Want to win stuff? Suggest deadline day trades for the Flames!

We all love to play armchair GM. Don’t even deny it. Whether you’re nerdy enough to write a blog or just nerdy enough to read one, we’re all thinking about the Flames pretty often, and a lot of our mental energy is spent thinking about how to make them better.

That’s what you think about with a rebuilding team, right? “What moves could I make to fix them and make them better for the future?” 

Well, now I’m here to beseech you to come here and tell us your ideas. All of them. And if they’re really good – they probably still won’t happen in real life (though if they do, imagine the bragging rights you’ll have) – but you might just win a $50 gift card to Violent Gents, and that’s still good.

Bring on your trade suggestions

We’re a month away from the trade deadline; what would you do if you had Brad Treliving’s phone? Sound off right here, right now, or whenever’s good for you. Or email any of us on staff, or tweet at us or @FlamesNation, or use a carrier pigeon – whatever way you’re comfortable relaying just who you would trade for who.

The Flames are rebuilding, so you’re probably trying to look to acquire picks, prospects, or other young players, right? And there are teams out there gearing up for a playoff run who could use some additional depth. Perhaps a contending team might want Jiri Hudler to beef up their scoring? Or maybe they’re worried about their defensive depth and see Kris Russell is extremely durable and on a manageable cap hit? Maybe there’s a player in a Sven Baertschi-like situation who needs a change of scenery. The only limit is your imagination. (And the salary cap. That too. Watch out for that guy.)

There’s just one catch to all of this: your suggestion has to be realistic. Sorry, but you’re not getting Jonathan Drouin for Ladislav Smid or whatever. Your trades have to actually, conceivably be able to happen in real life; otherwise, where’s the fun? As the trade deadline gets closer, we’ll take our 10 favourites and examine them further – and maybe hope and pray they happen in real life.

And if you submit the best trade suggestion – as voted on by FlamesNation readers – you’ll win free stuff, in the form of a $50 gift card to Violent Gents. 


  1. Comment with your best, most plausible trade suggestions for the Flames.
  2. We will pick our favourites and feature them as the trade deadline approaches.
  3. The best trade proposal wins a $50 gift card to Violent Gents.

To your keyboards, armchair GMs! Let’s see what you’ve got.

  • Skuehler

    i’d like to see the flames land the best goali avail, as we have assetts throughout the org that we can offer.
    And get whatever picks the market will set for our UFAs.

  • supra steve

    To Chicago- Karri Ramo, Kris Russell& Brandon Bollig

    To Calgary- Scott Darling, Trevor Van ReimsDyk, Chi 3rd (16) CBJ 4th (16), Fla 5th(16) & Chi 2nd (17)

    Calgary gets a cheaper back up goalie, a #6/7 defenseman, and 4 picks to stockpile prospects, free up a little bit of cap space.

    Chicago gets a fimiliar face in Bollig, a goalie that could play several games if Crawford gets hurt etc. and a defenseman that will be valuable for another cup run.

    Chicago should quite easily fit the salary under the cap space available to them and they have the room on 50 man roster.Fair trade for all involved.

    If I were to win any prize, please donate to a worthy cause.

  • supra steve

    The Flames depth at centre leaves little room for prospects, even Sam Bennett from getting a well deserved shot at the job.

    Backlund is the odd man out. More interesting to other teams than Stajan or Granlund.

    Calagry wants a goalie, but no one bites. Calgary sends Backlund to the Rangers for a Second and Third pick in 2016.

    At the end of the year, Calgary tries to score first pick overall at the draft using those picks along with those picks (unless the Flames actually win the lottery).

    • Bean-counting cowboy

      No way Flames trade Backlund for a 2nd + 3rd.

      This makes no sense for a number of reasons:

      1st – Backlund… a 1st round pick himself has turned into everything you’d hope for in a late 1st round selection.

      2nd – The likelihood of the 2nd & 3rd making the show are historically low.

      3rd – He is signed to a cap friendly deal covering the prime of his career and that is worth something to other teams as well as ours.

      4th – he can take on other teams heavy’s which allows Bennett & Monahan to grow into their eventual positions on the team

      The ONLY way I see Backlund ever moving is if he were part of a larger deal to get high end, established offensive talent back. And even then the Flames would have to be pretty comfortable Monahan will round back into form.

      Danny boy… you’re starting to make me think you might be drunk most of the time.

  • RedMan

    Hudler and Russel: Anderson and Despres
    Hiller: Montreal/ 4th rounder
    Ramo: Stays because nobody offers a 3rd and a late rounder.
    Granlund: Columbus/ 2nd rounder
    Wideman with 25% retained: Bickell +1st

    all others will stay (even Jones).

  • BlueMoonNigel

    If BT wants to live up to that Executive of the Year title so many Flames’ followers were flipping around last summer, success in the next month or so would be to clear payroll and possibly stockpile drafts. I would be surprised if the Flames could get any real right now everyday NHL talent with the players it should be moving.

    First, eliminate all players who will not and should not be back next season: the 2 goalies, Hudler and Jones.

