Report: Dennis Wideman Suspension Reduced To 10 Games

The Dennis Wideman saga has finally ended, according to reports. And in keeping with this entire month-long process, it has ended in the most frustrating manner possible for everybody involved.

Multiple reports are indicating that independent arbitrator James Oldham has reduced Wideman’s suspension from 20 games down to 10 games.

Once this decision becomes official and Wideman is declared “active,” the Flames would have seven healthy defenders and be forced to either return Tyler Wotherspoon to the American Hockey League or burn off one of their two remaining post-deadline recalls to keep him on the roster.


Here’s how it’s gone.

  • January 27: Flames play Nashville (Wideman/Henderson collision in second period).
  • January 28: NHL announces indefinite suspension for Wideman, pending a hearing.
  • February 2: Hearing with Colin Campbell in Toronto.
  • February 3: NHL announces 20-game suspension for Wideman. NHLPA announces appeal to Gary Bettman. Flames play Carolina (Game 1 of suspension).
  • February 5: Flames play Columbus (Game 2 of suspension).
  • February 6: Flames play Vancouver (Game 3 of suspension).
  • February 9: Flames play Toronto (Game 4 of suspension).
  • February 10: Hearing with Gary Bettman in New York.
  • February 11: Flames play San Jose (Game 5 of suspension).
  • February 12: Flames play Arizona (Game 6 of suspension).
  • February 15: Flames play Anaheim (Game 7 of suspension).
  • February 17: NHL releases Gary Bettman’s decision, 20-game suspension upheld. NHLPA announces appeal to independent arbitrator. Flames play Minnesota (Game 8 of suspension).
  • February 19: Flames play Vancouver (Game 9 of suspension).
  • February 21: Flames play Anaheim (Game 10 of suspension).
  • February 23: Flames play Los Angeles (Game 11 of suspension).
  • February 25: Hearing with independent arbitrator (day 1) in New York. Flames play NY Islanders (Game 12 of suspension).
  • February 26: Hearing with independent arbitrator (day 2) in New York.
  • February 27: Flames play Ottawa (Game 13 of suspension).
  • February 29: Flames play Philadelphia (Game 14 of suspension).
  • March 1: Flames play Boston (Game 15 of suspension).
  • March 3: Flames play Buffalo (Game 16 of suspension).
  • March 5: Flames play Pittsburgh (Game 17 of suspension).
  • March 7: Flames play San Jose (Game 18 of suspension).
  • March 9: Flames play Nashville (Game 19 of suspension).
  • March 11: Suspension reduced to 10 games. Flames play Arizona (Game 20 of suspension).

So set the Way-Back Machine to February 23, gang. The Flames have gone 7-10-2 without Wideman, including 2-5-2 in the nine games that Wideman will retroactively get paid for not playing. The suspension reduction makes his fine for colliding with Don Henderson back in late January “just” $282,000.

As for the Flames?

At least they got to audition some new faces.

  • MattyFranchise

    I’m still trying to figure out how it took a complete month to get from Bettman’s decision to the NDA decision that appears to have been filed yesterday.

  • RKD

    The NHL handled the whole situation very poorly, either Wideman should have been penalized on the spot or just given 10 games. The NHL could not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt Wideman’s intent. I feel bad Henderson has not been able to return, but to make an example of someone with no prior history is wrong. If it was a star player, I don’t think they would have been given 20. In other sports, players can keep playing until a decision is reached.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Looks like Henderson’s career could be over. If that’s the case Wideman is gonna lose a lot more money . You can almost guarantee this will become a lawsuit .Henderson vs Wideman in the courts.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        Obviously you are new here. If this ends Henderson’s career don’t ever think that a lawsuit is not possible. Not only is it possible it is very much probable. If you got injured at your place of employment and could not work anymore don’t tell me you wouldn’t put yourself in a position to look after your family for the rest of your life.
        So before you start throwin the troll word around think about the possibility of this actually happening.

  • 24% body fat

    and now wideman will have to deal with the refs in the actual game. Reducing to 10 games actually hurts him now as I am sure the majority of officials are not happy with this and the grey area when it comes to wideman just got a lot bigger.

    Its like he is a rookie all over in terms of respect from the refs now.

  • Howie Meeker

    Let’s hope the hockey gods give us a top 3 pick to compensate the missed trade previously arranged for Wideman and lost salary cap space for next season.