The 6th overall pick: a mock draft compilation

Mock drafts are an awesome way to pass the time while we wait for the real thing to actually come. After all, there are only so many times you yourself can speculate on just who your favourite team will pick – why not read what others have to say about it?

Hence, the mock draft. They don’t necessarily mean anything; even the most insightful, well-researched ones can be derailed at a moment’s notice simply because the NHL can be unpredictable.

But boy, if they aren’t fun. So to that end, here’s a gathering of mock drafts – and more specifically, here’s who they have the Calgary Flames taking at sixth overall.

Mock Draft Sixth Overall Pick Position
Adam Kimelman, Pierre-Luc Dubois LW
Mike G. Morreale, Logan Brown C
Torie Peterson, Flames Olli Juolevi D
Aaron Vickers, Flames Matthew Tkachuk LW
Jason Pirie, Flames Matthew Tkachuk LW
Paul Mawdsley, Flames Matthew Tkachuk LW
Damien Cox, Sportsnet Alexander Nylander LW
Jeff Marek, Sportsnet Pierre-Luc Dubois LW
Sam Consentino, Sportsnet Alexander Nylander LW
Gare Joyce, Sportsnet Pierre-Luc Dubois LW
Craig Button, TSN Olli Juolevi D
My NHL Draft Pierre-Luc Dubois LW
SB Nation Matthew Tkachuk LW
The Hockey Writers Alexander Nylander LW
Today’s Slap Shot Mikhail Sergachev/Pierre-Luc Dubois D/LW
USA TODAY Sports Logan Brown C
Bleacher Report Olli Juolevi D
HockeyBuzz Clayton Keller C
CBS Sports Logan Brown C
Draft Site Mikhail Sergachev D
RotoWorld Alexander Nylander LW
CSNNE Alexander Nylander LW
Draft Utopia Alexander Nylander LW
The Draft Analyst Matthew Tkachuk LW

Keep in mind these are mock drafts, not rankings – hence the lack of inclusion of Bob McKenzie, who has Olli Juolevi at sixth, but not necessarily as the player the Flames will take at sixth. (The Hockey News also has Juolevi at sixth, for the record.)

Some of these mocks are older than others, but we all knew the Flames would be picking sixth overall by the time they were done. Alexander Nylander is the most common choice, while there are a fair number of people who believe one of Matthew Tkachuk or Pierre-Luc Dubois will slip to sixth – and if they do, the Flames are taking them.

If the Flames take a defenceman, Juolevi seems to be the consensus pick, although a couple of votes for Mikhail Sergachev arise.

Logan Brown gets some love as well, although to be honest, it seems to be mostly from authors who have not yet grasped that Brad Treliving is the GM, not Brian Burke. In contrast, Clayton Keller gets but one lonely vote.

Assuming the Flames stay at sixth overall, none of these would surprise me. Tkachuk and Dubois depend on just what Edmonton and Vancouver do, while Nylander should be a given to still be there. But should the Flames step away from one of the non-Matthews/Finnish forwards, a fair number of people believe it will be for Juolevi as the first defenceman taken this draft.

We’ll have Christian Roatis’ own highly detailed mock draft up later today – keep an eye out for it!

  • Fat Tony

    I’m seriously pulling for Pierre-Luc Dubois. Hes the best option if he’s still available at 6. I don’t think Tkachuk makes it to 6 but he doesn’t exactly have the size BT and Burke is looking for.

    If Dubois is gone then I’m banking on Nylander


  • Burnward

    I really think BT is going to go wild this week.

    Put me down for the craziest week in Flames history.

    If not, we’ll get a great kid at 6, but this gut says something big is brewing!

  • JMK

    The more I see of Nylander I really want to see the flames draft that kid. He impressed me at the WJC and his highlight reel is Gaudresque

    Tkachuk’s highlights don’t impress me half as much but his description almost sounds perfect for a partnership with Bennett.

    Would be delighted with Dubois too but doubt he’ll get to 6.

    Just really hoping the flames don’t go for a D.

