Stockton’s Goalie Situation Is Really Unclear

The netminding situation in Calgary just got more clear, as veterans Karri Ramo and Jonas Hiller appear to have successfully defended their jobs by playing well (Ramo) and getting injured (Hiller). The waiving of third-stringer Joni Ortio has both clarified Calgary’s situation and further muddled an already bizarre situation in Stockton, home of the Flames’ American Hockey League affiliate.

Per the Calgary Sun‘s Randy Sportak:

Hip surgery would put Gillies out for awhile, Poulin’s likely out until January-ish, and Ortio could be claimed off waivers tomorrow. That could result in the Flames having zero contracted goaltenders in the AHL as a fall-back plan – which is precisely the kind of wacky circumstances that resulted in Danny Taylor getting an NHL contract way back when.

Case in point:

Through 12 games, here are the different combinations of goalies dressed for the Heat

  • Jon Gillies & Kent Simpson
  • Jon Gillies & Karri Ramo
  • Kent Simpson & Eric Hartzell
  • Kevin Poulin & Kent Simpson

Considering that the relocation of the farm team to California was supposed to be good for development, getting some stability in goal would go a long way towards calming the whole team down. For at least another day or two, though, the Heat will have to keep dealing with uncertainty.

    • Skuehler

      Why would the Oilers want Ortio?

      Their current backup is playing great. And their ‘big catch’ dud of the summer isn’t going to get written off so quick. They would never ship Talbot to the AHL, so why would they take Ortio? Zero chance.

      Admittedly I don’t know some of the east bottom feeder teams situations well, but based on the west, I’d say Ortio clears easily.

      • Skuehler

        Couple of reasons:
        1. They are in last place and haven’t had good goal tending
        2. It would hand cuff their closest rival, especially if Ramo or Hiller were to get injured
        3. Ortio is undervalued by the Flames.
        4. They could have both former Flames prospects Ortio and Broissot in their system for the cost of Roy.

        • piscera.infada

          I think Duhatschek said it correctly. If everything would have stayed status quo–Ortio staying with the Flames, but not being given any opportunity–there is little chance Joni would re-sign with the Flames anyway.

          If he clears waivers (which I think is a very real possibility), at least he has a chance to get his game back. When the playoffs clearly become out of reach, then Treliving will be able to force Hartley’s hand a little bit further with Ortio. Provided he clears waivers, I firmly believe Ortio will be back with the big club, and will be given a realistic shot to be part of the Flames plans.

          • TRAIN#97

            Do you think that it’s possible that Hartley didn’t really care for Ortio or his play.
            It seemed funny that while he was totally healthy Hartley went with Ramo for 11 straight . Even when Calgary had 2 sets of back to back games Ortio did not play.
            I don’t think Ramo or Hillier played in a stretch that long last year.

          • piscera.infada

            This whole thing is completely on Hartley. The organization clearly wanted to see what Ortio had this year, as evidenced by a one-way contract this year and their staunch support of keeping him on the Flames roster.

            If Hartley was really honest about wanting to play Ortio, he would have been given a string of starts following Hiller’s injury, and Ramo being recalled.

            Treliving made a mistake when he acquiesced to what was reportedly Hartley’s wish to resign Ramo. No Ramo, and Hartley wouldn’t have a choice but to play Ortio. However, it boggles my mind (and probably irks Treliving a substantial amount) how obstinate Hartley is being with his goaltenders this year.

          • Greg

            I agree with your comments on Ortio. He was not given any respect or opportunity. Regardless of what happens today on the waiver wire he will not resign in Calgary.

            Hartley is historically hard on his young players especially when the team is not performing. He will favour veterans regardless of performance. He was fired in Colorado specifically for this reason.

            Unfortunately Treliving did not step-in. Perhaps he is giving Hartley his own rope….

          • piscera.infada

            Unfortunately Treliving did not step-in. Perhaps he is giving Hartley his own rope….

            It’s a delicate balancing act for any GM. It’s fairly clear that Treliving wants Ortio to get some chance to run with the ball. Thing is, all he can really do is nudge Hartley in that way–he did this by assigning Ramo to Stockton.

            Treliving can’t badger Hartley too much. If you’re a GM, you don’t want to create a reputation that you have an authoritarian relationship with your coach. That could lead to a variety of different issues.

            Ortio clears anyway.

  • TRAIN#97

    Oilers Nation is pure comedy tonight after their three coiler performance against Carolina.

    Fans are on the ledge and ready to jump. Even a few comments to bring Dallas Eakins back!!!

    Just priceless over there how bi-polar those lunatics are.