Calgary Flames Trade Deadline 2016: What’s the market saying?

We’re still just a couple of days away from trade deadline day, and as such, the trades are slowly starting to trickle in. There hasn’t exactly been a big rush just yet – though watching everybody panic over Jiri Hudler leaving warm ups a bit earlier than normal was pretty fun – but we’re starting to get there.

One of the bigger dominoes fell on Feb. 25, when the Winnipeg Jets traded Andrew Ladd. An upcoming UFA who scored 62 points last season, Ladd, along with Jay Harrison and Matt Fraser, got the Jets a top prospect in Marko Dano, a first round pick, and a conditional third.

But that’s just one big name so far. Are there any others?

A bunch of little names

Well, nobody else as big as Ladd has gone yet.

Still, we can do a brief overview of the little names to go, because the Flames have a handful of those available for trade as well; one of them is already gone in Markus Granlund, traded for a younger prospect with more upside who will be under team control longer in Hunter Shinkaruk.

Shawn Matthias, for example, netted the Leafs a prospect and a pick. Could the same happen for David Jones? Matthias is a bit younger, but their scoring rates are pretty similar, and Jones plays in tougher circumstances. 

Mike Weber, meanwhile, netted a third round pick for the Sabres. Weber is a bottom pairing guy, serviceable enough but hardly spectacular. The Flames don’t really have anybody on the market to compare to that position; Kris Russell really should be a third pairing guy, but since he’s being billed and utilized as a top four defenceman, he should be able to bring back much more.

The rights to Philip Larsen for a fifth round pick are pretty irrelevant to us as well; unless the Flames are searching for a reclamation project, in which case we know the cost would be about a mid-level pick.

That just leaves another Leafs trade: Nick Spaling and Roman Polak for a couple of future second round picks (and a salary dump in Raffi Torres, but he’s staying on San Jose’s AHL team). Spaling could be another Jones comparable, while Polak kind of edges into Russell territory, in that he averaged nearly 20 minutes a night while occasionally putting up points.

Not many comparables thus far

Ladd is the first big name to get traded, and he might have set the bar for what the Flames can get for Hudler. Like Hudler, Ladd had a career year last season, scoring 62 points over 81 games. This year, he has just 34 points through 59 games; if he were to keep up this pace over 81 games, he’d finish with 47 points. Still good – but hardly what he did the year before.

Hudler, meanwhile, had 76 points in 78 games last season; this season, he’d be on pace for 52 points in the same number of games. So he’s outscoring Ladd – but, in fairness, Ladd is bigger, a couple of years younger, and plays in tougher circumstances.

Still, that should all balance out. We should recognize that a first round pick from the Blackhawks is likely to be a late pick, but if the going rate for Ladd is a good prospect and late first, then that could set the table for what Hudler’s worth, his poor start to the season be entirely damned at this point. This would pretty much be the best case scenario possible, though; it’s probably better for us, as fans, to set our sights lower, so we don’t get too disappointed.

The closest comparable so far to Russell is maybe Polak, but since he’s lauded around the league pretty highly, we should be able to expect more than two second round picks in return for him. Nobody quite like Russell has been dealt yet.

Jones is maybe comparable to Matthias or Spaling, and a pick or a prospect would be a fantastic return for him at this point, if feasible.

None of this covers Jonas Hiller, however: no goalies have been traded, so we have no idea what the market value for them might be, or if there even will be one.

As for the Flames’ available RFAs in Joe Colborne and Josh Jooris: there isn’t really a market set for them, either. The closest might actually be their former teammate, Granlund, in which the Flames could get a younger player with more upside for them; at this point, however, Colborne is much more an established NHL than Granlund is, so a greater return for him would be warranted. And Jooris still shouldn’t be traded to begin with.

Are all six of these Flames going to be traded? Probably not – but if they were, here’s what we could maybe expect, based on what’s happened so far.