    • everton fc

      If (when?) we sign Nakladal, we have 4 legitimate defenders. 5/6 for one more season of Wideman and Engelland, as we may not be able to move either. Kylington, Kulak, Andersson and Wotherspoon can all play the 5/6 pairing, or better, at some point. Gio/Brodie/Hamilton are going nowhere (though moving Gio now would certainly get us into the top 6 – not saying I approve, but he’s getting older…)

      Will there be a d-man of value at #35? Will they trade up to get the #3 (and take either Hartnell or Bobvrosky’s contract, the latter being a Feaster-move, in my opinion). Do they trade down to #8 or #9? Do they give the Wild, or the Rangers a top-6 pick for some much needed help in goal or on the right-side? All speculative. I think taking Nylander at #6 is still my hope, if he’s there. He sure doesn’t seem smaller than the three guys he’s pictured with, one being Dubois, another Tkachuk. He should be at 6’1″ 195lbs, when he’s NHL-ready.

      If one or two defenders squeak into the top 6…..

      • Flamethrower

        Be careful of what you wish for. We will have an expansion draft next year and can only protect three defensemen. I would hate like hell to loose one of our top prospects that plays to many games this coming season and can’t protect him. Each club will proabably loose at least one meaningful player!

  • StarkRaving

    The only listed player I’d rather not select is Logan Brown. I don’t think he has the upside of the others.

    I’d take Nylander at 6, or trade down to 8 and maybe get him there. (If he’s gone, I’d taken Keller)

  • Kevin R

    1 of Tkachuk, Dubois or Nylander would be perfectly fine for this cowboy. I would love to see BT pull a splash like he did last year & get us buzzing but chances are we won’t even know who our goalie will be until Saturday.

  • Petzl

    I’m pulling for Nylander, the skill the kid has rivals Johnny at times and we need some L/R balance as well. Bennett and Nylander would be a great second punch after Monahan and Johnny G.

    Dubois wouldn’t be bad either but his highlights don’t highlight that high skill level Nylander shows. I’m pulling for Nylander or Keller if we bump down.

  • KH44

    It is crazy how speculative it becomes at sixth, with the top three known!

    5 votes for Tkachuk

    5 votes for Dubois

    6 votes for Nylander

    3 votes for Brown

    3 votes for Juolevi

    2 votes for Sergachev

    1 vote for Keller

  • RKD

    Lots of love for Nylander and Tkachuk, I think they will get a player who will have the potential to be great and I think they can develop said player successfully under the Flames organization.

  • Juan Valdez

    Saw BB mentioning that he’s more inclined to move down than to move up in the draft order. Perhaps the Flames are actually trying to move up and this is just a negotiating tactic to lower the price on Puljujarvi…

  • After BT demonstrated his superb taste in 2nd round Dmen last year, I hope he doesn’t spring for one with the 6th pick this year. I’d rather see us get a high upside FWD and pick up some D in the 2nd again… If we haven’t traded the picks by then.

    • Fat Tony

      I like Hayes. He’s already establishing himself as a productive 2 way player, he would have an immediate impact on the current roster.

      McCarron is younger and still learning to play at the pro level. Although his ceiling is high, I think he’s 2, maybe 3 years from being where we would need him


  • wot96

    I am sure the Flames have their own method of picking BPA and I suppose they have assessed everyone after the big three because you don’t know how it will shake out. I don’t think I would take Tkachuk even if he fell to 6 as I don’t actually think he’s top 6.

    What goes into BPA though? It has to be subjective with some objective elements. You can measure pull ups, but you can’t really measure grit or perseverance.

    Does handedness enter into it? Genetics? It’s not like picking Ramage’s or Reinhart’s kid worked out.

  • Backburner

    My draft weekend wishlist in no particular order:

    1) Flames draft Pulujarvi or Tkachuk.

    2) Flames trade Wideman.

    3) Flames acquire Bishop, Vasilevskiy, Elliot or Reimer.

    4) Flames acquire Kevin Hayes from Rangers.

    5) Oilers do nothing.

      • Backburner

        Many of the Final rankings have Juolevi ahead of Nylander.. so if the Flames are taking the best player available I wouldn’t be surprised.

        Also, if the forward and defenseman are equal in skill.. you always take the D, they are the hardest to develop, but also hold the most value.

        I think if Dubois or Tkachuk are off the board, Flames will probably take Juolevi or Sergachev.

  • JKG

    Juolevi – That pretty much locks up our D core for the foreseeable future. I’m more than ok with that.

    Bishop – I’m not totally sold on this yet but at the right price and a 3-4 year deal (expose Ortio) while Gilles matures.

    Then start picking off the UFA market or trade market to fill our holes at RW… (Hayes maybe) Other than Puljujarvi, nothing really knocks my socks off on the wing in this years draft, so there’s nothing wrong with being patient and solidifying everything else in the meantime.