Flames pick Dillon Dube at #56

With their second second round pick of the morning, the Flames have selected centre Dillon Dube from the WHL’s Kelowna Rockets.

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Dube, taken with the pick Dallas sent in the Kris Russell trade, is an average 5’10”, 187lbs and a young guy with a July 20th birthday. He is listed as a centre, but apparently splits time as a left winger. Ranked #37 by TSN and somewhere in the 40s by other scouting services, Dube scored 66 points in 65 WHL games, and seven in 18 playoff games.

Perhaps it was not the pick some were expecting with #56, but Dube is a solid performer and adds some high quality depth to the Flames’ prospect corps.

  • KiLLKiND

    I like getting Phillips and Tuulola in the 6th round, but I will stand by my pre draft rankings in that Dube should not have been taken before the 66th pick. I watched the Rockets a bunch this year and Dube never left a good impression. He is known for his hard work, but too often he was the last man back, his hands and speed are not NHL level and he does not think the game well enough to be valued this high. I would have been thrilled with Johansen, but Dube is a very disappointing pick. I am not sure what the Flames management saw in him, but maybe he’ll turn out to be a a decent 3rd or 4th line guy IF he turns out better than expected.

  • FlamesFan1489

    Would have liked to have seen Raddysh taken here, but Dube’s coming from a good program in Kelowna, who have produced many top players in the NHL. He’s a kid that should fill out to about 195-200 so not undersized. We’ll see how he does in the next year, but no one in the 2nd round would have slotted in our top 6 RW anyways so take your BPA in the 2nd round.

    • FlamesFanOtherCity

      Go back to your Oilersnation, closet troll. Rainbows and unicorns there due to the brilliant choice of yet another winger, instead of addressing immediate need. Could have got a decent defender by trading down or out of the 1st round.

      Flames GM made choices in a shallow draft. You somehow think the picks are any worse than what they left behind? After the top 30 players, it’s just a crap shoot.

      • KiLLKiND

        Yeah all scouting outside of the top 30 is completely useless. How silly of anybody on the internet to question any decision made by a GM as we all know every GM never makes a mistake or a bad draft pick. GM’s are essentially hockey gods as they always know the perfect decision to make.

        This was a bad pick we should have taken Abramov. Just because you like the other moves Treliving did, does not mean you should support his bad moves. This was a pick we will most likely regret as we notice the lack of RW prospects and Abramov lighting up whichever league he plays in.

  • Slowmo

    I love reading these forums funny how we know so much more than the scouts and management on NHL teams. So if everyone is correct then I guess the Flames will be the laughing stock of the NHL yet again. I kinda see him Dube more as a Theo Fleury type player and if he even comes close then I guess the jokes on the other 31 team. Heres hoping every one is wrong