Johnny Gaudreau named NHL’s first star of December

Of course, there was no question.

There were no other options.

Johnny Gaudreau was, indisputably, the best player in the entire NHL throughout all of December. Accordingly, he has been named the NHL’s first star of the month.

Through 13 games in December, Gaudreau scored 12 goals – including two hat tricks – and 18 points. That’s a 1.38 point per game pace, which would translate to 114 points over a full 82 game season if he could keep it up over the course of a full season. Which he probably can’t.

… Yet? This is only his second season, after all, so who knows what he’s really capable of?

Okay, but still, probably not quite that. But being able to score that much over the course of an entire month is impressive. He helped the Flames to a 9-4 record over the month, scoring in all but one of their wins; accordingly, Gaudreau was held pointless in all but one of the Flames’ losses. 

If the Flames are going to have success, they need Johnny.

But back to those hat tricks. Gaudreau is the first Flame since Jarome Iginla to score two hat tricks in one month, dating all the way back to February of 2003. He had two two-goal games in December as well, so there could have been more. Maybe next year?

Gaudreau was the NHL’s rookie of the month in December 2014, his first honouring – and when he scored his first hat trick – so really, who knows just how high he can soar. He does seem to love December, though.

Despite failing to score thus far in January, Gaudreau leads the Flames with 17 goals and 39 points over 38 games this season. He currently sits at eighth in overall NHL scoring, and has 104 career points in 119 games, so it’s clear he’s a very, very special player, and one who will probably win many more “NHL Star of the Month” awards to come.

He’s becoming a bonafide year-round star, after all.

  • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

    Off topic, but I hope that Treliving has been watching the WJC. We need to trade the veteran pieces that we won’t be resigning asap and dedicate ourselves to bringing up some kids from the farm and playing them a ton. I am ready for some short term pain by missing the playoffs in order to get Puljujarvi or Laine. They look like beasts out there, dominating at 17 before even hitting the draft.

    Just imagine if one of those kids ends up on a line with Benny or Johnny.

    It would be worth it.

  • KACaribou

    Now let’s protect our superstar by getting Ferly on the top line. He carries the puck and creates more chances than any other right wing we have on this team (and he’s a left wing). It’s obvious Monahan doesn’t have the stomach for the rough stuff. So someone has to look after our little superstar.

  • Tomas Oppolzer

    Flames should trade or package Jones Raymond Colborne Backlund Russell Smid Wideman Hudler Engelland Hiller Shore Sieloff wotherspoon Stajan Jorris Ramo for Drouin Rychel Johansen and a number 1 goalie and a bunch of picks in the next couple drafts. Line for this year and next year could look like this and if all else fails we get great picks in next two drafts. Line #1. Gaudreau Monahan Ferland Rychel Bennett Carroll Mangiapane Johansen Bouma. Drouion Grant Smith. Defence like this or rotate combinations. Gio Nakladal. Brodie Andersson. Hamilton kulak. Goalies like #1 ???Gillies Ortio spare players on forward Karnoukhov Hamiton Hathaway Klimchuk Arnold defence Morrison Kylington Kanzig and Hickey .Take them picks and stock the cupboards again

    • Kevin R

      Wow! :-} Is it still New Years Eve? I want what you are drinking. I thought my proposals had homer glasses all over them but this is award winning.
      Congrats, you are the ultimate Flames fan!!!! I think FN should get a Flames jersey with General Manager as a prize for the Ultimate Fan designation.

      JK buddy, it’s the thought that counts.

  • KACaribou

    Four lines that can score, size ,grit and talent with cap space to sign all long term and see what we get in picks the next couple years . We are in a rebuild lets get rid of the garage contracts and players and bring up the kids . Then Hartley won’t have Bollig and others to bring this team down.

  • KACaribou

    He gives hope to all aspiring diminutive hockey players. Wouldn’t it be great if the league had more smaller skilled faster players than bigger clumsy slower players?

  • Kevin R

    How can it be possible to cheer for this punk??
    Anyone who feels he’s “so famous” and “so important” that he needs to copyright his hockey nickname “so nobody else can use it” is a disgrace.

    Did Gordie Howe copyright “Mr. Hockey ” No
    Did Guy Lafleur copyright “the flower” No

    But this little turd feels that he HAS to protect HIS nickname??

      • It Was In!

