Flames at the 2017 World Juniors: A very early look

The Calgary Flames had a pretty successful draft last month, adding nine new members of the organization. One of the big litmus tests for a prospect base (or draft class) is the level of representation at the annual World Junior Championship: the annual showcase of under-20 ice hockey players.

How many Flames could be represented at the Christmastime tournament in Montreal and Toronto? Let’s take a look, including roster outlooks from the fabled Magic 8-Ball. (Disclaimer: this year’s event is restricted to players born in 1997 or later.)


Tkachuk spent two seasons with the U.S. National Development Program before jumping to the OHL’s London Knights. He’s won medals with the USA Hockey program. He’s both on their radar, and one of the program’s better players. He’s invited to their summer evaluation camp at the end of July.

He only misses out on the World Juniors if he makes the Flames roster this fall, which is a distinct possibility.

Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook Good


Another U.S. National Development Team product, Fox is also heading to the USA Hockey summer camp. He’s a bit less of a slam dunk, competing for a spot against recent high picks such as Chad Krys, Charlie McAvoy and Ryan Lindgren. He’s part of a big clump of guys that could make it, and his success probably depends on how well he acclimates to playing with Harvard in the fall.

Magic 8-Ball Says: Most Likely


One of four goalies invited to the USA Hockey summer camp, Parsons’ Memorial Cup heroics likely carry a lot of cache with the American brass. For what it’s worth, he’s represented the USA before and is the highest-drafted goalie invited. He’s got a good shot at earning a job for the tournament.

Magic 8-Ball Says: You May Rely On It


Dube’s invited to Canada’s development camp in Toronto and Plymouth, Michigan at the end of the month. He’s going to have to have a good start to the season to get his foot in the door, as there are 23 forwards in camp and 11 left-shooting forwards. Heck, there are a dozen first round picks at Canada’s camp (plus likely 2017 first overall pick Nolan Patrick), so he’ll need to make a big impression.

Magic 8-Ball Says: Outlook Not So Good


Tuulola is headed to North America to play for Everett this season. He’s not on the Finnish roster for the USA Hockey mini-tournament in Lake Placid, but he has represented his country at the U17s, U18s and Hlinkas. The Finns have a few different U20 tournaments during the year, so don’t read too much into his absence from the Lake Placid team.

Magic 8-Ball Says: Ask Again Later


Kylington likely wasn’t made available by the Flames for Team Sweden last year, as he spent the entire season with the Stockton Heat. He’s good enough, compared to his age group, to represent Sweden. But he’s probably not going to be available (again), and he hasn’t appeared for Sweden in international competition since he was drafted by the Flames.

Magic 8-Ball Says: Don’t Count On It


Another 2016 pick, Lindstrom is also not on his country’s team for the Lake Placid mini-tournament. Like Tuulola, I wouldn’t take that as a death knell for his chances as he, too, has represented Sweden at the U17s, U18s and Hlinkas. That said, Sweden’s forward ranks are usually pretty stacked and he’ll probably need a good start to the season to get on the U20 radar.

Magic 8-Ball Says: Better Not Tell You Now

  • Mort

    Maybe someone has thought of this before, but I think it would be cool if we collectively agreed to giving Eetu Tuulola the nickname of “Tuulo.”

    Hopefully Tuulo’s career in the NHL will be just as successful as Troy Tulowitzki’s career has been in the MLB.

    • McRib

      Canada’s Developmental Camp is in Toronto and then they are playing in multiple country exhibition games in Michigan (Which will be a positive experience for Dube regardless). Considering Canada sold out the exhibition games last summer in a heartbeat here in Calgary it’s unfortunate that they aren’t hosting, as it is doubtfull that it will be sold out at any rink in the USA. But the developmental camp is in Toronto (it’s actually in Toronto every second year because of politics, Windsport was built to be the full time home of Hockey Canada, but an arena project in Toronto at Lakeshore was failing about to fall into bankruptcy and one of the investors pleaded with Hockey Canada to help them out).

      • Joe Flames

        Thanks for the info. That’s what I don’t get; there are so many locations in Canada that would be thrilled to have it. Maybe they want to avoid a media circus?? But if you want to avoid that, don’t go to Toronto!!

  • McRib

    Dillon Dube was selected to the World Junior Camp over Sam Steel, Tyler Benson, which just goes to show how good a job our scouts have done at identifying talent the last few years. I watch the WHL extensively and don’t disagree Dube has much more raw talent. If it wasn’t for an eye injury, which clearly slowed him down last year Dube was on pace for well over 100 Points (mostly all at even strength). I wouldn’t be completely surprised to see him force his way onto the roster this year, he is a lock next year. Even with his slowed offensive pace after a freak injury he still had a better PPG (1.02) then Steel (0.97 PPG) and Benson (0.93 PPG).

  • freethe flames

    Hopefully Tkachuk is playing for Team USA as that would mean some of our other top forward prospects have pushed him back to the OHL. I like him but it would be best for his development to go back to the OHL for this to happen one of the other kids needs to earn a job.

    If Eetu plays like he did at development camp it would be very difficult to keep him off team Finland. I’m glad he has decided to play in NA this year it will help his development.

  • Baalzamon

    [Kylington] hasn’t appeared for Sweden in international competition since he was drafted by the Flames

    Not true. He competed for Sweden at the four nations tournament last summer. Four points in three games.