Post-Game: Flyers Fleece Flames

After a busy and emotional few days that saw a few teammates head out of town, the Calgary Flames met the Philadelphia Flyers tonight at Wells Fargo Center.

They lost 5-3 in a game that was the best and the worst of the Flames.


The Flames opened the scoring on the power-play, as Sean Monahan converted on a nice feed from Johnny Gaudreau to make it 1-0. But about six minutes later, the Flyers responded back as Brayden Schenn beat Jonas Hiller to make it 1-1. The Flyers out-shot Calgary 9-6 and out-attempted them 24-14.

The Flyers took the lead five minutes into the second; with Dougie Hamilton in the penalty box, Wayne Simmonds scored to make it 2-1. The Flames had some chances to tie it back up, but couldn’t, and then Schenn scored his second of the night to make it 3-1. Deryk Engelland got called for boarding shortly after that goal, and Schenn completed his hat-trick on the power-play to make it 4-1 after two periods. Shots were 13-13 and attempts were 27-26 for the Flames.

The third period saw the Flames push back, as a combination of score effects and stubbornness got them close. After a lot of pressing, Micheal Ferland beat Michal Neuvirth (with newcomer Garnet Hathaway screening him) to make it 4-2. A little bit after that, Michael Frolik scored off the rush as his shot trickled through Neuvirth to make it 4-3. Unfortunately, the Flames couldn’t tie it up and Wayne Simmonds scored into the empty-net for his second of the game to ice it. Shots were 13-7 Flames and attempts were 30-14 in their favour, but it wasn’t enough to get a point.


(All Situations) CorsiFor% OZStart%
Ferland 54.84% 88.89%
Bennett 60.53% 88.89%
Hathaway 60% 83.33%
Nakladal 65.62% 70%
Gaudreau 62.5% 60%
Hamilton 50.98% 60%
Colborne 72.22% 54.55%
Monahan 65% 54.55%
Backlund 53.19% 53.85%
Wotherspoon 59.38% 50%
Engelland 53.33% 46.15%
Frolik 51.43% 40%
Giordano 50% 38.46%
Brodie 44.44% 38.46%
Jooris 50% 33.33%
Bouma 30.43% 0%
Stajan 23.81% 0%
Bollig 28.57% 0%


Not nearly enough Kris Russell.

Nah, they lost because their defensive zone coverage and play is still pretty lousy, and their penalty kill is horrible. Five on five they were pretty good, but they were bad enough situationally that the Flyers weren’t given too much trouble until the very end. We did see a return of a feisty third period comeback attempt, which was a nice change of pace from the listless and formless thirds we’ve seen from them of late when they’ve trailed.


Let’s go with the new guy. Garnet Hathaway crashed and banged around all night, and he was a big part of Micheal Ferland’s goal that nearly sparked a third-period comeback.

Not bad for a first impression.


The Flames hopped on a plane and headed to Boston immediately after this game, as they face the Bruins at TD Garden tomorrow night.

    • everton fc

      Poulin deserves a start over Backstrom. Backstrom will get assigned to the “A”, play some games, then get a few starts prior to the end of his career after this season ends…

      • cberg

        Backstrom has been backing up at Minny, why would we send him to the ECHL, much less the AHL? Get some practices in then throw him in some games here to see if there’s any spark left. What does it matter? Worst thing that can happen is he surprises us and gives BT a hard choice come summer.

        • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

          Other than Gillies, who is still unproven, it doesn’t look like there is a goalie in the system right now that can be looked at as a #1 going forward.
          I still think Calgary tries to land a proven starter going into next season. The defense can’t play confidently when they have no confidence with the guy in the crease. With a true #1 I think Calgary goes into next year feeling pretty good about the “d” and the goaltending.

        • piscera.infada

          He hasn’t been backing up. Keumper has been their backup all season. Backstrom hasn’t played one single second of NHL game-time this season.

          Plus, he’s 38 years old. If Backstrom’s the “hard choice”, Treliving has problems.

  • It Was In!

    Yes we all know Hiller is awful. But based on his body language, it looks like he doesn’t even care. He expects to get lit up. Look at how he handled that first goal.

  • beloch

    I liked what I saw from Hathaway in this game.

    I did not like what I saw from Hiller. 0.857 just isn’t good enough. The Flames out-corsi’d, out-shot, and had more high danger scoring chances than the Flyers. Goal-tending was what made the difference. Retirement seems to be figure more prominently in Hiller’s mind than a comeback.

    After delivering two quality starts in a row, Ortio delivered a stinker. I was right about that, but I also said that it would be okay. Similar to a certain other Finn from Turku, Ortio plays a style that takes a long time to master. He may not become starter material for another season or two, but the Flames should be patient, play Ortio more, and re-sign him in the off-season. We don’t know if Ortio is the future, but it’s pretty certain Hiller isn’t.

    I certainly hope Trelviing has begun work on acquiring a starter for next season though.

  • Truculence

    Who the hell wants to replace Hiller this year!?!? He’s single-handedly carrying us to a top-five pick. More power to him!! We can rectify the goaltending in the off-season.

  • brodiegio4life

    you gotta roll with hiller, he’s lockin in that top 5 pick for us, if flames win the lottery they better thank hiller. Feeling the blues for matthews

  • freethe flames

    Ryan: Now that trade deadline is over would you be so kind as to do a story that will clarify some questions I have on the AHL? Here are my questions: Who on the current Flames roster could go back down and play for the Heat if they make the playoffs? How many Heat payers can we audition now till the end of the season? Are NCAA players eligible to play for the Heat when their season ends? What about CHL players can they play for the Heat?

    I’m now in next season mode for the Flames and would like to see the Heat make the playoffs and hopefully make along run so our kids get some additional experience.