    Second, try and move any DMen not named Gio and Brodie. If BT fails to move one of Wideman, Smid or England, he has failed, for you can’t tell me teams like the AVs are going to make a serious drive for the playoffs with what they have.

    Make his best, final offer to Russell next week with a Valentine’s Day deadline. If no deal, good-bye.

    Third, if the Harmonacat really wants to “goin’ out west” then BT should be all over the Brooklynites on this one. The Isles need to make a big splash in their new home and that means the team will be going all out this season. Hudler and Russell could make the Isles that much better.

    Fourth, the joke in MTL is who goes first, the coach or GM. The Habs are desperate. They will make deals by the deadline to salvage their season. It is finally and painfully clear to all that Price has been hiding a multitude of sins that team has and with his health wonky, so goes the fortunes of Canada’s greatest pro sports team. BT should be calling them daily in an attempt to palm off excess Flames’ talent.

    In summary, if BT can clear the books of the salaries of unproductive assets and get some assets for impending UFAs and RFAs the team cannot or will not re-sign, then BT will have done well this February.

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Its come to having to give away free stuff on FN to maintain/entice a readership that has plummeted significantly.

    Time to do a root-cause analysis as to why that is…its obvious to most of us except the actual staff here

  • TL;DR

    1. Comment with your best, most plausible trade suggestions for the Flames.

    2. We will pick our favourites and feature them as the trade deadline approaches.

    3. The best trade proposal wins a $50 gift card to Violent Gents.

    Clearly there were many who missed rule #1 as most of these are the worst, least plausible trade suggestions ever.

  • KiLLKiND

    Russel, Poirier and 2nd round pick for Rantanen. Avs need D, we need a high end RW and we compensate for the difference with a pick.

    Next idea to get a high end RW is for Marner, this is one that would only happen after the lottery, this is also assuming Toronto has a top 4 pick which they should and we don’t win the lottery odds are are we won’t. Our 1st and Poirier for Marner.

    • Franko J

      I don’t think the AV’s have any interest in trading Rantanen just for the fact after Mackinnon their RW depth is very shallow with no prospects.
      Besides I think the AV’s if they consider to trade Rantanen they would be looking for a first round pick minimum.

      I agree we need a high end RW to improve and spread out or scoring, but I am hoping the Flames by some miracle can draft top three in this year’s draft.

  • Max_Power

    Just for the heck of it here’s a crazy trade suggestion that I am sure will never happen.

    To Calgary: Evgeni Malkin and Olli Maata
    To Pittsburgh: Mark Giordano and Sean Monahan.

    Flames get a legit 1C. And probably the best centre in the pacific division. (At least until Mcdavid takes the title. ) and a good young top 4 D.

    Penguins get a legit 1D. And a good young 2C.
    Both teams get what they need and a replacement for an aging player.

    After Monahan ($6 mil) and Maata ($3.5 mil?) sign new deals this summer the cap hits for this trade should also be similar.

    Probably a draft day deal though more than a deadline deal. Especially after we draft Matthews.

    • Franko J

      I think if the Flames do by some Devine intervention draft Matthews they will most likely play him on the wing next to Monahan.

      I don’t know if a change of scenery will help Malkin. It seems he is digressing.

  • Franko J

    Plausible trade:

    TO SJ: Russell, Stajan, (2016 4th round pick), Hiller { doubt it but worth a try} and Colborne.

    TO CAL: Goldobin, Demelo, and Stalock.

    Like St. Louis, the Sharks will have to go through LA, Chicago or maybe even St. Louis and adding some depth for the playoffs would be ideal. All depends if Wilson is looking to part ways with some youth.

    Calgary would obtain high end skilled RW in Goldobin. Stalock replaces Hiller and would give the Flames a little help for Ramo down the stretch. With DeMelo he reminds me of Giordano earlier in his career with the team. With exception he shoots RH. Youth for experience.

  • Yzerman is being aggressive shopping Drouin right now, and he’s said he wants some help to make a playoff push. I think he was hoping to land a Bennett/Fabbri type player but he knows that won’t happen.. I stand by my original idea just tweaked a bit:

    To Tampa: Russell, Hudler, Poirier, Conditional 1st.

    To Calgary: Carle, Drouin, 2nd.

    To Dallas: Wideman (50 retained)

    To Calgary: 2nd

    To Anaheim: Colborne, Jones, Hiller, 2nd

    To Calgary: Andersen, Theodore.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Wideman is not getting a second, even at half price next year (hope I eat crow on that one)
      And there is no way that Anaheim moves Andersen and Theodore for guys that could be described as rather peripheral to the core (read: spare).

  • Franko J

    These teams are reluctant to trade with each other but we can fantasize. Bogdan Yakimov, William Lagesson, Jordan Eberle for Tyler Wotherspoon, Matt Stajan Kris Russell, Dennis Wideman and a 2nd rounder… Maybe throw in Poirier and make the 2nd rounder a 4th rounder.

  • Franko J

    hey if the flames bobble here in the next 5 to 10 games….start dumping the older vets.stajan jones wideman etc..bring up the youth and let them play…the playoffs last year were great..but …this year back down to earth !!!!!.drop down into the bottom 4 draft picks get good young player and keep the build going…..