FlamesNation Report Card: April 1, 2016

It’s been an extremely eventful week for a lot of Calgary Flames. All three goalies saw playing time, to varying degrees of success (spoiler alert: the young one is the only one proving any real worth at the moment), while a handful of players bounced around due to injury and recall status.

Michael Frolik, Johnny Gaudreau, Josh Jooris, and Jyrki Jokipakka all spent a bit of time on the shelf this past week, paving the way for, deep breath: Garnet Hathaway, Freddie Hamilton, Derek Grant, Emile Poirier, Hunter Shinkaruk, and Brett Kulak.

Hathaway and Hamilton had some good showings of being a pest and combining on a brotherly goal, respectively, before being returned to the AHL to give a couple of other kids a chance. Grant’s time back in the NHL was a long time coming, while Shinkaruk scored his first couple of NHL points. Poirier’s recall was a little eyebrow-raising, considering his season in the minors this year, but he looked just fine out there as well. And for once, Tyler Wotherspoon was not brought back up – and Kulak made his first return to the NHL since October. 

But then players got healthy again, and it’s already resulted in Kulak’s return to the AHL. Grant, Shinkaruk, and Poirier remain up, however: though there’s no telling if both Shinkaruk and Poirier will be playing together in the remaining games.

There’s just over a week to go. Let’s grade ’em.

  • MattyFranchise

    That picture makes me sad because Hiller and Backstrom were both once excellent goalies but now out of the three Flames in that picture Gio is probably the best goalie.

    • McRib

      I don’t understand why this isn’t unanimously liked? It’s funny some fans here seem to associate tanking with the Oilers, so it is despised. The Oilers however don’t suck because of tanking, they suck because they have done absolutely nothing else to fill massive roster holes. Honestly when was the last time they made an impactful FA Signing, Trade. I have more faith in our GM to continue to make moves, getting a high pick shouldn’t be seen as a failure. It’s better than a goalie unrightfully stealing games for us right now and us picking 8-14.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        The last time they made an impactful trade? How about Talbot now being the #1 goalie they haven’t had in ten years? If Calgary had Talbot they would probably be in a playoff position.
        Talbot has been outstanding in Edmonton since they signed him long term.

        • OKG

          “If Calgary had Talbot they would probably be in a playoff position” I agree 100% with you.

          “If Edmonton had Talbot they would still be in 30th place” I would not even believe this one if it weren’t true.

        • McRib

          Goaltending is not a major problem for the Oilers, nor was it when Devan Dubnyk was in town, as much as fans love to place problems on goaltenders. The reason they continue to be the laughing stock of the league is your AHL caliber defence.

          Okay so they made one impactful trade last summer… So one good trade every ten YEARS is acceptable by your standards?!?!?! Hahahah. They also made a god awful trade getting Griffen Reinhart (Hello, Kyle Connor, Matt Barzal), a defensemen NYI only selected because their owner made them take him (wanted a large defender) at the draft (NYI scouting staff wanted Morgan Reilly, couldn’t wait to get rid of Reinhart) and who has done nothing but regress since being drafted and will barely be a 5-6 stay-at-home defender at this point. You traded him for essentially two first rounders, including as mention a future star forward (not that you really need more of those, still a much more valuable asset than Reinhart)

          Let’s also not forget the Andrej Sekera signing, maybe your management should have watched him play in LA last year before signing that deal, lol. It was obvious his stock had been inflated by Justin Faulk in Carolina to everyone, but them I guess. It’s obvious to anyone else in the league other than Oilers fans why they are bad, zero good depth signings for close to a decade, zero trades for NHL caliber defenders. Honestly I wasn’t even really talking about the last two years, it was the 8+ before, I really don’t mind recent moves Talbot, Purcell, etc. Still nothing has been done to improve the defense outside of waiting for Klefbom, Nurse to get more experience. Unfortunately for the Oilers defense is hard to find, only thing I can’t stand about Edmonton is prevous ownership regimes, not current one (despite a couple questionable moves so far, all GMs tend to have them).

  • RKD

    I’ve got my own report card: Hiller F-, Bollig F-, Bouma D-, Niklas Backstrom D, Matt Stajan D-, Josh Jooris C Joe Colborne B-, Johnny Gaudreau A- Sean Monahan B+ Sam Bennett B, TJ Brodie A, Mark Giordano B+, Dougie Hamilton B, Joni Ortio B-, Backlund B+, Frolik B, Engelland C-, Hartley D, Gelinas D-, Hathaway B, Nakladal B+, Jokipakka B-, Wotherspoon B, Kulak B, Shinkaruk B, Poirier C, Ferland B-, all I got.

  • The GREAT Walter White

    As long as we lose the last 4 games we are in really REALLY good shape!!!!

    We have the Oilers and Canucks.

    And the best part is the Oilers and Canucks close the season out with 2 games.


    • aflame13

      And after watching the highlights on YouTube, I saw he assisted on a no goal and according to the announcer could’ve set up another as well. Sounds good to me.

    • Baalzamon

      What’s interesting to me about Stockton the last two games is that they’ve both been started by 18 year old Nick Schneider. He has a .929 save %.

      Microscopic sample size, but… maybe there’s a reason the Flames signed him.

  • Howie Meeker

    I’ve actually been happy with everyone but the bottom 7 on the list, Clearly something went astray In the dressing room this year, I’m not sure where the disconnect occurred but I’m 50/50 that there will be a coaching change this summer and 100% by the end of Nov 2016 if the team is not in a playoff spot.