Post-Game: Empty-Handed In Beantown

The Calgary Flames headed to Boston tonight after losing a close one yesterday in Philadelphia. They were a bit sloppy, and they were pretty lousy in their own end and killing penalties. Tonight? The game was closer and the Flames were better, but the song remained the same.

The Flames dropped a close 2-1 decision off a power-play goal late in the third to stretch their losing streak to six games. They’re now 26-33-4 on the season and have 19 games to go.


The Flames came out with energy, albeit sloppy energy, in the first. They had a few chances, but the Bruins struck first as Landon Ferraro beat Joni Ortio top-corner to make it 1-0. The Flames couldn’t answer back. Shots were 8-5 for the Flames, but shot attempts were 17-15 for Boston.

Nobody scored in the second period, but the Flames looked pretty damn good. They pressed but the Bruins defended intelligently, and the Flames interrupted their own momentum with a pair of penalties. Shots were 9-8 for Boston and attempts were 18-14 for Boston.

The Flames made the game interesting early in the third, as Jakub Nakladal got his first NHL goal with a one-timer off a nice feed from Jyrki Jokipakka to make it 1-1. From there it looked like both teams were playing for the tie, but the Flames took a sloppy too-many-men call with four minutes left and Patrice Bergeron beat Ortio with a one-timer from the high slot to make it 2-1. They pulled the goalie but just couldn’t get a goal – or a good scoring chance – and that’s all she wrote.


(All Situations) CorsiFor% OZStart%
Nakladal 81.25% 100%
Bennett 64.29% 90%
Ferland 63.64% 85.71%
Hathaway 45.45% 84.62%
Gaudreau 44.83% 83.33%
Monahan 40.62% 78.95%
Brodie 34.09% 70.83%
Giordano 33.33% 68%
Jooris 52% 66.67%
Colborne 62.5% 60%
Hamilton 55.32% 60%
Jokipakka 33.33% 57.14%
Backlund 48.28% 53.85%
Frolik 39.13% 44.44%
Bouma 25.93% 33.33%
Stajan 32% 33.33%
Bollig 35.29% 33.33%
Engelland 38% 27.27%


Things the Flames were bad at: killing penalties (giving up 8 shots and a goal on five kills), puck retrieval (they spent way too much time chasing the puck), winning face-offs (40% winning percentage), and scoring goals. When your third defensive pairing is the one that puts up all of your offense, life is not good.


Jyrki Jokipakka played nearly 13 minutes, a couple hits, and set up the game’s only goal. He and Nakladal were quite good, but I was impressed at how strong Jokipakka looked considering he hadn’t practiced with the team yet.


The Flames head to Buffalo to tangle with Jack Eichel’s Sabres on Thursday night.

  • ChinookArchYYC

    I hate cheering for the Oilers, but that’s life as a Flames fan right now. Oilers 2-1 over the Sabres in OT. A perfect result after a Flames loss.

  • Nighteyes

    Didn’t get a chance to watch the game. How did Ortio look ? Seems like he had a decent game compared to his last start against Ottawa. Seems better than Hiller (not a huge accomplishment).

  • MarbledBlueCheese

    With the growth from Bennett, maturation of Andersson/Kylington and whoever we pick with our high pick this year, we might have enough high end talent at the right time in 2017-18.
    Lots of heavy salary to shed before this team can really threaten for a cup though. Luckily a lot of it seems to come off around that time anyway.

  • BlueMoonNigel

    I love Garnet Hathaway, but he is strictly a bottom 6 forward and the Flames have them coming out of their ying yang in Calgary, Stockton and points elsewhere. Not saying Hathaway doesn’t have a bright future on this team but he’s the kind of guy that will take your 28th place to 26th.

    • Primo

      My view is different than yours. Stanley cup champions always have strong bottom 6 players that have a particular skill set and a primary role. In the playoffs it’s always the high paid players that guarantee the success of a team but only if players like Hathaway precisely execute their intended role.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        Don’t disagree with your thoughts at all. Everyone has his role for a team to be successful.

        My point was that the Flames have an abundance of Hathaway-types, but not enough Bennett-types and it is those high-end types that will take a team where its fans want it to go. Not sure anyone in the Flames minor system projects as a top 6 forward and that is scary as it leaves the team dependent on immediate draft success, a costly FA, or a trade if it wants to be a playoff contender.

        • Avalain

          Well, there is still hope for Pourier and Shinkaruk. However, in general you’re right. The thing is that most of the prospects that fit in the top 6 role are already playing in the NHL. The results of our 1st round pick for the last 3 years is Monahan, Bennett, and Hamilton.

          Plus, of we get a RW in the draft this year then we are only missing 2 spots in the top 6. If one of Shinkaruk or Pourier work out then we are really only 1 piece away from a full top 6. At that point solid bottom 6 players are very important.

        • freethe flames

          I’m glad Hathaway is getting an audition, I’m not even upset that he is playing on the top line but that does highlight the need for an upgrade on RW. Hopefully the draft will help that position as the top 4 prospects all have high end skills. I have not given up on the likes of Poirier as he is still young and has time to develop but if there is not progress in his game next year he will be surpassed by others.