  • RedMan

    Gio and Brodie were not at their best last nite, but there were lots of good things happening.

    The guys arent happy losing, you can see it on their faces and body language, and their is no quit in the team. This is good.

    It really would be nice to get at least one top 3 pick during the rebuild.

    • BDH

      A happy loser and and angry loser are both still losers. Treliving did nothing to improve the team. Burke has done nothing lately but whine about the Wideman suspension. The loser mentality is creeping in and needs to be reversed quick.

      • piscera.infada

        What should they have done? Traded Bennett and the prospects for established NHL talent? They probably could have done that, and it probably would have pushed them all the way to 9th place in the Western Conference. Great idea indeed!

        • BDH

          Yup, lose mentality. What could he have done? Maybe unloaded a few albatross contracts like Smid and Engelland, got a goalie, picked up some key prospects instead of a few throw ins?

          Instead he shipped out actual NHL players and in return got nothing but picks that might net a few decent players 4-5 years from now.

          Burke and Treliving need to go. The only team that did worse was Vancouver. At least teams like Montreal, Edmonton, and Arizona got actual real players that will help the team.

          • wot96

            In a perfect world someone takes the Wideman and Smid contracts. But not at the TDL and not in the circumstances we find ourselves in.

            Maybe, at the draft, if Smid is on the LTIR, someone takes that contract if Calgary gives them a sweetener, or something, a la the Nathan Horton contract.

            Maybe, after the suspension is done, Wideman waives his no move clause and goes someplace he is wanted and if Calgary gets a 7th round pick and has to eat half his salary, I still think that’s a win. Why? Because it frees up cap, frees up a slot, and gets an asset back for a guy that is surpassed in Calgary and probably needs a new start.

            But we don’t live in a perfect world. We can’t sprinkle our desiccated hopes and dreams like pixie dust and expect other teams to relieve us of our bad contracts at the TRADE DEADLINE because the TDL is about contenders getting better and none of the moves you are wanting BT and BB to magic into existence make other teams better now.

          • piscera.infada

            Do you have any idea what you’re even talking about, or are you just spouting nonsense and hoping something sticks?

            Essentially you’ve come up with: trade albatross, bad contracts (that no one wants) for good, actual real players that help the team. Yup, good luck with that one. “Why didn’t they trade Smid for a top-5 pick and Huberdeau?” is basically what you’ve given me.

            As for trading Russell, Jones, and Hudler for real NHL players “that will help moving forward”. Whom? Who are these “real NHL players that will help moving forward” that actual cup contenders and/or playoff teams are going to give up? Or, were you simply someone who thought that Hudler and Russell was fair value for Nichuskin?

            The real players Edmonton, Montreal, and Arizona got?

            Edmonton: Niklas Lundstrom? Patrick Maroon? Adam Pardy? Whoo boy, that’s the difference right there.

            Montreal: Philip Danault? Stephan Matteau? Wow, great…

            Arizona: Well, you might have something there. They did have the second best player available though (Boedker), and they took back Alex Tanguay (who is absolute hot garbage). Even still, Bleakley and Wood, are a fair amount away from being “real NHL players” at this point.

            Last year, Treliving stockpiled draft picks, and then traded those for a “real NHL player” in Hamilton. He then brought in a very “real NHL player” who fit an organizational need in Frolik.

            Welcome to the new NHL (even though it’s been this way for almost a decade now).

          • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

            Just to comment on Edmontons pick ups Maroon and Pardy, both are 6’4″ 230 pounds and play a physical game. One thing about Maroon is that he can play up and down the lineup.
            He played a great deal on Anahiem’s first line last year and I think he got 7 goals and 11 points in the playoffs. Chiarelli said he wants his team to get heavier on the puck and with the addition of Kassian already in the lineup the group of forwards just got bigger and more physical with guys that can play.
            Small additions but important peices none the less.

          • RedMan

            have to agree – these are prudent moves that may fly under the radar for lack of big names, but has an impact on the ice. lots of good things for the Oil in this move.

          • Truculence

            Holy crap, is this how pathetically desperate Oilers fans have become? Maroon and Kassian are going to right the ship because they are big and physical?

            In that case, we pretty much have the final missing piece for you boys. His name is Bollig -Brandon Bolling. You can have him for a seventh rounder. Heck, we’ll even throw in Engelland for free.

      • Jake the Snail

        “Treliving did nothing to improve this team.”

        Well, he did manage to trade three impending UFA players and got an NHL player and a prospect as well as draft picks (or bargaining chips to use at the draft). He also traded a centre in Granlund who had no future in Calgary as a centre for a good prospect from the Nucks.

        As opposed to the Canucks, who did not manage to trade away any UFAs.

        As opposed to the Oilers who are in full tank mode again! for Rebuild 4.01….(0.1 is an indicator that this rebuild is with a new GM)

      • RedMan

        “A happy loser and and angry loser are both still losers.”

        tell that to Oiler fans the last 10 years. they would give their left walnut to have a a chance to watch a team with some fight in them, even if the outcome was the same.

        So then, I can only assume this silly comment is actually just bait, not intended to be taken seriously.


        and look at me, feeding the troll. my bad

  • Bob's Hockey Stick


    What ever Drugs that cat’s on… I want some! he’s on crack if he feels the Flames did jack at the deadline. They got rid of UFA’s who were not in the picture for next season. They aqquired hard currency in draft picks for some restocking of prospects and potential off season trades.

    That’s how you improve hockey clubs. You don’t go full Oiler and dump everyone. Oilers did that and look what it got them 10 years no playoffs and no hope. Thank krikey we are not the Oilers. Thank you.