Who’s scouting tonight’s game?

There are two games remaining for the Calgary Flames before the 2015-16 trade deadline on Monday (at 1 p.m. MT).

Trade rumours are running rampant. So in the interest of providing a bit of insight into what may happen between now and the deadline – and to throw gasoline on some of those rumours – here’s the list of teams (and notable individuals) scouting tonight’s game between the Flames and the New York Islanders.


Just because somebody’s on the scouting list
doesn’t mean they were there (travel plans often change), and often
teams scout other pro games to get background on future free agents.
Regardless, here’s who was slated to be at the ‘Dome for this evening’s


In attendance tonight are representatives from Detroit, Minnesota, NY Rangers, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh and Winnipeg.


In a bit of a contrast with previous recent games, there’s really nobody with a fancy title scouting tonight’s game. (In previous games we’ve seen general managers, directors of pro scouting and assistant general managers.)

Heck, Pittsburgh’s representative is listed as an amateur scout on their website, so presumably he’s just doing some cross-checking or hanging around the ‘Dome waiting for tomorrow’s Hitmen game.

  • RedMan

    Pittsburgh and NY… hmmm

    No Los Angeles?? not cool. I was sure they were going to take Russell. But – maybe NOT coming is a negotiation tactic for a player they (Sutter) is already very familiar with.

      • OKG

        Darryl is the GM who traded for Ian White…

        He doesn’t care about size contrary to popular belief. Heck he’s the guy who drafted Backlund for us.

        What he cares about though is possession possession possession. That’s his mantra and if you can’t possess the puck you can’t play for him.

    • MarbledBlueCheese

      I’ve been wondering that but simply don’t have a good read on it.

      Russell’s value has such divergence of opinion based on who you listen to. I’m hopeful for a first in the return between the two of them.

  • Jake the Snail

    With Tre in New York today and Friday to attempt to convince the judge to reduce the penalty to Wideman, who is manning the phones trying to put together some deals before the trade deadline? Brian Burke??

  • ApolloRising

    Matchsticks and Gasoline suggested that we could trade Colborne for Horvat. I hope this is a real rumor. I love the speed Horvat brings to the game. I think he has a lot of potential. So if Colborne is the price for Horvat, then done deal.