Shot Down In FlamesNation Podcast Episode 3: Auf Wiedersehen Hartley

It happened! Join Ari, Ryan, Mike and myself as we dissect the Bob Hartley firing yesterday, reminisce on our favourite Hartley moments, crackk open the big treasure chest of possible replacements and take a closer look at Bruce Boudreau. Is he really the right fit in Calgary? 

As always, it’s timed to fit nicely into your lunch hour! Give a listen and chime in with your opinion in the comments! What are your most and least favourite Bob Hartley moments, and who would you like to see replace him? 

  • “hartley stunted him” – Ari
    In my opinion Hartley’s inconsistency as a coach with Backlund hurt his confidence more than anything.

    And this applies to Sven, to Raymond, to alot of guys on the roster who have come and gone.
    And the story is always the Same. Coach calls out player, says they need to do more, then demotes them dosn’t give them minutes or linemates to prove themselves and then blames player for their situaiton eventually sending them out of town.

    Really stupid management in my opinion.

  • Demetric

    Favorite Moment = Vancouver Line Brawl and subsequent fight in hallway with Tortz

    Worst Moment = This year’s exit interview where stated the team needed to block more shots