Johnny Gaudreau, Mark Giordano named to 2016 NHL All-Star Game

It’s a do-over of last year! The NHL All-Star events are ultimately for the fans, and so, the NHL ensures that at least one player from each team is going to the festivities. With the new format of divisional teams this year, things are a bit more restricted, but the Flames are once again seeing dual representation in the forms of Johnny Gaudreau and Mark Giordano.

Gaudreau was a no-brainer, and Giordano was an easy, if somewhat lazy choice. After all, he’s the Flames’ captain, and has just moved into the scoring lead for the team’s defence. Though one could make the argument T.J. Brodie has actually been the better defender of the two this season.

But that’s such a minor quibble, because it’s not like Giordano hasn’t earned his repeat All-Star honours – particularly as he’s turned it back on as of late. Gaudreau and Giordano will be getting regular three-on-three shifts in the All-Star Game’s new format, as they hope to lead Team Pacific to glory.

(After all, who is better acquainted than Flames players at playing three-on-three?)

Team Pacific

We all know the Pacific Division is something of a tire fire, to put things lightly. The Los Angeles Kings are well ahead in the lead, while the rest of the division is closer to a lottery entry than the playoffs, and that includes the two teams – currently the Coyotes and Flames – in guaranteed playoff position.

But there are still really talented players on every team, no matter how bad. Here’s how the breakdown goes:

Anaheim Ducks

  • F Corey Perry
  • G John Gibson

Arizona Coyotes

  • F John Scott (Captain!)

Calgary Flames

  • F Johnny Gaudreau
  • D Mark Giordano

Edmonton Oilers

  • F Taylor Hall

Los Angeles Kings

  • D Drew Doughty
  • G Jonathan Quick

San Jose Sharks

  • F Joe Pavelski
  • D Brent Burns

Vancouver Canucks

  • F Daniel Sedin

The California teams, as well as the Flames, are the only ones to have more than one player representing them, so feel free to point and laugh at the Oilers and Canucks. 

But not the Coyotes. John Scott is a treasure, and he will lead the Pacific to victory, and lift Johnny Hockey like a trophy at the end. You’re gonna do it, guys. With impeccable leadership and literally the best player at three-on-three hockey in existence, you’re gonna do it.

The Flames

Of the Flames’ eight overtime wins this season, Gaudreau has been involved in seven of them, scoring three goals and four assists. Giordano has been in just one – an overtime goal against the Detroit Red Wings, of course directly and beautifully assisted by Gaudreau – but the overtime offence has really been spread out amongst the defence. Dennis Wideman has an overtime point, Brodie and Kris Russell two, and Dougie Hamilton three.

So I guess when in doubt, go with the guy you already know? If not for injury, Giordano had been putting together back-to-back Norris-worthy campaigns. Also, he’s a really, really good player. And Brodie’s time should come at some point, I suppose.

Gaudreau is currently eighth in overall NHL scoring with 39 points in 39 games, currently on a four-game pointless streak. His 17 goals and 22 assists have him leading the Flames in scoring by 13 points, and he’s second in Pacific Division scoring to Hall, who has two more points in two more games.

Giordano’s 10 goals and 23 points through 39 games has him sitting at 18th in the NHL for overall defencemen scoring, though he does lead the Flames with two more points than Brodie in nine more games. He’s fourth overall in Pacific defencemen scoring, behind Burns, Oliver Ekman-Larsson (who will not be going to the All-Star Game), and Doughty.

  • ville de champignons

    No surprise Johnny’s there but really happy for Gio who had a lot to prove after a questionable start this year. Too bad the all star game itself is unwatchable.

  • everton fc

    Both deserve to be on the team, but w/John Scott there and Crosby out, the whole idea is a joke. I’ll find something better to do for this game. Many (most?) fans will probably do the same. Scott’s played 11 games. Not to mention he can’t play the game. Meanwhile Boedker and Domi, both having decent seasons on a surprisingly positive team, stay home. What a kick in the chops, for the Coyote organization. A real farce.

    What a monstrous blunder by the league. What happened to the best playing the best? What happened to the All-Star game?!

    • Girouxalem

      I will watch the 3 on 3 just because Johnny and Gio are there…new format is intriguing – can the players have fun with it and provide entertainment?
      Or will the players take it as a joke like the last few years? Will we see a lot of hot dogging? Will the players step aside and give an easy goal to John Scott on his first shift and have him sit the rest of the game?

      Wouldn’t it be fun to see Johnny Flaming Stick get a hat trick? To show all the NHL voters who the best 3 on 3 player is in the NHL?

      A player from every team exists because the NHL is schmoozing the league’s owners, corporate sponsors, etc. There hasn’t been an all-star game since this one for all teams was implemented.

      • everton fc

        “Fans”? Those who voted for Scott have no respect for tradition, or the game itself. I think wed agree on that! 😉

        Tradition gets trashed for something new and fresh. Sometimes, the old ways are the best. They worked. Guys in all sports cared about the All-Star games more than they ever will again. Probably a cultural issues, as big money has also taken an unfortunate toll on professional sports.

        Won’t for long, if the current economic downturn continues.

