Everything is Happening! Hall, Subban, Weber and More!


Taylor Hall for Adam Larsson. PK Subban for Shea Weber. Steven Stamkos re-signed. And it’s not even trade deadline day. 

Some NHL GMs got into the sauce today apparently. Two of the league’s biggest and most, err, confusing one-for-one trades in recent memory were executed today. Then the league’s most coveted pending free agent in probably a decade decided to take himself off the market. 

Hall for Larsson

Make no mistake, this is a terrible trade for the Oilers. Whatever you think of Hall, he is a top-10 scorer in the league and only 24 years old. Larsson, however, is a middling, defensive defensemen. The difference in value between these two players is a chasm. 

The Oilers definitely needed to improve their blueline. Larsson might do that – marginally – but it’s steep, steep price to pay for such a modest upgrade.

With the deal, Chiarelli becomes the NHL GM to trade both Hall (first overall) and Tyler Sequin (second overall) for underwhelming returns. 

Subban for Weber

This is almost as lopsided a trade in Nashville’s direction. Shea Weber’s defensive capabilities have fallen off a cliff the last few years and his contract is an absolute albatross. Subban scores as much as Weber, but has vastly superior defensive numbers. Oh, and he’s much younger.

We can’t be sure what motivated the Habs here. It might be one of those “intangibles” deals, but I’m certain they will live to regret it. 

Stamkos signs for 8 years at $8.5M

A fairly reasonable contract relative to the numbers that were being kicked around during the season ($10M+ over eight years). There’s an outside chance this is a move by Yzerman to execute a sign and trade given Tampa’s cap situation (lots of kids to sign, not much money). Why would Stamos sign a deal only to be traded? Because under the new CBA the longest deal a UFA can sign with a new team is seven years. Only the Lightning can give him eight.

If this is a sign-and-trade deal, he will likely be headed to the Maple Leafs. 

Flames (minor) News

Nothing nearly as big in Flames Nation, of course. Aside from Mason Raymond preparing to get bought out, Pat Steinberg recently noted that Lance Bouma is likely being shopped. Moving Bouma is the right move for Calgary if they can make it happen. He had a really poor season last year and is a bad bet to provide value for his dollars moving forward. 

Discuss below! More news if/when it breaks…

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Not a sexy trade but it opens more doors for Edmonton. Adam Larsson was the #1 d man on the 8th best defensive team in the NHL.He was also plus 15 on a team with a -24 goal diff.
    I thought they should have got more but they filled a hole and saved $2 ml in the process.
    Moving forward this is about rounding out the team and there is going to be a new left winger and another dman soon on July 1st.
    There are teams with other high profile d men on it that were terrible defensively last year.
    Calgary fans need not look too far.

    • Truculence

      I was oh so close to pitying Edmonton there for a sec, until you showed up and reminded me why the Coilers deserve everything they have been suffering for the last decade.

      Keep up the good work, cuz Karma’s a b1tch. Oh and before you go, you might want to consider that with Hall gone you are hoping his offence will be replaced by an aging power forward that has only once crested 30 goals in his entire career -not to mention that he is a drag on 5vs5 corsi.

      You’re also going to realize very quickly how important Hall was to Draisaitl’s success. But don’t worry Yak will have a monster season and Eberle will somehow vindicate his contract -perhaps by actually coming across his own blue-line to help out his D.

      Man, if Macdavid was grumpy and dismayed when the Oilers drafted him, I would have paid a million dollars to see his face today!

    • TurkeyLips

      I’m going out on a limb here but you’re ultimately right. If Oil started next season without someone, anyone, to fit in the top 2 comfortably they’d be in a dire state.

      Competent top pairing defence has proven to be of vital importance in the NHL. The Oilers needed this crucial asset, and on the right side to boot – an overpayment was necessitated from the start.

      Adam Larsson may not be elite nor flashy, but he proved somehwat effective on the top pairing of one of the better defensive teams in the league. The question remains, will he improve the team beyond the loss of 60+ points Hall put up last year? Who knows. All we know is that beggars can’t be choosers.

      Competent young D are extremely valuable assets to have these days. They’re worth a lot and cost an arm and a leg to trade for. Properly developing defenseman from the draft is literally the only way to go.