          Hathaway and Jooris while good role players cannot be seen as the answer for our top 2 RWs, if they are then we are doing a bd job of drafting and developing forwards.

      • BlueMoonNigel

        As long as we are talking about an extremely competitive, highly-visible, results-driven multibillion dollar business, outcomes are the only thing that matters.

        Sutter as GM did a fantastic job of filling the Flames with bottom 6 forwards. He had a much harder time filling in top slots. He was also gifted at finding defensemen 5 to 7. One to four was a bit more of a challenge. Because of these failures, he was tossed aside. Feaster for the same reason.

        I can celebrate with exuberant joy the success of Hathaway, but at the end of the day, in a league driven by outcomes, Tre’s career as Flames’ GM if it is remembered chiefly for all the Garnet Hathaways he discovered will be a career that is best forgotten.

        • Tomas Oppolzer

          Just want to point out that Sutter is the guy who brought Giordano and Brodie into the organization. He also draft Dion, who was unquestionably a top4 dman during his time in Calgary.

  • smatic10

    I hope most of the remaining games are like this, i.e. close but we end up losing. And it would definitely help if the Oil continue to get some points. Matthews, we’re coming for ya bud.

    Anywho, good stuff from our third-pair, or as I like to call them, “The Ultimate Scrabble Score”.

  • BDH

    More loser mentality. Yay we lost!

    So many guys have given up. No discipline, terrible penalty killing, and I’m starting to think The leadership here is overrated.

    • freethe flames

      I hate when people make such general statements. I only watched the third period so I can’t comment on who has given up but I did not see anyone who had given up in the third. They killed 4 of 5 last night and yes the last penalty was bad; you can’t get caught with to many men on the ice.

      So please name names. Call out the guys who have quit, call out the leaders who are not leading. Provide some names and examples rather than generalities.

  • FlamesFan1489

    It will be nice to get a top pick this year, but I’d love to see the Flames take a step back in the right direction next year. Even if we don’t make the playoffs, making a push for it would be a good thing for the kids. If we don’t make the playoffs next year and get a pick closer to the middle of the pack it’s not a bad thing if the team starts showing signs of becoming a threat in the near future. A lot of heavy baggage on the bottom end of the d-core (plus Stajan) next year but hopefully this allows the youngsters in Stockton and junior to develop one more year and start being a competitive playoff team by 2017-2018.

  • Howie Meeker

    Chicago picked Toews/Kane, Pitsburgh picked Malkin/Crosby, Wahington picked Ovechin/Backstrom, LA picked Doughty/Quick and let’s not forget St. Louis and Tampa… The fact is to be a contender in today’s NHL you need Cap Space, elite young talent only attained by drafting/trading and picking up some vets who will play for entry level contracts just to stay in the league and work there butts off ….Personally, I believe we need a top 3 pick this year and hopefully we pick it up a young forward via trade without giving up a cornerstone…this team really has no choice.

  • Muffin

    I’m not one to really hate on players very much, but man, I cannot handle Colbourne anymore. I don’t think he made a single play this game that resulted in a positive outcome. He just seems to drag the teammates down around him when he is on the ice consistently.

    It is more frustrating given his size and skill level, as has been discussed many times. He might be tolerable on the 4th line, but he just isn’t a good fit, and I doubt he will be.

  • freethe flames

    I see that the Flames are currently at 50 contracts(General Fanager). That means we can’t sign any NCAA UFA to NHL contracts only PTO, means we can’t sign any new UFA CHL contracts only PTO; is that correct?

      • freethe flames

        Thanks; that means we can look at signing NCAA grad’s and UDfa from either the NCAA or CHL. We need to find some found money at the forward and especially on the RW. Just looked at an NCAA article (oct 2015) on who the top undrafted NCAA graduates will be; interesting to see a couple of them are Janko’s teammates. I suspect the Flames staff have a good scouting report on them. I’m not saying we should sign them just that we will have good insight on them.

        Last week there was a write up on a kid playing for Moose Jaw I think; has he signed anywhere. What a Mangipani when will the Flames ink him?

    • piscera.infada

      If he refuses to sign his entry level contract by August 15 of this year he will become a UFA. However, if that happens, the Flames will be awarded a pick in the second round of the 2017 draft equal to the spot he was taken in the first round in 2012 draft as compensation–so, 51st overall.

      That said, I see no reason Jankowski would choose that route. The Flames have invested a lot in him as a player, they also picked him way above where he was likely to go if selected by another organization. I’m also not sure he has enough cache around the league to really warrant the interest from other teams, but if he does it, there are a lot of Flames fans who wouldn’t mind the second round pick.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        A have a friend who is s flames fan , no seriously I do, and he says he has a feeling that Jankowski pulls the pin but I see no indication that he does that.

        He probably has a good opportunity in Calgary.

        • wot96

          Without slamming your friend, there is no evidence that Jankowski is going to do that. People in Calgary went bat-crap crazy that Gaudreau wouldn’t sign. No evidence. Just a lot of craziness.

          I would be shocked if Jankowski doesn’t sign. If he doesn’t sign, it won’t be the end of the world.