Flames Call Kylington, Sieloff, Elson

Big news surrounding a (mostly) meaningless game tomorrow in Minnesota, Flames fans are going to get their first look at some new players, and their first look at one of the highly-touted defensemen drafted in 2015. 

Turner Elson, the former captain of the Red Deer Rebels, was signed as an undrafted free agent in September of 2011 and has become a favourite of the coaching staff in Stockton. Elson has been used as a utility-player of sorts, playing on both wings and at centre. Elson has consistently produced offensively as well, putting up basically identical seasons this year and last year (59 pts over his past 108 games). The hallmark of his game is energy, so he will likely be used in a bottom-six role tomorrow. Turner Elson is 23 years old and a restricted free agent at the end of this season.

Calling up Pat Sieloff is rather surprising for me. After a disastrous first professional seasons, rife with injury, Sieloff had struggled to get regular ice time this season in Stockton. Sieloff was the reward for trading down in the infamous 2012 Entry Draft and came highly lauded by many scouts. 

Sieloff hasn’t really put it together at the AHL level yet but has put up a career high 11 points this season. Importantly, Sieloff has one more year after this season before he heads to restricted free agency. It will certainly be interesting to see if Sieloff can use this call up as motivation heading into next season but with so many defenders in the system, you can’t help but wonder if this might be his one shot at NHL time.

The one everyone is (rightly) excited about is Oliver Kylington. After trading up to snag him in the second round, the Flames brought the dynamic Swedish defender over to North America before this season. By all accounts, Kylington has had a good year despite missing a fairly large chunk of the season with a concussion. In the games I’ve seen this season, Kylington’s skating was absolutely fantastic and he was starting to become more comfortable with the puck right before he went down with the concussion.

There’s a lot to be excited about with Kylington and I think most Flames fans are enormously excited to see him, even if it is just for one game. He has 11 points this season (the same total as Sieloff) and in recent games has been getting a great deal more ice time, as some of Stockton’s regular defenders were up with the big club. Oh. and he’s still only 18 years old. That’s not a bad year all-around for Kylington. Here’s a look at his SHL highlights from  2013/14.

  • Baalzamon

    Why Sieloff? Why? It should probably be Culkin, who would have been called up last year if not for that injury.

    And I say that as someone who’s never been high on Culkin as a prospect.

    • Christian Roatis

      Walter, like many of your posts I have no idea where you’re getting your information from, but Kylington has had an extremely solid season in Stockton for an 18 year old rookie. He’s had his struggles with injuries and defensive inconsistencies, but overall an extremely strong campaign.

      Will never understand your seemingly baseless vendetta against Huska.

      • The GREAT Walter White

        Again: who has been great under Huska?

        We have Jankowski, pollock, Mega pane, Rasmus etc joining the Heat next year.

        You don’t want them turned into 4th line grinders, do you?



        • Christian Roatis

          Stats aren’t everything.

          But who’s been great? Grant, Agostino, Hamilton, Wotherspoon, Nakladal, Kylington and Hathaway. That’s off the top of my head.

          Sure Poirier and Klimchuk, two blue-chippers, have had disappointing seasons but it’s irresponsible to pin that on the coach. I’ve liked the system Huska has implemented and anyone within the organization you talk to has been very pleased with the job he’s done.

          • The GREAT Walter White

            I too like Grant, Hamilton 2.0, Hathaway as………,4th line grinders!!!
            (Agostino not so much).

            That’s the point. He chokes the offence out of our young players. That can’t continue. We need to develop top 6 players.

            (Nakladal is a beauty!)


          • Christian Roatis

            That doesn’t matter, they’ve had great years. You need Top 6 quality prospects to be Top 6 NHLers, which the Flames don’t have much of outside of Shinkaruk and Bread at this point.

          • hulkingloooooob

            the big old “Walter What?” is just grumpy cause he can’t complain about Backland anymore and is mad we were all right about him, and he was wrong. I’m getting a Backlund jersey and wearing it to Walter’s house when he invites me over for dinner to apologize for WASTING OUR TIME!

            haha. sorry Walter but you’ve had it coming for a long time….

  • OKG

    I do not mean to gloat, but see comment #2, five days ago


    24 trashes, 10 props for saying

    “We’ve gone through most of Stockton, but I would still like to see Patrick Sieloff, Oliver Kylington, and Turner Elson rewarded with cups of coffee. “

    Meanwhile DrDT gets 6 trashes, 30 props for declaring “Sieloff and Elson don’t deserve a callup. Especially Sieloff.” I wonder if the people doing the up / down voting here on FN are that much smarter than Brad Treliving and his staff.

  • supra steve

    CBJ beat Buff tonight to pull ahead of Van, they play Chicago tomorrow. If they win that one they pull ahead of CGY (provided we gain no points tomorrow vs. Minn). Then the long wait for the lotto draw.

  • everton fc

    I’m happy for all three. Sieloff may not deserve it (or maybe the coaches in Stockton think he does?) but I hope he does well. Something about the way he’s handled his situation, his disappointments… Classy. He’s never whined or complained. Neither did Ferland. Or Wotherspoon. I like this…

    • OKG

      Sieloff isn’t NHL ready, so he didn’t deserve a callup over Kulak or Wotherspoon, who both should be getting regular bottom pair opportunities at this point to prove they can stick.

