Bloggers Fight Cancer


Hey guys, it me, your community manager here. And above is Ari’s hair. There’s a good reason for this, promise.

Let’s take a quick breather of debating voraciously in the comments, writing questionably sound trade proposals, and trying to find a way to dispose of Dennis Wideman to talk about something important: spearing cancer in the junk. I’m talking a Milan Lucic-level spear in the junk.

I’m not going to waste much of your time here about why we’re doing this or why it’s important. We’re all capable adults who are well aware of the ramifications of what cancer can do to people we love. We’ve all been affected to varying degrees, be it your mom, dad, sibling, or close friend. It’s not easy on anyone involved and it’s a total bummer.

To that end, we’re doing a drive to raise some money for the Canadian Cancer Society which will also result in your managing editor (Ari) shaving her head. She’s been growing it out for a couple of years now so it’ll be long enough to be donated to make wig(s) for folks who are in a fight for their lives. (We’re aiming for an early March date, so basically when things have calmed down after the trade deadline.)

From a personal perspective, my dad is in the early stages of his fight with prostate cancer.

He’s my hero and the reason why I started watching the Flames when I was a dumb child. Cancer sucks, there’s no other way to put it. It just sucks and hopefully we raise some money, donate Ari’s hair, and do our part in trying to be decent people. Hockey brings us together which is a beautiful thing so let’s go do something nice. 

Plus you can use it as a tax write-off, so I mean there’s that too.


There are a few things you can do to help us out as we drive to give back:

  • Donate to our pledge page here. Which is on the Canadian Cancer Society’s site, so you know it’s secure and all that important junk.
  • Share this with friends, family, your doctor, your boss, or the cashier at 7-11. 
  • Heck if you also have hair to donate (8 inches is the preferred length per standard donation guidelines) then we’ll get you involved with this too. 

Part of why I joined the Nation Network to help grow the community here at FlamesNation was to help show that our readers are more than just folks who love hockey. The guys at OilersNation have been giving back for a while now. Now it’s our turn and I hope you feel the same way. So let’s show that we’re more than just a site devoted to the Flames.

  • RickT

    I will be donating, absolutely. Cancer is the worst.

    My grandfather looks 30 lbs skinnier and 10 years older in the span of a week and a half. He’s my hero.

  • beloch

    I once donated my hair, and I have a tip: Once you’re done with the clippers, don’t stop there. Grab a razor and shave your head egg-bald. Our scalps are surprisingly sensitive, and being shaved bald really offers up some unique sensations. Clippers don’t get quite close enough, and you may find that the effect fades within a day of shaving.

    Also, make sure you have a nice, warm toque.