Flames Recall Grant, Shinkaruk and more!

Ask and you shall receive. Yesterday Pat Steinberg wrote that he’d like to see Derek Grant, Brett Kulak and Hunter Shinkaruk get a chance to play some games before the Flames season end. Well, all of those guys, (plus Emile Poirier) were called up by Calgary from Stockton today. 

Which is surprising, because the Flames only had two “real” recalls left. That’s why, of the four players, only Grant has been “officially” recalled, with Kulak, Poirier and Shinkaruk up on an “emergency” basis. That means the Flames are shutting down a handful of players due to injury, likely for a few games at least. Guess who they are in the comments! Also – the league’s recall limit is stupidly easy to circumvent and therefore more or less a waste of time.

It’s interesting to see Poirier get the call ahead of a guy like Drew Shore. Both guys have struggled to live up to preseason expectations this year, but Shore is older with more experience. That said, Shore has actually outscored Poirier this year with five more points in three less games. Nevertheless, it’s the second year pro who gets a chance to see what he can do in the show.

This move signals the Flames brass have a bit of faith in Poirier moving forward and likely hope to give him a confidence boost to re-ignite his development. In contrast, this might signal that the team doesn’t really see Shore as a prospect anymore. Freddie Hamilton, Garnet Hathaway, Derek Grant, Hunter Shinkaruk, Kenny Agostino and now Poirier have all been called up ahead of the 25 year old C/RWer. He might get another contract as depth/AHL filler, but we can safely move on from Shore as a player of interest in the system. 

QUICK UPDATE – The AHL website says Hathaway and Hamilton will been sent back down to Stockton. Maybe half the Flames roster isn’t injured after all…

    • Jake the Snail

      …a good prediction on how many of the bad contracts Trev will dump.

      Wouldn’t it be great if Shinkaruk scored a hatty against the ‘Nucks on April 7?

  • MattyFranchise

    Jokipakka wasn’t in the morning skate today so that explains Kulak.

    No idea on the forwards though. Jooris might still be injured but he did skate today.

  • ClayBort

    Not sure what Poirier has done to earn a recall other than be a former 1st round pick.

    This also signifies the pulling of the plug on Stocktons season…

    • Stud Puffin

      I get a kick out of the fact the player he is behind in scoring in his league is Cervenka, yet people will immediately think he is the next Brett Hull. Is he a worth a low cost flyer, sure why not. Just make sure he plays and is given a legit shot and not playing 4th line with Bollig or in the ahl. That way we really know if he is good or not.

    • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

      Grant will play centre. What use is it to play him on the wing? He could actually be the answer to the question: who replaces Backlund when he is traded away?

        • CofRed4Life

          He could also be playing himself into the “sell high” group. Depends on how you look at it. I’m an avid Backlund supporter, but I don’t think he can keep up this kind of production (but his defensive side of the game is nearly irreplaceable)

          • Tomas Oppolzer

            You don’t think he can keep up the type of production he’s had for about 4 years now? He’s been hovering around 0.5P/GP for a long time. That’s roughly what he’s on pace for this year, 41 points in 82 games.

            Edit: Whoops, didn’t see that Kent already pointed that out.

      • Baalzamon

        Freddie Hamilton is a center; he played RW when he was called up.

        Josh Jooris is a center. He’s spent almost the entire season on RW.

        What makes you think Grant will be treated differently? Especially since the Flames have four healthy centers anyway.

        Also, completely hilarious that you think Grant will replace Backlund. The guy is barely a year younger than Backlund (who has played more NHL games than Grant has played AHL games) and has yet to score his first NHL goal.

        • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

          Oh, and obviously I don’t mean that Grant can replace Backlund today or tomorrow.
          But if Grant (or any of our other centres) can show that they can be a guy who wins more than 55% of his faceoffs, has good Corsi numbers and chip in with 15 goals and 20 assists, then yeah of course he can replace Backlund so that Backlund can be traded after next season because we won’t be able to afford him.

  • SoCalFlamesFan

    Seriously? If he was so sick and dehydrated he required more than one I.V. he should be able to recover a few days. Its not like he’s in any shape to play.

  • KACaribou

    I didn’t see tonight’s lines anywhere. Here’s what they have on the Flames website:

    Shinkurak, Monahan, Grant

    Poirier, Backs, Frolik;

    Ferly, Bennett, Colborne;

    Bollig, Staj, Bouma

    Kulak with Naklada

  • FireScorpion

    And for the 6th game in a row the question remains..can Backlund crack the lofty mark of 39 points in a season for the first time in 7 years.

    Hot/cold hot /cold always the same. If any other gm in the league valued him like FN does I’d say deal him but they don’t and we’d never get much for him.

    Let’s go Shinkaruk!