        • mattyc

          ah yes, the long tradition of an authentic hockey experience that is the all-star game. My outrage over Scott playing in the game is about at the same level as what colour the jerseys are this year.

          In all seriousness, John Scott is probably going to surprise us with some stupid-awesome shootout trick. He’s still an NHL player, and a good person, there are many worse things in the (hockey) world than him playing in the ASG. At the risk of telling you what to do, I’d say worrying about this isn’t worth it.

          • KiLLKiND

            For me it’s not even so much tradition but just people who straight up do not care about the NHL at all. I know Arizon fans that are pretty dissapointed that John Scott out of all people is going for them. imagine if Bollig got voted in for Calgary. The all star game thi year was the first one I have been kinda excited for in a long time but non-fans ruin it for everyone.

            In all seriousness John Scott is not an NHL player let alone an all-star he will not surprise anyone. But good for him yes he is handling it well. He still should have declined the honour and past it along to a more deserving teammate basically anyone but him.

  • KiLLKiND

    I absolutely hate the fact that John Scott was allowed to get voted in. I was actually looking forward to the 3-on-3 format especially getting to Gaudreau play. Having John Scott is a joke and completely takes the Pacific division out of competition. If the NHL really wants to grow they will choose the players themselves as every year in the fan vote some fans decide to vote in somebody who has no reason even being considered.

    • piscera.infada

      If you’re going to allow fan participation in the voting process, you’re going to have to put up with gaffes like this from time to time. Honestly, I think John Scott has handled it like a champ, and I don’t really care that he’s going. I also give some kudos to the NHL for sticking by the process they’ve adopted (as mis-guided as that process may be).

      In the end, the game is about nothing more than just goofing around to the players that attend it. This is a big non-issue for me, because all-star games in general are a bit of joke. If John Scott goes, and is engaging with the media, the fans, and the other players, does it really matter how much of a plug he is?

      Good for Gaudreau and Gio for being recognized all the same, though.

    • piscera.infada

      The idiots who voted in John Scott are not true hockey fans…they are idiots who thrive in an anonymous electronic environment and get on the bandwagon because they are followers not leaders.

      Should be ONE vote per ISP Address! Or better yet…one vote per fan per game attending an NHL arena.

      End of Rant!

      • supra steve

        A few seasons back there was a push on FN to vote (multiple times) on-line for Gaudreau for the Hobey Baker award. Some of us pointed out that any award influenced by internet vote was an award not worth winning. I got royally trashed for that opinion then. This is much the same.

  • Girouxalem

    I know the All-Star game doesn’t matter, and Ari you touched on it, but Gio making the All Star game ahead of Brodie is pretty ridiculous. I can only think of 2 games in which Gio stood out more than TJ all season. Makes me wonder if the committee has watched any flames games this season?

    At this point even Gio would say TJ has had a better season and should be the one going. The flames were lost without him at the beginning of the season and a look at their record with and without him is all you need to know.

    For whatever reason TJ Brodie doesn’t get the name recognition he deserves around the league. I hope that changes quickly, because at this point I’m not sure there is anyone in the league I would trade him for straight up. (never mind in a salary cap world)

    • piscera.infada

      TJ Brodie is one of the most criminally underrated defensemen in the NHL. It’s not worth getting caught-up in though. We know we have an absolute stud here, and he’ll continue getting better.

      • Girouxalem

        True. Good to know others feel the same way. Was at the game last night and looking around I wondered if people realized how good of a Dman we are watching here. I think he’s throwing the puck on net a little more often away from becoming a staple in the Norris conversation.

    • RedMan

      i hear and feel what you are saying about Brodie, but the flip side is that maybe he is still flying under some people’s/teams radar – this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.

    • Craik

      Giordano is a bigger star in the NHL than Brodie and this is an all-star game.

      Gio is more known (by fans) and a bigger draw around North America than Brodie.

      Star doesn’t always mean best player.

  • Matty Franchise Jr

    Crosby out and Scott in. Who cares, it’s the all star game.

    Only 1 centre on the team. Who cares, it’s the all star game.

    It’s a meaningless, pointless cash cow. Who cares, it’s the all star game.

    It might actually be interesting this year because it’s 3on3, and also Johnny might get to play with John. That could be hilarious to see.

  • Girouxalem

    hahaha I love reading all the butt hurt in here. “Respect the tradtion” of the ALL STAR GAME?!?

    The PLAYERS don’t even give a sh*t about this game. The fans don’t either. The only people who do are the sponsors, and a few media types and fans who seem to think this is some sacred competition full of integrity. News flash: it’s not. So kindly remove the stick from your asses.

    There has been more talk about this all star game than there has been in ages. And the FACT John Scott got voted in is actually going to draw more people in to watch it, just for that reason.

  • I am not sure if you can decline to go without being fined. If you can, not giving it to your teammate like OEL or even Doan is not being a decent human being (like some of you called Scott).

    I was shocked to read that Crosby has been to 1 allstar game. The others he was invited but declined or was “injured”. I don’t think he is too hurt on not going. In fact, it is all part of his plan. Be mediocre for the first third of the season, avoid being invited to the Allstar game then turn it on to win the scoring title! That is my wishful thinking as I have him in my hockey pool 🙂