Flames Recall Kenny Agostino From Stockton

In March 2013, Kenny Agostino was acquired by the Calgary Flames from the Pittsburgh Penguins in exchange for Jarome Iginla. He soon made his National Hockey League debut, played eight games, and then spent two seasons in the American Hockey League.

After 117 AHL contests, Agostino will get another shot in the NHL tonight. He was recalled from the Stockton Heat this morning, the Flames announced via a press release. He’s up on an emergency basis, contingent on Sam Bennett’s injury status.

Agostino, 23, has quietly become one of the Baby Flames’ most consistent players. He was the leader in scoring for the Adirondack Flames last season (with 43 points) and is tied with Hunter Shinkaruk for the team lead in scoring for the Heat right now (with 42 points). Agostino is a left-winger and the only recall announced, so presumably (a) Josh Jooris or Joe Colborne will be a center tonight and (b) T.J. Brodie or Deryk Engelland are healthy enough to play tonight.

The native of Flanders, NJ was originally selected by the Pittsburgh Penguins in the 2010 Draft and spent four seasons with Yale University before joining the Flames in the spring of 2013. In eight NHL contests he has a goal and an assist.

  • Stu Cazz

    I watched a few of Kenny’s college games…very intelligent player with strong leadership skills. Looks like he has further developed his scoring skills in Stockton…wish him success!

  • RKD

    I was wondering the same thing myself. If Bennett was not going to play tonight, I was thinking that Agostino would be called up next. He’s leading the Heat in scoring but he has been a consistent player. Hope to see Shinkaruk too before the season is done.

  • Parallex

    Always liked Agostino, glad to see him up.

    I think he can be a new Glencross for us (the good Glencross not the guy at the end). Kind of strange how much alike they are… Both kinda pale, dark haired, fast, left-wingers with a north-south game that came through NCAA development and paid their dues in the AHL, both 6,1, both 200Ibs.

  • fretsey

    Good luck Kenny! I hope Benny is not too badly injured.

    Looks like Wideman will miss his 20th game tonight and still no news on the appeal.Great system Bettman.

    • Stu Cazz

      If I’m not mistaken I think the appeal was not for reduced games but rather for elimination of the suspension altogether….that would entitle Wideman to his full salary……

        • fretsey

          I don’t think anyone knew what exactly was being appealed,the entire 20 games or just financial restitution?

          I’d love to see the full report and any/all of Bettman’s sleazy e-mails and texts regarding this completely Kangaroo Court-ish “suspension”.

          Should have been reduced to Zero games…but I’m glad for Wides.

    • freethe flames

      This the idea I have suggested for awhile now. The question is how long will BH stick with it as option. Everything you read about Agostino suggests he is a strong two way forward with some decent offensive skills and a good hockey IQ. Sounds like the perfect fit and this could be an excellent 3rd line, unfortunately it’s being asked to be a second line.

    • aflame13

      “With Halak injured will the Islanders make a trade for a goalie to help out til the end of the season? Take Hiller, please”

      Did you like your own comment?

  • Backburner

    There you go Ryan,

    I guess we got the recall news before the decision on Dennis Wideman.

    If we hear nothing before the game.. this is not going to look good.

    • piscera.infada

      I knew it. This goes more to Bettman’s decision in my opinion, than to whatever the NHLPA would have argued. Honestly, Bettman’s decision had huge holes–and I’m hoping the independent arbitrator’s ruling will be public.

      Of additional interest, I wonder if Wideman feels he has any recourse due to potential lost future wages from missing 9 games more than he had to (roughly 11% of the season).

    • Backburner

      This whole process was a joke.

      So he basically serves the whole twenty games, but get financially reimbursed.

      How about the Flames? I think the league should give them a pick.