Mangiapane Earns Hat Trick As Colts Beat Saginaw 5-1

It was a huge night for Flames prospect Andrew Mangiapane, as the 19-year-old netted a hat trick for his Barrie Colts in a 5-1 victory over the Saginaw Spirit. 

After a nice goal from Zachary Mangwood, Barrie held a 1-0 lead heading into the second period of Saturday nights game. That’s when Mangiapane turned the jets on. 

His first goal would come after Kevin Lebanc set-up Julius Nattinen with a no-look pass at the Saginaw blue line. 

Nattinen then fed a nice pass across the middle to Mangiapane, who’d corral the puck before beating Saginaw goaltender David Ovsjannikov at the 17:07 mark of the second period. 

Just 22 seconds later, Lebanc set-up Mangiapane near the face-off dot, who’d hammer one through the legs of Ovskannikov. 

Then at the 9:16 mark of the third period, Mangiapane took a shot from Michael Webster that’d bounced off the boards, and put it past Ovsjannikov, earning a hat trick. 

Mangiapane now has 28 points on the year (15 goals, 13 assists). To put that into perspective, when Connor McDavid broke his hand last year, he had 16 goals in 18 games; Mangiapane has 15 goals in 18 games.

Of note, Mangiapane was coming off of a pretty good showing while representing the OHL at the CHL/Russia Super Series Thursday night. No points in the game, but he did a good job of applying lots of offensive pressure in the Russian zone using his workhorse attitude.

The Flames prospect is now on a nine-game point streak. He’ll look to continue that streak when the Colts take on North Bay this Sunday, November 15. 

  • supra steve

    Mangiapane is definitely looking like he has potential. However, comparing him to McDavid’s draft year, when Mangiapane is really in his draft +2 year, I’m just not sure what the point is. May be more productive to compare his season to some other 20 year old seasons in the CHL. I should think that some comparable players have made the jump to the NHL, but more have probably not. Sven had a remarkable draft +1 season…

  • BurningSensation

    It may be deceptive because he is an older player, but it really is nice when the scouts find you an offensive prospect of note later in the draft.

    Like, really, really, nice.

  • beloch

    Baertschi scored at almost 2 ppg in his 19-year-old season, finishing with 129 points in 69 games. Flames fans (including myself) were pretty stoked about that, but Baertschi failed to translate that performance to the AHL or NHL. After a few seasons of treading water or sliding backwards, only now is he a marginal NHL’er. He has 7 points in 15 games, but he scored at around 0.5 ppg while he was playing for the Flames too. It’s what he does when he doesn’t have the puck that makes him a poor player in many situations.

    Why do I bring this up? Temper your expectations folks. Not every player who torches junior turns out to be a great NHL’er. Mangiapane is a steal for a sixth rounder, but don’t go comparing him to Gaudreau or McDavid just yet. It’s an awfully long way from the OHL to the NHL.

  • beloch

    The folks in Vancouver are wondering what to do with Sven….it is that he plays when it moves him – same as in Calgary…inconsistent during a game and from one game to the next.

  • cberg

    Forget the comparisons, and worry about translating to the NHL. Its encouraging to see him still progressing, being an impact player and growing. He is an exciting prospect for the Flames and I’m happy to have him.

  • Peplinski's Thunderbird

    I think it’s great that we can compare Mangiapane with McDavid at all, although a summary including overage seasons from other players would give a little more context.