  • RKD

    If Andrew Ladd, a rental player pulled in a return of a 1st round pick plus Marko Dano then Hudler should net us something decent back. Both had the same number of points going into the game last night, both have won the Stanley Cup. Hudler has been to the finals twice. Hudler is 3 years older but if the Hawks paid that much for a rental then it`s not out of the question for another team to do the same for Hudler. I think Russell can get something good back, teams love shot blockers in the post-season, why BT is trying to resign Russell is beyond me. No way is he worth $5 million per season.

    • BlueMoonNigel

      Laddie Andy has been a captain. Hudler pouted for most of this season because he didn’t get his extension before the season began. When Laddie’s name is mentioned, a word like “character” is used frequently. “Enigma” is linked to Hudler’s name. Given the choice do you take the character guy or the enigma guy? Flames will be very lucky if they get a 2nd rounder for Hudler.

  • everton fc

    Interesting the Wings had scouts at last nights game. Could be to scout the Islanders, as well. But Hudler heading home… That’d be nice for him, and for us, if the return was adequate.

    We so need a above average RW. Someone a smudge better than Frolik, for the first line. I assume Jones will be moved, and we have no true RW on the farm who has proven they can score goals. Poirier is playing RW now, but wasn’t producing as a LW. Hathaway is a probable Flame at some point, perhaps an upgrade from Jooris?

    If we move Colborne, I expect Agostino on a line w/Bennett and Frolik. Why not?? Actually, Agostino w/Backlund and Frolik might prove profitable, in terms of production and quality “two-way game”.

    • everton fc

      Hudler has a better pedigree than Purcell. He’s won the Cup and has massive amounts of playoff experience.

      Teams will pay for that… More so than Purcell, who I actually like.

  • wot96

    So Francis opines last night that Russell should get the Flames a first. Then this…

    and he then basically says that if the Flames get a 2nd for Hudler that would be great.

    Man, Francis is like the gift that keeps on giving, like Herpes.

    Okay, pump Russell’s tires, if you want. But why on earth would you hack on the little Vampire? Don’t you want the team you cover to win; to get something back; to have a Stanley Cup after party you can maybe horn in on?


    • Cfan in Vic

      The guy is literally the WORST part about flames broadcasts. He has the most ass-backwards opinions on pretty much every subject. From the school of thought: “If your going to spew a bunch of total BS, do it with conviction!”

  • Theo4HoF

    I’m kinda on the fence about Russell. Prior to this season I loved the player. This year he has not looked so good. Were gonna have to trade him though, especially if we can get a 1st. I would take a swing at him though come free agency if we can get him at a fair dollar and get rid of Wideman.

  • JKG

    As much as I love to hate on Hartley and his deployment choices, does anyone else get the feeling that BT (or BB) had made the decision earlier in the year that they would play their expiring UFA’s no matter what the cost to up their trade value come deadline?

    I’m gonna go ahead and tell myself that was the case so that I can believe that Hartley isn’t totally insane. Until he proves me otherwise.

  • brodiegio4life

    so apparently eric francis not only thinks russell should fetch a first rounder, he apparently said the pens should trade matt murray for him… what a guy

  • FireScorpion

    Friday evening now before the weekend and the arbitrator has made no decision on Wideman.

    Looks as though the league has decided to tie Treliving’s hands and scuttle any slim chance of a deal. Unbelievable

    • BlueMoonNigel

      First, the refs’ union has decided to conspire against the Flames. Next, it was Betts with an ax to grind against Calgary–likely because of Nenshi’s snub. Finally, the league has got in in for the Flames.

      What’s with all this official hate for a bottom feeder that is a terrible draw in virtually every rink in the league?

    • fretsey

      Is the arbitrator supposed to give an immediate decision? I think we’ll be lucky if he makes a decision by Monday.

      Horrible timing…but there’s 5.5 million reasons why he’s there.

  • Backburner

    I got the feeling that now Chicago is going for it, that will force Dallas, Anaheim, St. Louis and Tampa to step up.

    Those teams could want a package deal for Hudler, Russell and maybe Colborne..