Providence College Loses In Double-OT, Jankowski Watch Heats Up

The Providence College Friars lost to the Minnesota Duluth Bulldogs in double overtime earlier today in the first round of the NCAA’s national championship tournament. The loss ends the Friars season and also serves as the end of the line for Providence College’s eight seniors, including 2012 Calgary Flames first round pick Mark Jankowski (and 2013 Flames seventh round pick John Gilmour).

The Flames have until August 15 to sign both players, at which point they become unrestricted free agents (and the Flames would receive a compensatory second round pick in the 2017 NHL Draft due to Jankowski’s departure).

Jankowski missed a big chunk of the overtime period, and the Friars’ radio broadcast crew was speculation as to what the injury was – their best guess was something lower-body. He did finish the game, but didn’t see very much ice time and reportedly stayed on the bench for the majority of extra time.

A 21-year-old native of St. Catherines, Ontario, Jankowski led Providence in scoring with 40 points in 38 games, but he was held pointless in their final three games (a win against Merrimack, a loss to U-Mass Lowell and a loss to Minnesota Duluth).

      • Baalzamon

        What is your fascination with Wilson? You mention him all the time, but the guy is just a random plug on a good team.

        Just because the Capitals rushed him to the NHL doesn’t mean he’s good.

        • Kevin R

          I think he plays a heavy game like Ferland but he is a better player than Ferland as he is more consistently aggressive during regular season games. Im not saying Im not a Ferland fan but honestly, can anyone really say how many games this season Ferland has played like he did last playoffs. I’m having trouble counting them on one hand. A playoff Ferland would have been a natural for that Gaudreau Monahan line. He hasn’t come close this year. Wilson also wouldn’t let anyone mess with Gaudreau & is capable of playing on that line. He did play with Ovechkin & Backstrom until they acquired Oshie, who also plays a heavy game. He’s one tough SOB. JMO

  • The Last Big Bear

    Given the choice, I’d rather have Jankowski than a 2nd round pick, but not by much.

    If he went back into the draft today, im not very confident that he’d be a 1st round selection.

  • OKG

    Getting Mark signed is the most significant management move since the 2014 draft first round. They can’t flub this one as without Jankowski we will never have our top center to hang with the big boys of the West. We can’t bet our cards on just Monahan and Bennett; while I love Sammy I have a gut feel Hartley will screw his development and jerk him around at left wing, and Monahan is no #1C.

    • Stud Puffin

      At first I thought you were being sarcastic, but the more I read it the more I think you might be serious. I think, maybe if the stars aligned he might become a capable 3rd line centre, that is it. I feel that he won’t be a top centre as you do. His numbers in college just don’t show that potential. Yes I know I have only watched him a few times, but how many guys with his numbers have turned out to be a 1C? My guess, none. Feel free to prove me wrong as I am too lazy to look it up!

      • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

        Backlund is a 3C and was picked mid first round. LA has 3 first rounders playing in their bottom 6. It’s not the kids fault that Feaster opened his jowls and spoke those idiotic words about Mark.

        Welcome to Calgary Mark.

      • OKG

        If Blake Wheeler was a center, would you consider him a #1C? 66 points in 74 games this season. Very similar dev path to Mark.

        Wheeler went USHS (Draft) -> USHL (Draft+1) -> NCAA (Draft+2/3/4) –> NHL and never put up huge stats in those leagues. Jankowski went Canadian HS (Draft) –> NCAA (Draft+1/2/3/4) –> and may still need a year in the AHL ONLY because of physical development (10-15lbs of muscle left to add) not skill development. He is a high end prospect.

        • Oyo

          I totally understand the temptation to want him to become the exception to the rule. However I think that we should move forward knowing that 95% of players that have his career arc thus far, do not make it. Plan for that and hope for the best.

          I guess I sit in the camp of sign him just in case, but my expectations are tempered. AKA dont count on him becoming Blake Wheeler.

          • Jumping Jack Flash

            Is it possible that Janko has never been surrounded by elite offensive talent. I am not sure how many player on the current Providence team have been drafted other than Gilmour. So it is really hard to say what happens when he is surrounded by pro talent.

            One thing that seems certain, his face off winning percentage is likely going to be the best on the Flames. He is not going to hurt a team defensively which puts him ahead of a lot of other prospects. His last rookie camp was really impressive and it carried into a strong year.

