player in the NHL filling that possession-driving role due to his absurd top-tier speed and underrated puck-skills.

    Guys like Arcobello and Jooris resemble that, but don’t replace that.

  • Bob Cobb

    No one ever thinks about the player in this situation, its like the children in a divorce, no one worries about them, just passes them around. Talk about a kick in the junk for Arcobello.

  • AF

    [redacted – FN Mod]

    I am sure you can make your point without being rude. If you disagree, say why, and provide rationale. That’s what a discussion is born of.

  • KACaribou

    It’s not totally surprising that a person who doesn’t recognize that Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald is one of the Flames top 10 forwards of all time thinks it is a good idea to pick up cast-offs of the Toronto Maple Leafs (a team that hasn’t won a Stanley Cup since 1967).

    For the love of gawd Pike please tell me you are kidding about this, and the whole Lanny thing was a big drawn-out hoax perpetrated upon your unwitting readers and Flames addicts.