FlamesNation Report Card: March 25, 2016

After a couple of weeks at home, the Flames took to the road, whereupon they promptly stopped winning and started losing.

That’s an oversimplification, but they did go 1-2-1 over the past week, only picking up three points of a possible eight – and with that, Calgary fell right back into the dregs of the NHL, just three points up on last place.

So if you’re about the tank, you’re probably happy with how the week went. If you want wins, then you probably aren’t. Here’s where you can express who you liked and didn’t, though: it’s report card time!

A couple of changes to this week’s edition. Dennis Wideman’s awful, awful season is finally over due to injury, so I’ve mercifully taken him off the list. Meanwhile, Niklas Backstrom finally made his Flames debut, so he’s on!

Tyler Wotherspoon was called up and stayed up throughout the week, so he’s back on this list. Meanwhile, Freddie Hamilton has been the other emergency recall still up with the team, and as he was able to actually get a game in this week, he’s in on this as well.

Happy voting! And if there are any changes you’d like to the lineup, just let me know – I’m more than willing to accommodate, especially as the season nears its end.