Want to win some stuff? Make something good


When Thomas Drance brought me on to help develop the community aspect of FlamesNation, contests and engagement were a big topic. We know y’all love to comment, spitting some of the finest taeks on the internet, but we want to see how creative you can get. So we’re holding our first contest of the season and we’ve got a couple of prizes to offer up.

Given how the Flames have fared this season, we need some uplifting imagery until the team regains their impressive unsustainable third-period supremacy. So we’re calling on you, our lovely community to come up big. 

The theme? Well, we’re going peak cliche here…

Violent Gentlemen. I mean after all, they’re giving us stuff to giveaway. Make a Calgary Flames themed photoshop creation with moustaches, sophistication, and most importantly: sweet, sweet delicious fighting. After all, it’s Movember, the month where we can all grow bad facial hair and raise awareness too.

So now you can finally give Johnny Gaudreau a studly handlebar moustache, then put his head on someone caving in an Oiler’s face. It’s a match made in heaven.

Rules and all that

Don’t steal other people’s work, it better be your own. Everything will be shared on our social media accounts so we’ll want you to submit via Twitter by mentioning @FlamesNation or on our Facebook page as well. If you’r really unsure, you can even email me your submissions to failureofallmikes@gmail.com.

Deadline will run from today until November 9th at 7 p.m. MST. We’ll announce the winners on November 10th so we can get those prizes sent out to the lucky winners.


The Prizes, the stuff you care about

  • First place is a $100 coupon to Violent Gentlemen. They’ve just released a new line of shirts for the fall season as well as their new brand Trust and Tradition.

  • Second place: from my own personal collection, a complete boxset of 1990 Score hockey cards. They also include the highly coveted Eric Lindros OHL cards. I got this boxset a few years ago and I got bored of looking at it on my bookshelf. Maybe you can enjoy them a bit more.

  • Third place: A random NHL game for the Super Nintendo and a few packs of hockey cards. A great prize for being a loser.
So go make something good and maybe earn yourself a little somethin’-somethin’ for your hard work.