Lance Bouma to join Flames on upcoming road trip

You know how you don’t want to start your season? With a broken leg. That’s what happened to poor Lance Bouma just three games into the 2015-16 season, though. His first of three years with a $2.2 million cap hit, looking to build on what was a career year dating all the way back to junior, and it was derailed almost instantly.

Bouma was supposed to be out for at least three months. We’re at the two-month mark now, and Bouma is joining his teammates on the Flames’ upcoming four-game road trip.

The Flames kick things off in Nashville tomorrow night before hopping over to Dallas, St. Louis, and Detroit all over the upcoming week. That’s a pretty lengthy road trip, so there’s no guarantee Bouma steps into the lineup right away (or even at all, potentially), but it gives him, and the team doctors, plenty of time to make sure he’s ready to go.

But when T.J. Brodie joined the Flames on a three-game road trip back in the final week of October, he made his season debut. When Jonas Hiller joined the Flames on a three-game road trip in late November, he made his return from injury.

So yeah, Bouma’s probably getting back in the lineup over the course of the next week or so; a chance to get his legs back under him before the Christmas break, and set the tone for a good 2016.

He’s the only Flame on the injured reserve at the moment, but with 23 players on the roster, someone absolutely has to go. This means someone is almost certainly getting sent down to Stockton (a trade is another possibility, but there have been next to no trades this season, so probably not).

There are four prime candidates for this move: Brandon Bollig, who has played once since Nov. 24; Josh Jooris, who hasn’t played since Nov. 28; Micheal Ferland, who was almost a healthy scratch, and whose ice time has dropped below 10 minutes the past two games; and Markus Granlund, the only player who does not require waivers.

Sending down Granlund would be the coward’s way out, full stop. He’s taken on a role as the team’s second line centre, and has clicked with Sam Bennett and Jiri Hudler. There’s no reason to remove him from the NHL roster just yet, if at all.

It’s unclear just why Ferland’s ice time has dipped as of late, but it’s only been recently, so that’s hardly grounds to demote somebody – especially when he’s a 23-year-old physical forward who can actually play the game. He probably wouldn’t make it through waivers.

And while Jooris has gone the longest without playing, he’s only 25, and is a pretty good penalty killer when he actually gets in the lineup. It would probably be Paul Byron all over again.

Besides, what is Bouma if not a vastly, vastly, vastly superior Bollig, anyway? If the Flames are serious about giving kids a chance – and as a rebuilding team, they should be – he’s the only logical option.

Bouma probably isn’t going to be able to go from 0-100 immediately, so it’s easy to see him taking over Ferland’s spot when he returns to the lineup. Mason Raymond has found a home on Mikael Backlund’s wing, now, and Ferland’s already been receiving less playing time. Slotting Bouma in on the fourth line makes the most sense for the time being.

Of course, that’s for when he actually returns – which we can now realistically expect some time over the course of this week.

In other news

It sounds like everyone else is good to go. Sam Bennett and Dennis Wideman both missed practice with maintenance days. Bennett’s absence was briefly concerning, considering how he took a hit from Mats Zuccarello in the third period against the New York Rangers that left him temporarily unable to put weight on his leg, but he was able to return to the game, and he’s expected to play in Nashville.

Also expected to play in Nashville is Karri Ramo, who missed the past two games with the flu. Two healthy goalies are better than none, so hopefully the flu has finished making its way through the dressing room, and the team can get back to that occasionally-hitting-.900-save-percentage goaltending we all know and love.

Everyone’s healthy, except for Lance Bouma, who almost is.

  • everton fc

    Ferland would never clear waivers. I doubt Jooris would, either. Someone mentioned Jooris for Bernier, with some added parts. I like Jooris, but where does he fit? Or, does he fit once Jones moves on, and perhaps even Hudler? Certainly Jooris is a 10-12 goal a season max player. He’ll never contribute what Jones or Hudler would, even if both played 50 games.

    So Jooris and Ferland sit, Ferland slots in when Raymond slumps, Jooris sits until someone pulls up lame, and Bollig is sent to Stockton. Seems simple enough, but Ferland should be playing w/skilled guys. Colborne and Stajan won’t help Ferland, but he is learning the defencive side of the game, as well as getting time on special teams – both good things…

    (Unrelated, but Gio’s still -11. And Colborne’s -9. Neither good things…)

    • Kevin R

      Gio’s numbers like a few others are still going to be a bit meh from that horrible start. But he is really starting to play a lot better like the Gio we have come to know & love. Gio will be fine. I would be down with Hiller & Jooris for Bernier.