      However he’s been a solid Top 4 AHLer and deserved a cup of coffee as did Elson and Kylington. He’s a much better prospect than a guy like Kanzg who can’t connect on a pass to save his life. With his skating and physical build he has NHL upside and he’s had a good AHL season. That’s not to be confused with “Fringe-NHL” but it’s a player deserving a callup. And you never know, there’s always Josh Jooris stories.

  • KiLLKiND

    Sieloff has given so much just to get back to wheere he is now. I’m happy he got recalled and hopefully it will show him that he has not been given up on. I was really happy when we drafted him and I still am today. He hopefully takes his momentum from this year and bring it with hm next year to challange for a spot on the top pairing for the Heat. If he has as big of an improvement as he did last year he will make many of you eat your words. He had lost a huge year of development that set him essentially 2 years back because of losing the pace of the game while he was away. Him being able to keep up in the AHL and earn a call-up is really amazing considering what he went through. I know most have already counted him out, but a game in the NHL and seeing what he needs to improve on will be huge.

    Even if he doesn’t make it this will at the very least help him the AHL next year, and hopefully Stockton will make the playoffs as well.

  • On the Sieloff front, it’s been posted quite regularly but I’ll be getting into it more in the coming months, where is the room for him organizationally?

    The Flames have a ton of dmen in the system, many of whom have shown a great deal more than Sieloff has in the past two seasons. Between Kulak, Wotherspoon, Kylington, Culkin, Kanzig, Morrison (who I have liked a great deal this season despite, like Sieloff, having to fight for regular minutes) and the influx of Andersson, Ollas-Mattsson (maybe?), Hickey (eventually), and the regular assortment of AHL riff-raff: where is the room?

    Who is Sieloff legitimately better than? It’s so hard to tell. Maybe he is pretty good, in a vacuum, but there are a ton of d-men fighting for spots and the Flames still have a ton of dead weight at the NHL level blocking out the sun. I can’t say with any certainty that any one of the dmen above or Sieloff are guaranteed a top-four spot in Stockton next year. There’s only so many minutes to go around.

    • OKG

      By 2017-18 (his first non ELC season) Pat Sieloff will be better than Kanzig (too awful), Engelland (should be gone) Smid (should be gone), Hickey (first year pro) and Ollas-Mattsson (first year North America if he’s brought over).

      The only player he’s competing with for his style of game is Jyrki Jokipakka, who could just as well be a cap casualty for all we know.

      While my preferred 2017-18 Top 7 would be:


      That doesn’t mean I am convinced Kylington, Andersson, or Kulak will actually be ready for those NHL roles. So if our top 7 then is more fluid, like:


      Then I like that balance. Don’t be surprised if Pat Sieloff is our #7 in 2017-18. That will leave our AHL team as something like (I’m operating on Kanzig, Morrisson, and Wotherspoon are let go as a base assumption)


    • Stu Cazz

      Sieloff’s lost year due to illness has set his career back and perhaps affected his development and play. Could be trade bait with the Canucks (Weisbrod factor) at the draft….

      • Johnny Goooooooaldreau

        The way some of you think in regards to Weisbrod wanting to collect all his previous draftees, the next player the Canucks acquire will be Dwight Howard.

        • Stu Cazz

          It’s called strategic management..something I don’t believe you are aware of. You see when Weisbrod drafts a players and speaks the world of him and numerous prospects within your organization by pass him then you do what you can to show case that asset. You know it’s worth a try in view of the 2 recent fleecing’s that Treliving employed on the Canuckleheads in the Baerschi and Granlund trades….

  • freethe flames

    I can’t believe people are upset that Sieloff is getting 1 NHL game, he is being rewarded for 3 tough years; company loyalty. Kylington is being given a taste of what the next level looks like. Management knows what they have in TSpoon and Kulak.

  • Nick24

    I remember a few years ago the team was talking about how they call up players who can play similar roles to the players going down. So if they like Englend because he’s physical and they need someone to replace that element, then Sielof seems like the only D-Man with that heavy, physical edge.
    Same goes for the other players recalled. It seems like they want to be filling holes with players of similar skill sets.

    Another theory is that this could be some kind of reward. A player will make singnificanlty more money in the NHL than the AHL. For a player like Sielof, it could be a way to show that they still have interest in him. But who knows, Kenny Morrison seemed like he’d be good enough this year for a look in the NHL.

  • WildfireOne

    I’ve watched the Heat play the Ontario Reign (Kings’ AHL team) three times this season, paying special attention to the D to rank their call-up potential to the Show.

    Nakladal was noticeably the most impressive, most complete player on the defensive corps. He had the least lapses and usually the best tactical approach to defend. I’d say that Kulak was probably next, barely edging TSpoon,and only because of his mobility. Culkin followed those two, but not by much. At 18, Kylington rightfully seemed unsure of himself on the wrong side of the puck, though it was obvious that his ceiling was damn high… provided his hockey head grows into his skating legs.

    Sieloff, I want him to succeed given his trials and tribulations. But my face twitched every time he stepped onto the ice. Too slow on the uptake, not enough stride, wrong position. Aside from the occasional dramatic check, he appears to be destined beneath Jokipakka on the depth chart. But we’ll see…