The Heat week that was: So… how about a goalie?

The Stockton Heat only played twice this past week: back-to-back weekend games in Bakersfield and San Jose that saw them give up 10 goals following holiday festivities.

… So yeah, things didn’t exactly go well.

December 26: Condors 5, Heat 3

The Condors had 32 shots on the Heat’s net, beating Ortio four times and securing an empty netter in the game’s final two minutes to ensure a win. The Heat, in turn, only threw 24 shots the Condors’ way, and goalie Ty Rimmer’s .875 save percentage was enough to beat out Ortio’s .871.

Down 2-0 headed into the second, Jakub Nakladal cut the Condors’ lead in half, but a shorthanded goal on Bakersfield’s part, followed by another even strength goal turned it into a 4-1 game. Bryce Van Brabant scored twice in the third period to try to make a game of it, but the Condors’ empty netter sealed the 5-3 victory.

Van Brabant, along with Nakladal, Derek Grant, Emile Poirier, and Freddie Hamilton all had three shots on net. Bill Arnold had two, but was on the ice for four goals against.

December 27: Barracuda 5, Heat 1

If the game before was bad, well, this one seemed worse. Once again, Ortio gave up four goals, this time off of 25 shots for a .840 save percentage. His save percentage through 11 games with the Heat is .876.

Yeah… not what you’d expect of a goalie with NHL aspirations. Ortio had a horrific weekend, and ended up pulled for Kent Simpson after he gave up his fourth goal just over halfway through the game. Simpson gave up one final goal on the 10 shots he faced.

The Heat got their first and only goal of the game with Grant’s tally roughly five minutes after Ortio was pulled. Nakladal and Morgan Klimchuk assisted on the goal.

The Heat had 32 shots against San Jose, but despite more shots than the previous day, they could only beat Troy Grosenick the one time on the power play. Van Brabant continued his good weekend with four shots on net, and Grant joined him with the same number; Hamilton once again had another three shots, as did Kenny Agostino and Ryan Lomberg.

Also noteworthy on Lomberg’s part: after starting his season in the ECHL, he’s now played seven games for the Heat. In this game, he picked up 22 penalty minutes, including a game misconduct, two fighting majors, and a roughing penalty, with 15 of those penalty minutes coming after it was already 5-1.

Ultimately, though, while the Heat definitely need more offence, it’s not exactly conducive to winning when your starting goalie gives up four goals on back-to-back days.

Stockton will be back in action this Tuesday, Dec. 29 when they host the division-leading Ontario Reign. They play four times this week.

  • Kevin R

    Been a bad year for goalies for Flames &Heat. Sounds like Ortio is playing himself out of the organization if he doesn’t smarten up. I think Gilles & Macdonald playing down in Stockton will make us feel better next year. What about the rest of these players. My concern is that it sounds like a lot of our higher end prospects have taken significant steps backwards. Where’s Klimchuk? Is Porrier over rated? Is Arnold anywhere close to getting a cup of coffee with the Flames? Doesn’t sound like we are going to get any top ten ratings in Hockey Futures any time soon. That’s a little distressing.

    • Joe Flames

      How many years does Ortio have left on his contract? It seems that he may have checked out mentally and may have given up on playing in North America.
      Wouldn’t be surprised to see him head back to Europe next year.
      He has been jerked around by this organization, but also has not made the most of the opportunities he has been given.

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    Seriously the baby Flames would be better off with a card board cut out of a goalie than ortio. I feel since his failed stint with the big club he has gone into full pout mode. This having a bad attitude was one of his big drawbacks in Calgary.
    Now Tre has to move two goalies instead of one.

  • everton fc

    Everyone pitied Ortio when he sat up here and never played. Perhaps we are seeing why. Hartley doesn’t like guys who don’t give as much in practice as they do in games. Ortio seems such a character. I agree – he is playing his way out of the organization, and perhaps playing himself into the KHL. Time will tell. We shall see..

    Needless to add, we appear paper-thin, between the pipes, until Poulin, the forgotten goalie, returns, as Gillies is out for the long-haul.

    Van Brabant’s production is good to see I always liked this kid. He seems to work hard, lead on and off the ice, and doesn’t whine and complain – he simply puts his nose to the grindstone and produces. I like that.

  • RealMcHockeyReturns

    It’s concerning how Ortio’s play has tanked in such a short period of time…the kid never had Hartley’s confidence and I’m sure this is having an impact…regardless he needs to be mentally tougher and start putting his game together as he is 24 yrs old and his time with the organization could be very limited.

    Same concerns with Klimchuk and Poirier….hopefully this is part of there development and with the proper coaching these kids can get back on track as they are young…if not I would have a serious look at the coaching in Stockton…..

    • cberg

      Well I’ve said before the lack of an opportunity here might be part of the issue. However, guys still have to play and force their way in and if they can’t it tells a lot about them.

      Many have said we want to model our development on Detroit, to “over-ripen” our prospects before getting them a shot. Hmmm… not sure if that is working.

      As for coaching? Hard to say. Why the great progress last year and this year nothing with the same coach? And its not like Huska hasn’t proven himself over and over in the CHL. I’m not ready to go there.

      • everton fc

        Hartley parked this kid in the press box for a reason. To me, he sometimes comes off as arrogant. If he can’t win in the “A”, he’ll never win here. And he’s getting toasted, in the “A”.

        Ramo, on the other hand, played it cool, kept quiet, practiced hard (didn’t at times last season, from what I’ve read) and acted like a pro, and made the most of his opportunity.

  • KACaribou

    I really doubt Joni forgot how to play goal, and I find it rather hilarious that a writer here can say because of his save percentage that he sucks.

    Nobody saw the games this past week, nobody knows if he gave up bad goals or legit goals.

    It’s not like Stockton has been having an all round good season. Pretty much everyone has been a disappointment including the coach who can’t seem to get anyone NHL ready this season. Which is too bad because the injuries will come for the Flames.