Brad Treliving Watched A Lot Of Hockey In Ontario

Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving has been a busy man of late, as is his reputation. While the Flames executive has yet to make a big transaction to bolster his hockey club, he’s been seen out and about throughout the rinks of Ontario during the past week.

In addition to Elliotte Friedman noting that Treliving had been scouting OHL games in the area (it’s going to be a very OHL-heavy draft this year), he was also spotted in a couple of NHL arenas.

(For reference, Todd Woodcroft is a pro scout for the Flames.)

There are two or three general reasons a general manager (and the president of hockey operations and a pro scout) attend a game:

  1. Advance scouting teams the Flames will play this season.
  2. Scouting potential trade partners that are playing in that game.
  3. Talking to other executives that are in the building about potential moves.

Let’s run those down, shall we?

  1. Advance scouting? The Flames have already played Ottawa and Tampa Bay once each, and haven’t played Toronto or Los Angeles at all yet. Scouting Los Angeles in particular seems a key priority given how bad the Pacific has been and the necessity for the Flames to pick up points in-division if they want to make it.
  2. Trade partners? The Flames still need goaltending and could be a potential landing spot for Jonathan Bernier. Similarly, there’s probably some level of interest in David Jones, Jiri Hudler and/or Kris Russell in Ottawa, Los Angeles, Toronto and Tampa Bay.
  3. Talking to other executives? While we’d need to cross-reference the press box seating chart, which we do not have, based on Treliving’s reputation as a guy that kicks tires and talks to other executives frequently, this definitely has something to do with his attendance at the games.

In short: I don’t necessarily think that the general manager’s attendance at these games is a sign that moves are forthcoming, but I do think they’re part of the process of eventually finding new homes for a few pending free agents and maximizing their value as assets.

That said, aside from perhaps Jonathan Bernier, I don’t see too many obtainable pieces on the four teams that played in the games that Treliving viewed that could immediately solve many of Calgary’s deficiencies.

Are there any players on the Kings, Senators, Lightning or Leafs besides Bernier that the Flames should be pursuing? Sound off in the comments!

    • Christian Roatis

      If a Bernier/Hiller centred deal somehow happened I wouldn’t complain, although it might muck up the salary cap situation for next season as Hiller’s a UFA and Bernier is not – at virtually the same cap hit.

    • cberg

      Are there any players on the Kings, Senators, Lightning or Leafs besides Bernier that the Flames should be pursuing?

      That’s a lot of potential players.

      TBL: Stamkos, Bishop/Vasilevsky, Drouin, Coburn

      LAK: Lucic, Kopitar

      OS: Chiasson

      TML: Bernier/Reimer

      • MontanaMan

        ..and just say NO to Bernier…he hasn’t won a game this year…and does not have the confidence of his coach or his players…and this year and the next year st 4.15 million per year does not jive with the Flames necessity to cut salary and sign Johnny and Monny.

    • knappsacked

      Ive said it over and over through the summer a d preseason, and now, his value is too high that cgy cant afford him…but i was gonna say mike hoffman of the sens. In the summer, with arbitration and everything…it may have cost russel and idk a 3rd? Now hes gonna cost a lot….

    • Kevin R

      The obvious seems Bernier was on watch by Flames brass. But how often the obvious isn’t it. I could see Flames having their sites on Drouin. He is exactly the high end type of forward we are hoping to draft. Have no clue what the cost of that would be but we have seen before Tre isn’t shy of accelerating this rebuild & putting a 1st in play. Who knows, it’s so hard to pull off a trade, Bernier& a 3rd for Hiller is at least feasible these days

      • MontanaMan

        Drouin is intriguing. He’s been underwhelming at best and hasn’t come close to reaching his potential. I’d be careful going down this road as there’s every chance that he could have a very short NHL career and end up in Europe. Is he worth a gamble of a veteran with a big contract? Maybe.

      • cberg

        Well what we’ve heard officially is its CHL players. Drouin though is an interesting case. Same draft as Monohan but hasn’t done anything much yet. Very strange, who would have guessed? I wouldn’t doubt Tampa MIGHT consider a trade if someone willing to take a risk. Kind of like Yakupov, great in Junior but major issues at the pro level even with some mad skills.

        If a trade happens perhaps we’ll know what the viewings were about. Otherwise just another mystery that all we can do is speculate about.

    • Toofun

      This isn’t about a specific deal.This is about being in the mix,knowing what’s going on and making sure your team can make a deal if there is a fit that actually makes sense.

      Great job Tree.Hard work makes it’s own luck (see Hamilton deal for reference).

      This is not an easy job.Every GM is smart.Not every GM will work as hard to create the outcomes they want.

      PS. Not every deal will work out the way it looks like it should…

      • Bean-counting cowboy

        Too much. However the idea is salivating.

        Emile Poirer with 9 shots so far tonight and getting absolutely stymied by Scrivens. Heat outshooting the baby Oil 41-19 with 6 to go in the 3rd. Unreal. Story of the Heat this season.

        Need a friggin goalie. At every level of the org.

        Edit: Grant just tied it up!!

    • KiLLKiND

      Well one thing we’ve learnt about Treliving is that we will be kept in the dark until minutes before the deal is done. We haven’t heard any rumours yet and I personally don’t think we will. That list had 9 teams scouting that game, my guess is that somebody is on the block Treliving and co were interested in taking a look and did. Lots of players are probably on the block without it being public knowledge ie Hamonic in the summer. Treliving does his homework on every deal he makes and probably just as much on the deals he doesn’t make.

    • DestroDertell

      My personal hope is that Treliving is drumming up buyers for pending UFAs, and is looking for draft picks rather than expensive contracts in return.

      That said, I’m more in to delayed gratification than lining up players for the here and now.

      Hopefully, though, they’re not looking to pick up Bernier. I liked the idea until hearing about his $4+ mill contract that carries into next year, and the very-real concept of paying that to a guy who is looking worse than Ramo.

    • FlamesRule

      Goaltending: I can see them keeping Ramo and letting Hiller and Ortio move on. That being said, they need to pick up a strong backup and there are a ton of goalies out there for that purpose. No need to panic just yet.

      Defence: Engelland, Wideman and Smid are all signed for another year beyond this season. All are well beyond their sell by date. We have good depth in Stockton in the form of Cullen, Kullyk and Wotherspoon. Trade E.W.S
      and give the young guys a chance. Wilson, the walk on during camp was a hell of a player. Bring him back!

      Lots of depth at forward. So deal with the back end and things should be much better.

    • DestroDertell

      The Ottawa/Kings scouting intrigues me..

      Two players that I think would be a great fit on the Flames are Tyler Toffoli, or Mark Stone.

      I realize they are both ‘untouchable’, but the Flames will need to add some depth on RW especially if Hudler and Jones are traded.

      As for Bernier, it’s a gamble. But he’s only 27, maybe a change of scene would be what’s best for him. I would be fine with a Bernier for Hiller swap.

        • FlamesRule

          Neither is Hiller and his contract expires one year earlier – that has value for a team perusing Stamkos. Maybe this does happen? We could have Bernier and either Ortio or Gillies as backup. I’d be okay with that to start next year.