Shot Down In FlamesNation Podcast

It’s a working title, OK? 

Well, this is new. A podcast! Everybody has one and since Brad Treliving got the Flames nice things this trade deadline, we figured we at FlamesNation could have some nice things as well, firing up the old podcast. 

If the reception is warm and people like it, we could make this thing a regular feature on FN. Unlike most podcasts out there, we tried to keep it under 350 minutes – 30 to be specific – so you can fit it into your lunch hour, or whatever. 

We hit 3 topics regarding the trade deadline, and one super special, super controversial one at the end that resulted in great conversation, and everybody will have a strong opinion on – so make sure to listen to the whole thing *wink*.

Due to our utmost professionalism, there was an F-Bomb dropped. So watch out for that if you’re in a sensitive environment. 

We’d love to hear your opinions and feedback on the first podcast, tentatively named Shot Down In FlamesNation Podcast, literally only because I used the song “Shot Down In Flames” by AC/DC to start. We can have a vote or something for a name moving forward if this turns into a regular thing. 

Hope you all enjoy it! 

  • piscera.infada

    On the Hartley discussion, I completely agree with Ari. I think if you’re going to hire a coach the “name-value” of said coach is the least of your concerns. Now that’s not to say “fire Hartley without a replacement (or replacements) in mind”, but it also doesn’t mean the question “who’s available” really has any bearing on letting Hartley go.

    I would personally rather a coach with a fresh way of looking at the game, than a re-tread “Hartley-esque” replacement. If I’m changing the coach, it’s a function of trying to impact (change) the way the team plays moving forward. I think Hartley has done a relatively decent enough job with what he’s had here, but the organization needs someone who’s forward thinking, who understands the way hockey is changing.

    • slapshot444

      Hey, i agree but not necessarily a fresh way to look at the game but more a fresh way to look at the team. I feel they don’t evolve the game plan as the team personnel changes. The stretch pass was quickly figured out by the good teams and shut down. This team has good bones ( aside from the net minder) and doesn’t seem to use its assets properly. Adaptation is the key to success. While letting the coach do his job is paramount, guidance needs to be given when your special teams is so far off the rails that your in last place.

  • slapshot444

    OK so thats cool, something different at least to run in the background. I enjoyed that. Length is good.
    What i noticed;
    All of you have very similar opinions, thought someone might be contrary.
    Most of you are quite opinionated, thought someone might be more moderate, if you are you didn’t voice it.. In particular Ari’s comment about Wideman being “toxic”. I’m pretty sure a lot of people don’t feel that way but no one came to his defence. Just saying. Is it just me who thinks he’s ok?

    Personally I find this team’s management presents a united front but i’m surprised they let Hartley dig such a big hole. How is Hartley allowed to do the things he does even though everyone but him seems to know it’s probabley a mistake. Some one has to be accountable for the leagues worst ranked special teams. Is he really given that much leverage?

    While you as a group seem to be calling for his head, i get that, but perhaps you need to go a bit deeper and find out why he’s allowed to dig such a big hole?
    Thanks for something new!

    • piscera.infada

      Why is he allowed to dig such a big hole?

      I feel this is a bit of a misnomer in regard to management vis-a-vis coaching. I’m not sure how much control management can truly exercise over a coach. Remember, eventually, teams have to look for new coaches. If you (as a GM) are consistently over-ruling your coach, first, why even have a coach? And second, what message does that send to every other coach out there?

      Look, as a management group, I’m sure you can voice concerns, you can affect the makeup of the roster, you can decide who’s up and who’s down, but the actual day-to-day needs to be under the purview of the coach. The more leverage you try to exert over your coach, the worse a pending job with your team probably looks. Would Babcock, Tippett, Quennville, whomever, really want to take a job with your organization if you’re known to be extremely controlling over your coaches? Probably not.

      It’s a truly fine line, but the comment is often made as if Treliving can just stomp into Hartley’s office and say “hey, don’t play Colborne on the powerplay”. It’s not that simple.

  • Howie Meeker

    Just caught the tail end of the conversation and it sounds like a great suggestion to combine the signings of GaudaHan and Janko unchained in one press conference.

  • FlamesFan1489

    Arii is completely right about Wideman. It’s no coincidence the amount of penalties that were called against us increased in the aftermath of the incident. Wideman’s play was terrible this year, the cap savings will help us re-sign Johnny and Monny, and will open up a spot for Jokipakki, Wotherspoon or Nakladal. Engelland is not great but is somewhat serviceable in the right role and his attitude is much better than Wideman. Wideman is a redundancy on offense with Brodie, Gio and Hamilton anyways.

