A history of Flames numbers: #6, Dennis Wideman

The Flames haven’t been without a player wearing #6 since the 2004-05 lockout. As of today, they’re still with a #6: Dennis Wideman, specifically.

Wideman, however, is someone whose status as a Flame could be in jeopardy. His cap hit is too high for his play to justify, not to mention the cap crunch his team currently finds itself in. He still has a useful set of skills – and if another team is eyeing them, then the Flames could be without a #6 for the first time in over a decade.

But yeah, that hasn’t come to pass yet. Wideman is still here, and so is his #6.

#6 on the Flames

Wideman is the 19th player on the Flames to ever wear #6:

  • D Bob Paradise
  • D Jean Lemieux
  • RW Ken Houston
  • D Richie Dunn
  • D Keith Hanson
  • LW Gino Cavallini
  • D Terry Johnson
  • D Brian Engblom
  • D Ric Nattress
  • D Greg Smyth
  • D James Patrick
  • D Lee Norwood
  • D Phil Housley
  • D Joel Bouchard
  • D Bob Boughner
  • D Jordan Leopold
  • D Brad Stuart
  • D Cory Sarich
  • D Dennis Wideman

Still mostly defencemen – and a lot more players this time around – but Houston and Cavallini are a couple of forwards creeping in there (though not for like, 30 years). 

Also, hey, it’s James Patrick again! Has he worn every number for the Flames ever? No, just #3, #5, and now, #6. And that’s it. Promise.

The best #6


So… Housley, eh? Wow. That was easy. It’s cool that he spent a fairly substantial portion of his career with the Flames. It is significantly less cool that he basically never saw the playoffs with them.

The number has had its fair share of play throughout Flames history, and most of the players to wear it have played a couple of hundred games, minimum. But Housley probably isn’t going to be topped any time soon. Or ever?

Previous numbers

#1Brian Elliott #3Jyrki Jokipakka
#5Mark Giordano
  • Druds

    Hey cowboys and cowgirls, Why is there still absolute silence on resigning JG and SM? whats the deal…and whats with the rumors of a possible Hall from Jersey to Calgary for JG? Johnny is a Jersey boy…hmmmm where there is smoke maybe there is fire? I never thought Hall would be traded but look what happened…Johnny probably wants 10 mill to keep playing in your barn….too rich for Brad but he is too scared to say so out loud.

  • Druds

    yes I’m trolling but truthfully whats the holdup? pretty well every other team has thrown the money and got it done…seems weird to me that your two best players have not been locked up…hmmmm just interesting is it not?

  • wot96

    @ Druds

    There is no information leakage around Treliving when he is negotiating stuff. Not sure why it isn’t done yet but the fact that we haven’t heard anything before it is done is in no way surprising.

    The whole Hall for JG thing is a non-starter for me. It’s in the same category as people worrying thinking JG wouldn’t sign in Calgary. No evidence for it whatsoever but just raising it turned it into solid click bait.

    Worry about your own team.

  • Baalzamon

    TJ Brodie took until July 31 to sign his second contract. And that wasn’t even under Treliving (that was the infamous “bridge deal” signed by Jay Feaster).

  • Druds

    Hey its mid-July.. the blogs are boring so why not spice up our lives…deal with it

    as for Feaster I miss that guy…he was like a sideshow carney…always doing weird shit and then trying to explain how his head was stuck in the stair railings…Those were the good days

    • FoE

      Correct me if I’m wrong please. The second buy out window applies after the arbitrations. August I think, this is so GM’s can ensure to be under the cap if a player is awarded more than the team can pay. What I’m not sure of is if this applies to the whole roster or just the arbitrated salary.

  • Druds

    Look guys your own poll is showing that small beads of sweat are starting to drip down Brad’s excessively large forehead…maybe he should offer them a BP franchise?

    • Jake the Snail

      MacT one of your many incompetent GMs boldly stated he would make some bold moves, what the heck? Did not make any! Chia had to come in and bounce malcontent Taylor Hall for a second pairing D-man.

      Hall’s famous quote after the trade “Now I will get motivated!” If he was able to remain motivated for an entire NHL season he would have been a better player than he actually showed in Edmonton.

    • The Sultan

      No one’s worried about their contracts. The only people that are concerned are the sad, pathetic Oilers fans who have to hold out the hope that some other organization is as badly run as theirs is. Namely, trading a #1 overall pick for a virtual unknown. And failing to make the playoffs. For 10 straight years. Despite 4 first overall picks. FOUR. And a number 3 pick. And a number 4 pick.

      You know what Treliving’s doing? He’s taking his time. Gaudreau is back home in Carney’s Point, Sean is back in Ontario, everyone is taking their time and enjoying the summer. Brad is assessing every little detail, guaging the market, even planning for the expansion draft — but when all is said and done, I virtually GUARANTEE you that both #13 and #23 will be signing very affordable, very long contracts here in Calgary because they both WANT to be here. Which is more than can be said about any current Edmonton Oiler.

      So relax, throw your Hall jerseys on the ice, and enjoy the last two years you have of McDavid — and also the next 7×7 NMC/NTC with Lucic.

  • FoE

    I am wrong, the second window appears to apply to all players. Calgary however won’t get this window unless two of Freddie, Sean, John and Tyler apply for arbitration. So… Wides for Yak? 27train? Anyone… (…Crickets)