            Not signing him would be a big mistake. If he turns out to be another Backlund that would be fine. Once he gets around professional trainers and strength coaches he can bulk up his frame. His skating, his shot, his defensive play are already at a pro level.

            The NHLe needs to take in account the level of competition surrounding the player. How many points does he get if his wingers were Johnny and Hayes throughout his college career. It is safe to say that Janko’s point totals were not artificially enhanced which can’t be said for Arnold or Hayes.

          • OKG

            There is no “rule”.

            He’s an exception because he’s an exceptional talent with a high skill and awareness level. If you want to compare him to players with similar statistics, then compare him to first rounders with similar statistics. Don’t be telling me “Hey because his stats vaguely resemble an undrafted 25 year old nobody, he is destined to become an undrafted 25 year old nobody who was 5’9” and 195lbs as a freshman.

            Go through first round draft picks and find me players with a comparable development path that aren’t Blake Wheeler to prove me wrong. You probably can’t because the sample size doesn’t exist to be using statistics as a barometer.

            Chances are you won’t find such players because Jankowski’s dev path is inherently unique especially for a 1st rounder.

            It’s not that I “want him” to be “an exception to the rule like Blake WHeeler” it’s that Blake Wheeler is a developmental comparable when you get to the nitty gritty because

            1) He was a first round draft pick out of High School with similar size AND
            2) He put up similar stats in his four post-draft seasons.

            In essence Jankowski is not an exception to the rule because no rule exists for players with his unique dev path. He never played major junior, he never played USHL or USNTDP before his draft, he never even played Junior A. In his draft year he weighed under 170lbs despite being 6’4″.

            There are many reasons Jankowski is a unique prospect. You can only judge his ability by judging his ability not by manufacturing some imaginary fits-all rule. He’s been a unique prospect since his draft so applying a few “rules” that seem to fit players in completely different situations is an awful way to set expectations. And I didn’t even get into the team he plays for, which is another wrench in things as they’ve never produced high offensive numbers before Jankowski.

            Wheeler isn’t some magical success story. He was an initially high draft pick for a reason, that reason being talent. His numbers didn’t reflect his talent, which is easy for stat watchers to misconstrue. Jankowski isn’t some player who needs to magically figure it all out either. He’s got it figured out, all he needs is a bit more muscle and an opportunity with a quality linemate or two.

  • Stu Cazz

    When the same old Janko critics appear I laugh and consider the source….they are the same guys that were all over Dougie Hamilton…..very limited hockey knowledge and live in the past…..

  • Greg

    I’ve never seen him play, so I can’t really comment but I do have 1 question:

    If he isn’t signed and went back into the draft, where would he likely he selected?

    My thinking is, as much as I’d hate to turn a 21st overall pick into a 51st many years later, we have to look at it objectively now. If, even at 21 years old, he’d rank outside the top 60 prospects then you are better off cutting your losses and taking the 51st. Plus, having 4 2nd round picks would be kinda fun 🙂

    If he would still be a late first/early second though, then you definitely sign him.

    • Christian Roatis

      If he doesn’t sign he’s a free agent, Justin Schultz/Kevin Hayes style.

      The NHL draft is for those 20 and under, so he would be too old to re-enter, thus UFA status.

      • Greg

        Ah, right. That’s why I should never post after midnight 🙂

        Question still stands in theory though – is he more or less valuable than a 51st overall pick?

  • smatic10

    I managed to watch the whole OT and Jankowski looked atrocious. He was slow on his man coverage and he looked like he couldn’t skate. I just couldn’t believe my eyes….I was like “this is their leading scorer?!?!” Not that anyone should ever be happy hearing about an injury, but it was comforting to hear he was playing hurt. Made a whole lot of sense after I learned that haha.

    Anywho, let’s get this guy signed and see what he can do. I’d rather have him than a second rounder. If he can develop into a slightly better Colborne, I call it the best case scenario.

  • freethe flames

    The piling on of this young man gets silly at times. Blame Feaster and his sidekick whats his name. They drafted him, they touted him as going to be great. They both got fired.

