Sam Bennett named NHL’s second star of the week

You know who scored six goals in the past week? Sam Bennett.

You know what that gets him? Second star of the week honours from the NHL.

Where would the Flames be without Sam Bennett? Significantly further back in the rebuild, as the Flames’ 19-year-old rookie looks to establish himself as one of Calgary’s top players for the future. He could be a first liner for this team one day, and it was this past week he really started showing why.

Without him, the Flames’ record wouldn’t have changed much. They went 1-1-1 through the week; without Bennett, they would have had one less point, but that’s about it standings-wise.

What Bennett really did this past week, though, was provide hope. Both in-game, as his goal against the San Jose Sharks – the one that snapped an 18-game goalless drought – tied them, giving the Flames hope they could make something out of a game they had previously been down 2-0 and 3-1 in. His goal against the Oilers gave them the lead for the majority of the game, and helped the Flames get a single point that could be important down the stretch, one way or another.

But what was really, really, really special was his four-goal performance against the Panthers. It was Bennett’s first career hat trick, with an extra impressive goal added for good measure: something nobody else in the Flames’ rebuilding plans has done, not even Johnny Gaudreau. 

It was the first time any Flame had scored that much in a single game since some guy named Jarome Iginla did it back in 2003. Bennett also became the third-youngest NHL player to ever accomplish the feat, furthering just how impressive his performance was.

It’s not every day somebody has a four-goal game, after all. Bennett may never accomplish it again, but that doesn’t matter.

What matters is he did it. He broke out of his slump in impressive, emphatic fashion, and announced himself with each goal: “This is what I can do. And I’m just getting started.”

Whichever way this season goes, Bennett’s performance this past week will likely go down as one of its highlights, and it’ll be something to draw back on through the inevitable off-season. And for a struggling team devoid of much high end offensive talent, to see something like Bennett’s star honours was necessary. No, the Flames aren’t there yet – but they’re working towards it, and here’s the tangible proof.

  • I get that Patrick Kane had 7 points, but I honestly think that Bennett’s 6-goal performance was way more deserving of the NHL’s first star.

    It’s a much more impressive feat, especially for someone his age (which is 19, if you hadn’t heard).

  • KACaribou

    Sam should have been first star of the week.

    NHL named Kane 1st star, Sam 2nd and Kopitar 3rd.

    Kane and Kopitar had 7 points to Sam’s 6, but Kane had four games to Sam’s 3, and Kopitar only had 2 goals to Sam’s 6.

    Sorry NHL, 6 goals in 3 GP should be number 1.

    Not sure why they want to glorify this a$$hole who beats up unsuspecting cabbies, is publicly sh#tfaced time and again, and then gets accused of rape.

    If it’s close give it to the better human being. That’s Sam, from what I can tell.

  • Okay everyone, I loved Sam’s 4-goal game, and I fully expect him to be one of the top centers in the league some day.

    But let’s be honest. That’s one game. Sam Gagner once scored eight points in one game (which I believe included four goals) and he was recently sent to the AHL by the Flyers.

      • KACaribou

        No no I’m fully aware of that. I even agree that he should have been first star.

        It’s just that the excitement over that performance has been a bit on the exorbitant side. Especially with people taunting Oilers fans the other day saying that McDavid’s never done anything like that and what have you.

        It was a great game, but at the end of the day, that’s all it was. One game.

        That’s all I’m saying.

        • KACaribou

          Pretty sure everyone is aware that it was only one game that he scored 4 goals in…? Don’t know who shit in your cornflakes or what point your trying to make. This article is about Sam Bennett getting second star of the week honours, which encapsulates his performance over a 3 game stretch. Not one game.

        • KACaribou

          The taunting of Oilers fans can only mean we have some prepubescent bloggers on here. The Oilers are a few defencemen from being a very fine team. And comparing Sam to McDavid… I wish… I hope… but I also doubt it with extreme prejudice.

          Thanks for clearing that up. I agree with you completely.

    • Captain Ron

      Got the Monday morning blues? Cheer up old chap!

      The only thing those two Sam’s have in common is gender and their first names.

      After that it’s Bennett all the way. You’re right that he will be a top center in the NHL. Not even going to be close when the career scores between those two are tallied up.

  • KACaribou

    I agree Bennett deserved to be player of the week for his unreal 4 goal performance. But I wouldn’t denegrate Patrick Kane. He may be an A-hole off the ice but he’s an undisputed superstar on the ice. And those 3 cup rings prove he’s a winner.

    And the guy comparing Sam Bennett to Sam Gagner. Get real. Gagner never figured out you have to play different in the NHL than in junior. The guy never backchecked and rarely hit anyone but he did have good hands.

    Bennett’s game in his rookie season is already well beyond where Gagner’s ever was.

    The Flame’s future looks bright. With Johnny, Monahan and Bennett up front and a top calibre defense backing them up, all you really need is a great goalie and you’ll be set.

    • KACaribou

      This is a bad comparison, but OJ Simpson was the greatest football player of his generation. And he was a great person most of the time… I repeat, most of the time.

      Kane’s actions off the ice are what I have a problem with, not on. But on, also doesn’t excuse off – as per my outrageous example.

      I agree with every other point you make my friend. Very well said.

      • RealMcHockeyReturns

        Umm no! OJ killed 2 people and got away with it, got arrested several times after that about stealing related to memorabilia, PLEASE don’t defend the guy

        • KACaribou

          Read the posts before you comment. I was making an example of him, being a great athlete on the field and a bad person off: saying one doesn’t excuse the other. Come on…. Duh

  • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

    Having watched Bennett in person 4 or 5 times now, I absolutely think he will be our #1C inside this season. (even though he won’t be on the first line)

    What a presence this kid has, the skating, hard on the forecheck, strong on the boards, physical all over the ice, dangles, hands in close and a great shot. What’s not to like?

    I have no doubt that he will actually be our best player by the time he turns 22.

    Good times!

          • Truculence

            You can say he is soft, because Gaudreau is soft. He dominates with creativity, insane puck handling, and excellent anticipation.

            He goes flying off guys when he tries to body-check because a pinata weighs more than him, but always gives an honest effort on the back-check. You couldn’t ask for more from a guy of his stature.