        No bro. Not mad, no jelly either.
        So if it wasn’t his own self importance in copyrighting his nickname…
        Was it greed then?
        Make a little cash on the side?
        [redacted – FN Mod – you were being stupid and this part was unnecessary. Don’t be stupid.]

        I mean, it only stands to reason!

          • ville de champignons

            Nothing constructive?
            Was that not a question that should have been asked?
            Am I not allowed to call out a player when he shows a complete lack of character?
            Of is it due to the fact that said player is indeed the “player of the month” and still has an obvious character flaw?

            Being greedy and self centred is indeed something that should be brought to light.

          • EhPierre

            Ya buddy if you’re not going to bring anything educated on here, there’s no point in commenting on here. It’s tiring enough having to read through some of the comments Oilers, and most recently Leaf, fans have been posting on here. We don’t need you to add to our pain of reading through garbage.

            If you were to remember the article that posted about Johnny getting that name copyrighted you’d know it wasn’t because he wanted it but because his agent wanted to do it just like how Manziel is Johnny Football. You’re forgetting hockey is more than just a sport, it’s a business.

            Johnny is a hockey player and quite a humble guy. His agent though, I’m not sure. His agent’s job is to make as much money for his client as possible. Nothing wrong with that. Welcome to the real life bud.

          • FeyWest

            There’s that word humble again…

            Humble people don’t need to need or allow themselves to be trademarked or copyrighted for the glorification of themselves.

            ——–FN MODERATOR: coming to FN with the intent of starting a fight, will lead to your removal. To this point, none of your comments have not been deleted. You’ve made your singular point, now stop trolling.

    • Flames Fan in Edmonchuck

      Hey there crazy pants. Who cares? Have you ever seen him in an interview? The politest guy around, oh and his team mates, and coaches have universally said he is a humble, driven guy who is great in the locker room…. so his business agent did something to make him some money, who cares?

      • It Was In!

        Driven? Well of course, you don’t get to the GAME if your not.
        Polite? Sure, I would agree.
        HUMBLE people do not copyright they’re nickname.
        Only a self centred, money hungry turd would allow this to even happen.

        • FeyWest

          Meh it’s a non-issue, sorry your “Johnny Hockey” line of products was ruined by his Trademark not copyright. You should get some sleep though you sound like you need it.

          Anyways on topic, If this is what he can do in his 2nd year of NHL makes you wonder where his ceiling is, extremely excited and hopefully some of our other highly touted prospects really start to pour it on!

          • ville de champignons

            A non issue when someone directs or allows his agent to copyright or trademark his nickname so that he can be the only one who uses it?
            It reeks of a self centred turd who thinks he’s bigger and better then the players before him.

            Do I seem tired because I can put forth a reasoned argument?

  • It Was In!


    Do you not realize that a copyright with have exactly ZERO effect on detouring someone from printing up a tee shirt or making a sign?

    What, Is the little turd gonna have a team of lawyers in every building?

    This is clearly a self serving move anyway it looks.
    Self important/cash grab

    Take your pick.

    • Joe Flames

      Agreed. I don’t see a problem with this. If he was doing it for the money he would already have tons of merchandise out there.

      People are forgetting that the main reason to get a trademark of the name is that if he doesn’t, other people will print shirts, posters etc. with it, and he (or his agent) will have no control over it. This accomplishes two things: a) it keeps people from putting out merchandise that he doesn’t approve of, and b) keeps parasites from making money off of someone else’s talents. It’s no different than the NHLPA getting a cut of jersey sales and other merchandise with the players on it.

      There is a big difference in personality between Johnny Hockey and Johnny Football. I can see a reason to question the motives of the latter. But even then, it is his right to handle it as he wishes.

  • Franko J

    Gaudreau brings the fans out their seats both at the dome and at home.
    Will be in Flames silks for a long time. This summer he will be commensurated appropriately for what he has done and what he will do in the future for the Flames.
    Hearing his comments about “team” and leadership in the lockeroom just shows the maturity he has a person. I’m hoping the Flames are able in the next few years find some equal talent, skill and drive with a natural right shooting RW to match what Gaudreau has done on LW.

  • Cfan in Vic

    Ha ha ha!

    Flash of Hugo, comes on here and tantrums all over us about “Johnny Hockey”. Over a year after this went down, you’re literally the only guy on the planet who has a problem with it.

    Perhaps some therapy is in order…