A history of Flames numbers: #15, Ladislav Smid

This isn’t the first time Ladislav Smid has appeared on this list, but this is his current number – because injured or not, he’s still a Flame, and still has a number to go with it.

Considering how he exclusively wore #5 with the Oilers before coming to the Flames, #15 is maybe the number that made the most sense for him to have, period; but just like #5, it was already taken. And when it became available, well… Smid became the next guy in a long line of players to don #15.

#15 on the Flames

Smid is the 22nd player to wear #15 for the Flames:

  • LW Jacques Richard
  • RW Rick Bowness
  • D Rod Seiling
  • RW Dave Gorman
  • LW Kevin LaVallee
  • C Steve Tambellini
  • D Robin Bartel
  • RW Brett Hull
  • RW Shane Churla
  • RW Rich Chernomaz
  • D Neil Sheehy
  • LW Brent Ashton
  • RW Sandy McCarthy
  • RW Martin St. Louis
  • RW Rico Fata
  • C Blair Betts
  • LW Chris Simon
  • C Byron Ritchie
  • LW Nigel Dawes
  • RW Tim Jackman
  • RW Kevin Westgarth
  • D Ladislav Smid

There are mostly forwards here, but Smid isn’t the first defenceman to play with the number: he’s the fourth! 

The best #15


Hey look, it’s Hull and St. Louis! Together, they played a combined 126 games for the Flames. That’s good right?

Well, after them it looks like Ashton. He played 32 games for the Flames, so… somehow managed to have even less relevance. Okay. This isn’t going too well.

Thankfully, Richard, the first to wear #15 for the Flames, at least played 215 games for them and scored 103 points over that time – because we were fast approaching Simon in terms of top scorers. Chris Simon. 

The lesson here? This number is just depressing.

But how does Smid do among his fellow defencemen? Well, Seiling had a career point per game of .338, Bartel had one assist through 41 career games, Sheehy .172 career points per game, and Smid .123. So. It’s… still not great, yeah.

Previous numbers

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#5Mark Giordano #6Dennis Wideman
#7T.J. Brodie #11Mikael Backlund
#13Johnny Gaudreau