ATB Contest: Mark Giordano wants to see your ugly Christmas sweater

Are you ready for a contest? Because our friends at ATB Financial, and also our favouritest captain ever in Mark Giordano, have a contest for you.

See, ATB Hockey Ambassador Gio was given a Christmas gift from that awful, awful man Jordan Eberle up north. It is a Christmas sweater. A very, very ugly Christmas sweater.

Now, Gio might have an unfair advantage seeing as a dirty Oiler gave him his present, but he still wants to know if there are any Flames fans out there with something even uglier. And so, a contest is born.

So, here’s the deal. Find your ugliest, ugliest Christmas sweater. Go on. Find it. Put it on. Wear it with pride, and take the best picture you possibly can with it on. And be ready to share it with the world, ’cause you gotta to enter.

With ugly Christmas sweater on and picture taken, you’re going to post it to Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #GioUglySweater. The hashtag is important, because Gio himself is going to be picking the sweater he deems ugliest as the winner.

And then you get a prize! For showing off your ugly Christmas sweater to the world and impressing Gio so much, you’ll get tickets to a Flames game, as well as a signed jersey, all courtesy of ATB Financial.

The contest will run from December 22-January 4, so be quick to find that super ugly sweater you keep locked away in the very back of your closet where it can never see the light of day, and show it off to Mark Giordano himself. It’s for the best of bragging rights. And cool Flames stuff.