FlamesNation Report Card: February 21, 2016

Hey y’all,

So, I goofed. We mean to put up Report Cards for you guys to vote on every Friday, and that worked out great the first two Fridays – until it completely slipped my mind this past Friday, and we had a full day with nary a report card to be found.

So I’m rectifying that today, with a report card list a few days late. It’s the same list as always, but with a couple of changes: Bob Hartley is still present, Tyler Wotherspoon and Joni Ortio have been added, and Karri Ramo has been taken off the list. He’s done for the year, so unfortunately, there isn’t really anything left to rank him on.

As things progress over this coming week – trade deadline week! – I’ll likely add Brad Treliving to the list. Maybe he’ll have done something by then!

In the meantime, vote away!

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  • freethe flames

    I wish there was a neutral button as I only voted for few guys either direction as most of them did nothing to impress me or pi$$ me off. Saying everyone is thumbs up makes us look like an uninformed hockey fan base. After all we are in the bottom third of the league. giving Johnny a thumbs up is great for the season but how good has he been the last few games? Should one overlook Dougie’s to horrible turn overs?

    • piscera.infada

      How good has Gaudreau been his past few games? I would say his 4 points in his last 3 games played, and his 6 points in the last 5 make a pretty convincing case that he’s been good. Gaudreau produces. He is (going to be) paid to produce. I’m not sure how you can look at production and say “that’s not good enough”.

      I don’t buy this Dougie “turnover” argument. Yes, he has some bad turnovers, but one last time: he’s a 22 year-old defenseman. Who else makes a lot of turnovers? Karlsson, Doughty, Subban. In fact, if you look at turnover differential so far this season, Subban (-70), Doughty (-68), and Seabrook (-54) lead the league with negative differentials. Who has the worst turnover differential on the Flames? Brodie (-30), Gaudreau (-29), then Hamilton (-27). For interest’s sake some of the players around Hamilton in this category (as a function of prematurely dispelling narratives): Seguin (-26), Klingberg (-29), Hjalmarsson (-30), Barrie (-27)–for the “Hamonic is far better’ crowd; this season, he seems better than Hamilton in this metric (he’s currently -9), however, last season he was worse (-29) than Hamilton (-21).

      The point here is that turnovers are often a product of trying to make things happen. Yes, Hamilton (and Gaudreau, for that matter) need to be better in that area–in fact, Gaudreau usually has one bad turnover a game that often should, and sometimes does, end up in a goal against. Yes, Hamilton needs to simplify things in his own zone, he needs to be more confident in receiving contact, he needs to be able to make smarter plays with the puck in dangerous areas. I still maintain that some of this has to do with Hartley’s break-out scheme, which doesn’t provide a lot of puck support in the defensive zone.

      • Rock

        It would be nice to know how many of these giveaways are directly involved in a goal. A giveaway in the offensive end is not to bad but like Hamilton consistently does is give it away in the defensive zone which usually ends in a goal. Drew Doughty don’t give away the puck in his own zone or he would never be playing for Mr. Sutter.

        • freethe flames

          The two giveaways I was referring to directly led to goals, both on simple clearing attempts not trying to thread the needle or making things happen. I like Hamilton. He is a 3/4 veteran of the NHL and unlike Oiler fans who keep making excuses for Hall etc I have greater expectations of our rising stars. Being young is not the same as being inexperienced,

      • brodiegio4life

        I still don’t get the hate dougie gets by some people, he had a rough october (one in which he was forced to play top pairing minutes on a new team that was playing terrible at the time) and has been a mile better since then but people still hate on him saying he isn’t as good as they thought… hartley playing russell over him all year probably didn’t help either