      I kind of pity the Oilers situation, and their total lack of leverage on this trade. A second or third rounder should have also gone back the other way. I guess that’s what you get for trading from a position of absolutely zero strength. Regardless, this will be a fun trade to follow.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Wait until you see that Edmonton can actually get the puck up to their forwards. NJ got the better player, no doubt. But Edmonton is now a better team. They got a 25 minute a night defenseman who can skate, pass and DEFEND. I know the price was steep, but we could afford to part with Hall.

    • MontanaMan

      I liked it better when you were in the fetal position licking your wounds from getting schooled on the trade. When we were mocking “where’s Train” we weren’t really hoping you’d show. PS – love your posts that all start with “wait until…….”. The Oilers have been saying the same thing in the off season for 10 years. Love it.

  • RKD

    Hall for Larsson is a terrible trade, the Oilers could have asked for much more but Chiralli caved. No wonder he was fired for trading Seguin, he will be fired for trading Hall down the road. I guess this means they are making room for Lucic. Larsson will have to turn into a stud if he’s just okay this will be one of the worst trades in NHL history. Peter needs to trade either Nuge/Eberle for Dumba/Barrie to save face. It’s on par with the Dion Phaneuf trade. Subban was traded for too many high fives, a power struggle in the dressing room with Patches, not speaking French (even though he was trying to learn it), multiple fist fights with Pleks, a conflict with Therrien, etc. but those were all just rumours, right? Right? Subban was made the sacrificial lamb for the Habs terrible collapse of a season when Price went down. Weber is older, slower his body his breaking down. He’s a great shut down d-man with a massive shot, he changes the whole dynamic of the Habs blueline.

    • McRib

      “Peter needs to trade either Nuge/Eberle for Dumba/Barrie to save face.”

      The biggest problem I have with the Taylor Hall trade is Dumba & Barrie are better assets than Larsson. Therefore because they traded their best chip right off the bat they basically set a precedent for future trades down the road. If Edmonton calls Colorado to make a straight up trade now RNH for Barrie, Colorado will want more for Barrie because they could have gotten Taylor Hall. This trade really doesn’t make any sense at all from that perspective, by just dumping Hall quickly without trying to find the best suitor for Hall, Chiarelli has soured his own trade market for future trades. If he got Larsson, a first rounder and decent prospect for Hall like he should have, then it would have set himself up better for trying to maximize RNH’s, Eberle’s value.

  • Bob's Hockey Stick

    Sure Oilers finally got a D man…a second pairing at best D man. it only cost them there best winger. But the problem still remains they do not have any top 2 puck moving D men. No klefbom isn’t it.One day maybe.

    So until the Oilers actually find NHL level d men who can move the puck AND distribute said puck to there One Dimensional forwards who don’t have a clue what back checking is. Yeah good luck! Hard to score when you don’t have the puck.

    Were the flames D core bad last year ? umm yes everyone knows it even the Flames admit it was an off year it happens. Even with the down year the Flames still have a NHL level Defense core. High priced sure.. but At least it’s an NHL defense. Outside of Sekera and Klefbom that’s it that’s all the Oil had. now the added Larrson, so they got 3 now, all good middle to bottom pairing level on a real NHL team.

    Oilers please , build a legit NHL d core to support the rest of your team. Maybe then you’ll stop being the punchline of the NHL.

  • Howie Meeker

    The oilers will be a different team that’s for sure and will do a lot of damage playing a heavy down low game but the problem will always be they don’t have a stud on the back end…and still don’t so there still just dreamers, even if Lucy signs.

    • Brent G.

      I think the hope is Lucy does sign. The guys going to hit a wall in a couple years and his large contract will be a boat anchor. Here’s hoping 6 years x $6 million per or more; terrible replacement for Hall.

      I also hope all those McDavid unhappy rumours you hear are true too. Just 7 more years and UFA!

        • FlamesFanOtherCity

          Read his comments. Pretty easy to understand. Instead of getting to play with Hall as a teammate, he will have a Finn that doesn’t speak English, a lazy RW’er who sees himself as a superstar that needs to make the perfect play then floats off, and a young Russian that is tired of being passed over.