  • wot96

    Given it was a post-tdl podcast you could have used “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” if you insist on an AC/DC theme.

    Before Hartley goes, they need to have a coaching target or three in mind.

  • KH44

    Nice job on the podcast. If I can make a suggestion, have two people do it regularly, host/cohost, and then have someone step in occasionally as a guest. As soon as you have more than three people, you get a lot of the ‘I agree with you’ or ‘they already said it’. Also, it becomes easier to identify by voice.

    Fire Hartley.

    Trade/buyout Wideman.

    According to Generalfanager, buying out Smid results in only an 833,333 cap hit for 16-17, and a 1.3 cap hit in 17-18. If he is healthy in time, that could be a good way to clear up nearly 3 million off the cap. Combine that with Wideman, that clears up 6 million for two players that really aren’t needed anymore.

    • Parallex

      We’ll probably have to buyout Wideman… but I’m not sure buying out Smid is really required. If we need that space to fit in Johnny and Monahan then by all means but otherwise we should just tough it out (or be satisfied with the 900K in cap savings we get from AHL demotion). There’s nothing stopping us from demoting him if we just want the roster spot.

  • Parallex

    Okey, I gave it a listen over lunch hour. Here’s my review…

    1: Host Likability: It’s good. I listen to a variety of podcasts (probably more then I should or have time for) and the worst thing a pod can have is unlikable hosts, fortunately that’s not an issue here. The banter is decent (albeit not to “M vs W” level but that’s an unfair standard to hold anything to), the voices are distinguishable from one another, and no one is unpleasant to listen to (I’ve tried and dropped several other podcasts simply because, while everything else was good, one or more of the hosts had a really annoying voice).

    2: Soundcloud: I personally do not like Soundcloud. I vastly prefer iTunes for consuming audio content (addressed above by Mike but for the sake of completeness I include it here).

    3: Audio Quality: I had some issues. It might be my device or my earbuds, in which case disregard, but there was a slight echo in parts for me. Particularly when Ari was speaking (which is a shame because she’s got a really good radio voice).

    4: Content: Decent. Topic depth could have been a bit deeper (I was expecting more analysis of Jokipakka and Pollock when discussing the Russell trade for example). It’s deeper then “Hockey Central” but not as deep as “HP Radio” which is a good place to be but could have used just a bit more.

    All in all, a good 1st effort. I hope you guys do more… get it up on iTunes and I’ll subscribe. Do it with frequency and I’ll probably give it a positive rate and review.

    • Christian Roatis

      Thanks for the feedback, the conversation was still pretty shallow to begin with as everyone got comfortable, I think you’ll see better depth as we go along! The audio was a weird skype problem I think, I’ll look into fixing that. And as for hosting, it was my first time hosting anything so I’m definitely looking to improve that.

      Thank for listening! 🙂

      • slapshot444

        The audio was a weird skype problem I think, I’ll look into fixing that.

        Just and FYI

        I had Ari in the left channel only, likely just a connection glitch.

  • Azim

    Good job, if its done at this digestible length (25-45 minutes), I would probably listen regularly. Also agree with KH44 about number of people. Three is the ideal number, four at the most preferably.

    • Parallex

      I think three is the ideal number per show (doesn’t have to be the same three)… At least for sports podcasts. You can have more if you have a longer show but if you have a set run-time in the 30-45 minute range it’s preferable because you don’t have to devote much time for additional surface takes and each contributor gets additional minutes for deeper digs.

  • Denscafon

    For unknowns that could replace hartley, I would take a different approach and try to get someone from barry trotz’s crew in Washington. The Caps are first in the PP and 5th in the PK, 2 things our team is embarrassingly bad at. It’s probably impossible to get Barry himself but what about his assistants like Todd Reirden (PP coach) or Lane Lambert (PK coach)

    • Parallex

      On the subject of coaching it occurs to me that the Flames had Butter when they should have had Hartley, and they now have Hartley when they should have Butter.

  • JKG

    I think you can fix the echo by getting everyone to listen using earbuds instead of through the computer speakers.

    Interesting in hindsight, that the whole Cammy no trade fiasco was hated on at the time but perhaps got us better returns going forward.