FlamesNation Report Card: March 4, 2016

When we last left the Flames, the trade deadline had yet to pass, and there was still a lot of excitement left to look forward to.

That’s… not so much the case now. It was an eventful, fruitful deadline, which is going to see some changes to our report card now. For example, obviously Jiri Hudler, Kris Russell, and David Jones are off the list: they aren’t Flames anymore. And because Tyler Wotherspoon has been demoted, he’s off as well.

I’ve also taken Ladislav Smid off the list; he’s on the injured reserve and it doesn’t seem like there’s anything good going on there, so best to just stay out of that area.

A couple of players have been added, though, of course! Newest Flame Jyrki Jokipakka, as well as latest call up Garnet Hathaway are here for you to vote on. Niklas Backstrom isn’t present, but that’s because he hasn’t really done anything yet – rest assured, after his first start, he’ll be there.

This will probably be Brad Treliving’s last week on the report card, at least until he does something new in the public eye we can talk about. Until then – the Flames played three games since the deadline, and they lost all three of them. Have at it!

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  • redhot1

    Bouma has 3 points in 28 games. Consistently the worst possession forward on the team. Is invisible most nights now.

    Why hasn’t he gotten any criticism sent his way? Arguably the biggest underperformer this year.

      • Avalain

        So I defended his contract even though I knew that he’d basically never be able to live up to it. Why? Because he was given a “show me” contract and, well, he showed them. He did everything and more to earn that contract and there wasn’t really anything to be done except pay it. If you don’t, what kind of sign does that show for a company that preaches the whole “always earned” mantra? The problem contract isn’t his current one; his problem contract was the one the year before which should have required him to show that he could hold his own for 2-3 years while we still had plenty of cap space.

        • flamesburn89

          Then why has’t he “showed them” this year? Players are expected to play well every year, not just when it suits them.

          Seems to me that Bouma was running hot last year with high percentages and benefitted playing with Backlund. Now that both of those things are gone, he’s reverted back to being a fourth liner, but now with a $2.2M cap hit accompanying him. Not Treliving’s finest work.

    • freethe flames

      I have frequently been critical of Bouma and have been very disappointed with his season, Had he been close to the player he was last year this team might still be in the race,(not him alone but a few others). I still think he can play and needs to have fire lit under his butt however he needs to play with someone other than Bollig and Stajan. Give him a crack with Backs and Frolik and see if he gets his game back.

    • Ari Yanover

      I slammed his new contract when it was first signed. That… didn’t go over well with a lot of people.

      I wouldn’t necessarily say Bouma has underperformed, though. I mean, if you look at it from his contract, he certainly has, but he was always going to have an incredibly hard time living up to it. His performance is about where I expected it to be this season.

      I just haven’t written about him because he was hurt half the year and I feel bad. So this season he gets a mulligan from me. I don’t think things improve over the next two years at all, though; and really, with the rise of some prospects internally… I might tackle this if there’s enough interest.

  • ApolloRising

    How is Hartley breaking the top 3 and Bennett is in last (at the time of my post)? The trolls must have gotten in again. Who left the gate open this time?

  • freethe flames

    One thing I have recalled reading on this sight is the need to follow the RED Wings model of development. I just spent sometime looking at the current RW team and all of their young up and comers have spent good parts of 3/4 years in the AHL. How many of our later 1st rounders have that kind of experience; none Poirier and Shinkarik will both finish their second year. Klimchuk is playing his first year. TSpoon is really the only guy to have been there that long and he looked fine in his recent call up. Agostino is also only in his 2nd year. If we really want the model to work we must be patient. Ferland a couple of seasons including a nasty injury. It’s reality check fans, we are only in year 3 of the rebuild. Our top 2 ever picks are legitimate NHL ers both with bright futures. We have 2 4th rounders who are stars in the league. BT needs to draft another top 6 forward and sign a UFA forward and find a goalie and we are going in the right direction.