FlamesNation Report Card: February 12, 2016

It’s Friday, so you know what that means nowadays: our weekly report card!

Last week, you guys, rather predictably, showed a ton of love for Johnny Gaudreau and T.J. Brodie. Dougie Hamilton, Sam Bennett, and Michael Frolik all garnered a lot of praise from you as well, which makes sense: they’re all good players, and they’re all expected to be with the Flames for a while yet.

Brandon Bollig, meanwhile, got very little love. Nor did Dennis Wideman, currently in the midst of appealing his 20-game suspension (of which he has thus far served five games of it), Joe Colborne, Jonas Hiller, nor Markus Granlund.

But it’s a new week, and time for a new evaluation. Gaudreau, Sean Monahan, and Lance Bouma all got themselves in some hot water over the course of this past week. Also, considering Hiller’s straight up heroics last night, at this point, giving him a thumbs down would be just plain mean of you.

But this is your guys’ turn to judge, not mine. So go ahead, and vote away on who you liked, and who you didn’t!

Calgary Flames Players

Reminder: we’re fighting cancer!

On Feb. 10, Mike and I officially launched our dealie where we’re raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. I’m also donating my hair to go along with it, and will end up bald when all is said and done – ideally in early March. Currently my hair is primarily being used as a tug-o-war toy for my puppies, so having it go to wigs for people who need them will be a waaaay better use.

We’re up to $600 now. It’s only been a couple of days, and we’re still a couple weeks away, so let’s keep it going!

  • Phillip

    Ari Yanover is a prolific FN writer. I have decided to rate her blogs over just the last couple of days:

    Flames recall Joni Ortio from Stockton Heat by ARi. (Making opinions about Ortio being worse than Poulin despite not having seen either play in Stockton. Assumption based solely on save percentage witnessing nothing). Article rated D.

    Flames 6, Sharks 5 (SO): How we all holding up? By ARI. (States goaltending was poor. Actualy Ramo was quite good and Hiller was spectacular). Article rated D

    Karri Ramo leaves game with injury. By ARI. (Makes assumption Jones, Ramo, Wideman and Russell are all trade bait, but really has no knowledge of such whatsoever. People treated solely as commodities). Article rated D

    David Jones injured, will not return to the game. By ARI. (Again just concern for losing trade bait). D

    Craig Button: Jon Gillies the Flames’ top prospect. By ARI. (Uses the term “Handful of salt,” when it is actually a “grain of salt”. Apparently the Flames have no decent prospects). Article rated C.

    McKenzie: Kris Russell will look for ‘at least’ 5-years, $27.5 million on next contract. By ARI. (Makes Bob McKenzie’s tweet seem like it is the Lord’s Gospel. Though does a decent job of player comparisons). Article rated B.

    Flames 4, Maple Leafs 3 post-game embers: Jakub Nakladal edition. By ARI. (Makes the assumption that Nakladal would have played better than Engelend and Smid despite the coach not liking what he saw in 1:45. Uses Roman Cervenka as an example of Hartley not playing his Europeans after inviting them to come to Calgary. Ignores Cervenka’s terrible D-play and lack of any physical game). Article Rated F

    Ari is incredibly prolific mind you. Rated A.

    • beloch

      So you read all of Ari’s articles, spent time deeply analyzing them and then spent possibly hours more forming an attack on those articles and Ari’s character and skill as a columnist huh. Ari should thank you for that and appologize that you’re such an idiot! All assumptions with I’m guessing nothing to back anything you said up huh.

      Okay to be thought of as a dumbass, quite a different thing when you publish the facts of your idiocy on the friggin INTERNET!!!


      Oh by the way I would bet Ari is at almost all of the games and watches the rest in detail wherever possible.

  • brodiegio4life

    I really don’t understand why everyone’s been hating on Ari lately. Don’t any of you have anything better to do on your evenings? Regardless of whether or not you think her writing is great, it’s because she puts in the time and effort to post articles in the first place that we all have the opportunity to make comments.

    Ari doesn’t have to make these articles. Without these articles you wouldn’t be able to post any comments. Without being able to post any comments, you’d be forced to find yourself a better hobby.

    Is that a world you want to live? A world where you have to find a new hobby to do on your lonely nights? Thought so, so atleast be grateful Ari’s taking the time and effort to post these articles so you have something to do during your lonely times.

    • Phillip

      It was just tongue in cheek bro. I just tire of reading all the negativity toward the Flames from Ari. Her grading them. So I thought I would grade her just for fun. No hate. But when your audience is telling you they don’t like something, maybe it is time to tweak it a tad.

      FN MODERATOR: All the FN writers take their writing seriously and work hard to give all FN fans great content to read. I can appreciate that you may not like everything written, but no one is forcing you to read it. If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Cool your act or don’t come back.

        • Phillip

          I consider that a compliment coming from FN and yourself.

          FN MODERATOR: Which identity shoud we compliment KACribou or Phillip. Your temporary ban was lifted, so if you believe that logging under a new pseudonym got you in again think again. Access is denied at the IP Address level.

    • aflame13

      If people have a problem with the content, they should either leave the site or convey their concerns personally through email or another means. Especially on an opinion oriented blog site like this when the subject matter doesn’t deally affect every day life.

      That’s just my opinion.

      Also my opinion: though the quality does vary from day to day, I appreciate the effort and opportunity to be a part of a place that generally encourages smart, thought out conversations about my favourite team, and the authors’ work put in daily.

  • beloch

    First intermission fun facts:

    • The Flames have 890 shot blocks in total, which is he second highest in the league. Only the Avs have more.
    • 171, or 19.2% of those are Kris Russel’s.
    • If you take away Russel’s shot blocks, the Flames’ total of 719 would be 20th in the league.
    • The #2 and #3 spots are held by Giordano (132 blocks) and Wideman (74 blocks).
    • The rest of the top 6 are all defencemen.
    • The forward with the most blocks is Backlund (40 blocks), who ranks #7 on the team.
  • Phillip

    MOD: Again FN proves its real policy is: Agree with us or move on. But never criticize the writers. That is just anti-journalism. Fearing disagreement is more cult-like than anything else. Are you running a cult here? If not, don’t fear criticism. You don’t seem to mind me getting it.