          On the backend, McDavid can look forward to butter soft Sekera (supposed to be a puck moving offensive guy), a great kid that doesn’t really know how to play defense, a decent defender that can’t even put his skates on, and some random filler,

          Maybe the Oilers sign Lucic. Is that the answer? A goon that can score?

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Bottom line is we were a cellar dwelling team with Hall in the lineup for six years. Time get the semblance of an actual balanced hockey team on the ice and this is definitely as positive step in that direction. Whether it was Hall, Eberle, Nuge…doesn’t matter. We had enough assets up front to sacrifice any one of them. A clear leader will now come to the forefront in McDavid and this team can move forward. I’m over this trade already.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    One last word before heading out for the day.Calgary had a better goal differential than Edmonton but Edmonton had 15 goals less against them.

    Calgary had the absolute worst goals against in the whole entire league.
    While Edmonton should have got more in the trade they added a competent defence man to their team which will improve them.

    Calgary’s defence was responsible for chasing your goalies out of town
    Your highest price defence in the league should have been able to carry your team at least to a middle of the pack GAA regardless of who was in net.

    We may not have got the return on the trade that fans wanted but we have plenty of forwards up front to pick up the slack.

  • jakethesnail

    Oilers win this trade! They had to free up cap space so they could sign Lucic on Friday*. Are the oiler fans not happy with a Hall for Lucic and Larsson?

    No other Oiler forward generated any interest in a deal for a top pairing D-man. Larsson isn’t there yet but could be in the future.

    *Not sure how the talking period with potential free agents is supposed to work – not supposed to discuss salary/term but the oilers can tell Lucic, we will sign you if we can unload some cap space?

  • freethe flames

    This may indeed be a case of losing a battle to win the war. If the Oiler’s dressing room needed a major shake up then this has clearly done it. Larsson will be a very good defender for the Oilers for a long time but more importantly the message has been sent that the culture needs to change. While I am not a fan of Hall I’m not throwing him under the bus as the only issue in Oiler’s land he was part of the issue.

    If indeed as speculated that Lucic and Demers sign in Edmonton tomorrow they will be a much better team and a harder team to play against. Their defence will be much better with Larsson, Demers, Sekera, Kliefbom(I really hope he has recovered from his Staph infection; having had it I know how nasty it is) and Nurse; they will be much more difficult to play against. Again they may have lost the trade but they could be well on the way to finally righting that ship.

    • Burnward

      Well, they damn well can’t be worse.

      Like rewarding the idiot kid for finally spelling his name right when everyone else is already mastering long-division.

    • ChinookArchYYC

      I hope your right. I’d love to see the Oilers advance all the way to years of 17th place finishes.

      I was thinking all day yesterday that the Oilers management collectively sold their souls In exchange for a decade of top draft picks. 10 years later and they don’t have the management chops to make them count.

    • mk

      I think you’re right on this one. The Oilers needed D, BADLY. This was not an even trade: the Oilers did not get full value for Hall. It would’ve made tons more sense to use Hall in a package to get a Subban or Weber (if either team would’ve been interested – no telling that now).

      It looks they traded a #1 winger for a good #2 (or maybe extremely good #3) defenseman; trading some a position of relative strength to one of weakness. New Jersey had a lot of leverage, however, and was able to use it to win the deal.

      If they sign Lucic to a decent deal, they have a moderate downgrade up front (softened by adding Puljujärvi & maybe a full season from McDavid) for fairly strong upgrade on the backend. They look a lot more like a decent NHL team today than they did last week. Ugh.

        • Kevin R

          No you Oiler fans can rationalize all you want. You could have had Subban. That should have been your target & overpay to get a bonafide #1. You knew Canadiens had a hard on for Dubois, no one saw what Columbus did coming, so if you had to, Hall, the #4 & hell throw in Yakapov for Subban & the #9. How does Montreal say no to that deal? Still a huge overpay but you would have been painful on any future Flame thread knowing you guys finally got your #1 D to build your backend around.

          This deal is a complete fail, bar none. Larsson doesn’t come close to any top 30 D lists. Potential, maybe, who knows. You’re going to have a lot of sleepless nights waiting to find out.

  • freethe flames

    Hopefully today we can discuss the Flames. It would be nice to see Johnny and Monny signed. I wonder if the Zucker and Hertl contracts put Colborne’s contract talks into a better perspective.

