Flames acquire Kevin Poulin for future considerations

The goaltending picture hasn’t gotten any clearer.

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Now added to the Calgary Flames’ cast of netminders is Kevin Poulin. Poulion, previously with Tampa Bay Lightning organization (though he never played a game for them), was acquired for future considerations.

He’s been assigned to the Stockton Heat, so no need to get too excited quite yet.

Poulin, 25, has played in 50 NHL games, all with the New York Islanders, and has an overall save percentage of .899. He has yet to play in the NHL – or AHL, for that matter – this season, and only had one NHL game in 2014-15.

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In short, he’s probably not the answer the Flames are looking for in net.

If anything, this means bad news for Jon Gillies, who is day-to-day with a lower body injury. Adding a new goaltender makes it seem like the injury is a whole lot worse than day-to-day, though. There is currently no timetable for his return, and according to Assistant General Manager Brad Pascall, Gillies is going to miss “some time”.

Poulin played 45 games in the AHL last season for the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. His save percentage was .912. He’s an upgrade on Kent Simpson and Eric Hartzell, the two goalies currently playing for the Heat, as Simpson, who has primarily played in the ECHL, only has a .813 SV% over two games this season, and Hartzell has barely played, but was also slated more for the ECHL than AHL.

Basically, this truly is the season of hell when it comes to Flames goaltending: everyone in the NHL has been terrible, and the top prospect outside of it is injured. Hopefully Poulin can bring some stability, at least in the minor league, because this is an organization that desperately needs it.

  • KACaribou

    Possibly with Gillies and Hiller injured, this is just insurance for the AHL team. Or perhaps step 2 is a trade involving one of our major goaltenders and this is the set-up move?

  • KACaribou

    Perhaps a bit early but I believe at the end of this road trip the Flames will determine wether the focus is on playoffs or player development. If on PD then send Ramo down, trade Hiller for a bag of new unfrozen pucks and play the heck out of Ortio and Poulin.


    Austin Matthews

    • KACaribou

      Thanks Austin. Can’t wait to have you on the team next year. I like your comment but I really think we can get the bag of hockey pucks and negotiate hard on adding a Slim Whitman LP album to the trade.

    • EhPierre

      You’d think you’d know how to spell your own name Auston

      In all seriousness, can anyone clarify “future considerations” for me. I’ve always seen it before in some minor trade but I’ve never checked back and see what a team actually gives up later.

      Would the Flames give up like a 6th round pick late in the season when they feel like it? Or does Tampa call up Treliving and say “Just give us whatever you want, whenever” Like how does it work?

        • MattyFranchise

          You are thinking of conditional picks. If this was a trade for a conditional pick it would have been announced as such.

          Future considerations typically go like this: we’ll take x player and in return here is a prospect or a pick that we would be willing to part with whenever you make up your mind.

          Basically, Treliving got a goalie and Yzerman gets something in return at a later date. What he actually gets could be dependant on a number of things outlined in the deal that we are not privy to but generally it will be something minor.

          It may not even be something that Yzerman chooses to cash in on this season like maybe the deal is that their is a pick for this season or one for next season on the table and the Lightning can choose which one they take based on a variety of circumstances.

          Future considerations is a pretty vague term so understandably there will be a lot of uncertainty when a trade for futures actually happens.

          At least, this is my understanding of how this works.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    This move does appear to set up the Flames for a trade, but my first thought was that the Flames don’t think, whoever they choose to waive would clear. Hope I’m wrong.

  • RKD

    Even if Poulin is filling for Gilles, once Hiller comes back from injury the Flames will have 5 goalies. Hiller and Ramo up in the NHL, Poulin and Gilles in the AHL. Maybe this means that Ortio is the odd man out or the Flames made this move for trade. If Gilles is the next guy where does that leave Ortio? If Hiller and Ramo didn’t come back next year, would Gilles and Ortio be your starting two, I’m not so sure.

  • T&A4Flames

    So why the hell did Yzerman call him up 1st then trade him?? Why not just complete a minor league trade opposed to Calgary risking him going back down through waivers?