    I have no idea whether he will ever make the NHL but I do know that I liked what I saw at development camp last year; he’s big, she’s got skills and seems to have some hockey IQ. I hope he signs and works out, but many first rounders don’t live up to expectations(and we in Flames land know that). Some are late bloomers; Colborne struggled quite badly his first # of years and now is turning the corner each of the last 3 years he has made progress.

    I have been preaching patience with our prospects for awhile now, give this young man a break. I hope a year in the AHL between Shinkaruk and Poireir might bring the best out in all 3 of them. Here’s hoping,

    • brodiegio4life

      awful article, all the hate the flames got for picking him, why in the world would they wait 4 years until he can go pro to then just not even sign him and take a late 2nd round pick for him. Makes no sense

      • Jumping Jack Flash

        A lot of bias and hate in the article. I was concerned when I never saw Janko’s name in any of the scoring summaries in the last 3 games but I expected more diligence from the author of the article.

        Proper research needs to be done on the health of a player before his character and ability is decimated. If your top scorer is injured on an offensively challenged team, the chances to move on in a significant tournament are slim.

        To me the author of the article already had his mind made up on this player and was pleased when Janko under performed. A good journalist would have made reference to Janko’s offensive contribution last year leading to a National championship….when he was healthy.

        I am sure it was killing Janko not being able to help carry his team to another championship and ending his college career in less than dramatic fashion. However, if Janko played limited minutes in OT in the last couple games, he likely wouldn’t have been in the line up at all if Providence wasn’t defending their championship and it wasn’t his last college game.

        Perhaps the author should look at Janko’s performance using a more objective lens, like the fact without Janko being 100% healthy the team did not have a chance. Perhaps he is far more important to the team than people realize. He clearly progressed each year, he got bigger, stronger, became a better leader, and became a winner. I would say that is a very successful college career and sets himself up nicely for a successful NHL career.

        Welcome to the Flames.

        • MattyFranchise

          I don’t know what that dude is smoking over at M&G but I want some.

          Reading some of the comments on that post over there it’s pretty clear to me that this ctibs really wants to be Lambert.

          Like really really wants to be him.

  • Stud Puffin

    Because I am a loser I decided to look up the history of the #51 pick in the draft over the last 30 years to help me decide what I think Calgary should do with Janko, sign or take the 51 pick. 18 of 30 never played a game. Albeit still time for the most recent picks. 5 more played less than 100 games (cup of coffee players). 3 more are between 100 and 200. Hung around for a couple of years. There are 2 recent players (Dumoulin and Jarnkrok) in this category that will probably crack 200 games. 4 players made over 400 games. Notably Stepan, Mason Raymond, Elias, and Sean Pronger. Chances are the 51 will turn out to be nothing. If you think Janko will play over 100 games in the NHL, might as well sign him.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    The best trade option would probably be Vancouver, with Weisbrod and all….

    They seem to overpay in all their trades lately so it could be good for the Flames.

    Vancouver’s second round pick (if they still have that pick), 35th overall ish….

    I think they also have Columbus second for Tort, no? That was actually the best return on a trade they have had in years….


  • Flames Fan in Edmonchuck

    Stupid question, but if he doesn’t sign, and he can’t reenter the draft due to age, where the heck does compensatory pick come from? Who forfeits the pick? Is this only if someone else signs him? Does the NHL add a pick to the second round? If it is from the team who presumably signs him, what happens if no one signs him?

  • RKD

    Before we boot him out the door, let’s give Janko a chance. He’s progressed year after year, his size and skill has grown since being drafted 4 years ago, he’s also 4 years more mature. He’s not bringing you back anything in a trade unless he is part of a package deal. Sign him, start him in AHL unless he dazzles at camp and give him a nine game tryout. If he wasn’t progressing that would be a different story, too early to tell.

  • RedMan

    Rub is that the Flames do not get a compensatory pick unless they offer him a contract and he refuses to sign. The Flames cannot just not offer him a contract and then get a second round pick. If the Flames offer him a contract and he refuses to sign, then they get a second round pick

  • Franko J

    I hope the Flames do sign both players. With the way this season has gone for both the big club and at the AHL level it never hurts to improve upon depth in the organization. Besides, I think as prospects both Jankowski and Gilmour are still in the developmental stages of their respective careers and need further development at the AHL level. Just like Kylington has done this year.