Calgary Flames Trade Deadline 2016: Vote on your ideas

Photo credit: Kelvin Kuo/USA TODAY Sports

A little under a month ago, before the All-Star Break, we set up a contest: submit your trade proposals, and maybe win a $50 gift card to Violent Gentlemen.

You guys had a lot of suggestions. I mean, a lot. But some of you guys really outdid yourselves, because a lot of you took the time to come up with creative trade proposals that were actually very well thought out and plausible in real life. So it was rather difficult to narrow it down to just 10 – but narrow it down, I managed to do.

Under the jump are the top 10 trade proposals for you guys to vote on. Choose your favourites! Give a thumbs up to the ones you’d like to see happen! Or the ones you think actually might!

A caveat: your proposals were submitted before Karri Ramo’s season prematurely ended, so just pretend we’re in an alternate universe in which that didn’t happen when voting. He could have been traded at the deadline had he stayed healthy, after all. (The same goes for Markus Granlund now being gone, though none of you suggested bringing in Hunter Shinkaruk.)

The only change now is you probably won’t see your suggestion actually come to life. But if any of yours do, please share some lottery numbers with the class. We’d all appreciate it.

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The winning idea will get a $50 gift card to Violent Gentlemen! If you were logged in when you submitted your idea, no problem; if not, though, you’ll need to reach out to us – ideally by signing up and having your email in your profile, so we can still contact you about it. Otherwise it’ll go to the runner up.

Happy voting!