      • Captain Ron

        I would be down with just about anything that includes Hiller leaving. I wouldn’t mind Reimer either. If he can put up those kind of numbers in TO then no reason he can’t do it here. He’d be an upgrade for sure.

  • TRAIN#97

    I know Stoll only has 3 points but he has size and strength and is one of the best face off guys in the league . Has one 2 Stanley cups and is only making 800k.
    He was just placed on waivers and has always been known as a character guy.
    All these things are things Calgary could use.
    Why was he sent down ? Was it to get his offense going? Something else?

    • Ari Yanover

      why are you coming into a post detailing how the flames are about to have too many bodies suggesting they should pick up another one

      furthermore, don’t you have your own team’s fandom to concern yourself with

      • TRAIN#97

        just threw it out there to see what people thought .He obviously has some intangibles that could help a team out down the middle. Like winning faceoffs??
        Wouldn’t expect anything but a smart ass response from you anyway!

          • The Real Slim Brodie

            Hey train I noticed one comment on oilers nation by you tonight…a game night for your team..I just visited your site for the first time tonight and most people are respectful..but why so many posts here are you a closet flames fan??? I admit I feel bad for asking if talbot was getting a shutout when it was 2 zip…now admit your jealous of the flames

  • Kevin R

    No brainer, you have to put Raymond on waivers. He cleared once & he he’ll probably clear again & if he gets picked off we gain 3.1 Million valuable cap space $$$ this summer. I know he had a good game with Frolik & Backlund, I know he is a capable NHLer, he’s too expensive for being a press box watcher most nights. Absolutely no way we risk Ferland or Jooris on waivers. I’ll be pissed.

    • TRAIN#97

      Be careful what you say the comment Nahtzee is out again and will tell you there are already enough goalies.

      FN MODERATOR: You should be worried about your ability to post comments here. Stop hijacking threads in a transparent attempt to troll readers.

  • Captain Ron

    The time has come for Bollig to receive the McGrattan demotion for the rest of his contract time. Don’t hate the player hate the game Brandon. Do what’s right Tre

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    I’m good with either MayRay or Bollig being put on waivers. Likely neither gets picked up, so no risk, and if they do that’s good too. Win win.
    MayRay is too expensive, and Bollig needs to be McGratton’ed, as mentioned above.

  • TRAIN#97

    I do know that the Oilers are 11 points better than this time last year and the Flames are 8 points worse.
    Edmonton has done this with an improved overall team play and with above average goaltending,They have also been without thier whole second line.

    • Burnward

      You did not factor in that opposing teams simply do not play motivated hockey against the Oilers. Their history of sustained losing has a lot to do with this….

      • The Real Slim Brodie

        The Steaming Coilers have faced more backup goalies than any other team in the league. Must be nice to be respected so little…or not lol What a joke

  • TRAIN#97

    Hey moderator ! Who highjacked a thread? I was only asking about the possibility of Calgary picking up a player that was put on waivers.
    Everytime i post a legitimate question or post you think it is a personal attack on you or the Flames.

    ———FN MODERATOR: re-read the article. It’s about Lance Bouma, not picking up a waived player.

    • RedMan

      please moderator – let’s just end this game and get rid of him/her once and for all. you have been more then patient, and he/she does, like you say, continue to try to find ways to hijack and troll this place, and redirect all threads to discuss anything but the topic at hand.

      the odd “Flames suck, Oilers rule” no problem… be a worthy enemy… but the disgusting, sleazy “i’m just a commenter who couldn’t help but bring up the obvious Oiler-centric comments because you asked me” pretense that see’s him comment more than anyone else and move the topic away is getting old.

      please, let’s just say goodbye to this guy/girl

      • TRAIN#97

        I know the article is about Bouma. How else do you bring up a possible aquisition of someone placed on waivers then. Go ahead and we just wait for an article about waived players?

        • piscera.infada

          do we just wait for an article about waived players?

          Yes. In fact, there is no ‘you’ included in the “royal ‘we'”. Nobody cares about your opinions because they’re bad. Your “Flames knowledge” lacks knowledge, your “hockey knowledge” is extremely sub-mediocre, and your general ability to read and write is questionable at best. The less of you, the better.

  • cberg

    Hmmm, I would think that when an article is about a single player rejoining a team, that relevant comments would be about that. Hi-jacking a thread is throwing out random, unrelated trade possibilities, waiver wire pick-ups, other team’s play, comments about thread moderation and etc. Pretty simple really.

    If the moderators throw out thread-unrelated comments and ban those posters completely that would be fine with me. After all, that’s why I come, to read and have a discussion about specific things….