    I have been hopeful that something would happen with Wideman before FA but I suspect it happens after July 1 when all the RHD FA are signed and likely over paid.

    Looking at the list of RHD; who gets paid what:

    Name Age Pts Salary Last year
    Schultz 25 18 $3.9
    Schenn 26 16 $3.6
    Demers 28 23 $3.4
    Gilbert 32 2 $2.8
    Polak 29 16 $2.75
    Weber 27 7 $1.5
    Lovejoy 31 10 $1.1

    I wonder if Wideman at $2.65(Flames eating half) does not look rather appealing for a team looking for a RHD who can help their PP.

  • brodiegio4life

    2 of the worst trades i’ve ever seen. How do you trade away a franchise dman and fan favourite for an older dman on the decline? Literally makes no sense other than they simply didn’t like like PK as a person… what a joke

    • Petzl

      Wouldn’t it be fantastic if Lucic decided he wanted to win in the next 3 years? Then the oilers whole Hall for Larsson (plus lucic) goes out the window and you guys can try to defend the bad trade some more with some other logic.

    • RedMan

      oiler fans have become so used to talking about what might happen, as if it has already happened, that they don’t even realize when they do it anymore.

      first of all, get real – you did not trade Hall for Larsson and Lucic – what a stupid thing to say. there is no connection, other than they freed up a touch over 1m in cap space.

      Have Oilers signed Lucic? no. what do you think he asks for from edmonton? 6m for 6 yrs? so much for the “Hall for Larsson and Lucic” stupidity.

      Larsson’s selling point, according to Chia, is the “hope” that he turns magically into the top pairing Dman they need.

      in edmonton, hope springs eternal. Chia fits into edmonton perfectly, always counting what might be as if it is already.

      • McRib

        Counting signing a Free Agent as a reason to not get full value in a trade is some messed up Oilers logic to say the least. Not to mention he hasn’t even signed yet and could still have a change of heart. History has also really not been that kind to big power forwards and their aging process (as much as I used to worship Iginla he is a great example and Lucic doesn’t have half his skill or off season training dedication to slow aging process down). The Oilers really don’t seem to realize what LA did with the fact that Milan Lucic is teetering at the edge of the proverbial age cliff about to fall off, wouldn’t be the first time LA passed on someone and Edmonton jumped on the dying scraps and massively overpayed (see Andrej Sekera LAST YEAR!!!!!!).

        History continues to repeat itself in Edmonton and they really don’t seem to learn from their mistakes. After all they are only years removed from Craig McT claiming Justin Schultz was going to become some magical future Norris winner. They are also only years removed from thinking Andrew Ference an aging veteran and former Bruin who was about to fall off the cliff was going to come and steady the ship (man did he ever fall off the cliff). I am starting to think that the GM is just a figurehead for megalomaniac Katz to make the actual decisions because the same continues to happen. I mean what kind of owner has his son go up every year to make the Draft selection? History continues to repeat itself up north. To give away the third best 5-v-5 scoring player in the league the last three years for a 4-5 Defenseman is unacceptable (He wasn’t even their best RD, as that would go to the much younger and much more offensively gifted Damon Severson).

        When Edmonton traded for Griffen Reinhart last season and then admitted they hadn’t watched him at all in his first season of pro before making the trade. It told me everything I need to know about Chiarelli, as Reinhart had just had a terrible first season adjusting to pro and NYI was desperate to get rid of him. I am actually starting to think McT was better than Chiarelli, at least he didn’t make any horrible unreverseable decisions he just sat on his hands and did nothing. Chiarelli was recently interviewed during U18s on TSN and his interview scared me to be honest. I don’t know if I have ever seen a GM so unbelievable in denial and unaware. I mean he couldn’t even name Tyson Jost when the TSN reporter asked who had been Canada’s best player at the tournament. All he could say was “I like that number 7… What’s his name…”

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        This trade was about the future and the ability to pay McDavid ,Draisaitl , Nurse in the future and that’s how things work in the salary cap era.

        Oiler fans don’t like the deal. We got a player we need but we didn’t get full value. That’s the part people are mad about. Players come and go in the salary cap era.