A history of Flames numbers: #31, Chad Johnson

The real crime here is that Chad Johnson isn’t wearing #85.

#31 on the Flames

Johnson will be the 12th player in Flames franchise history to wear #31:

  • G Yves Belanger
  • G Pat Riggin
  • G Reggie Lemelin
  • G Rick Wamsley
  • G Jason Muzzatti
  • G Rick Tabaracci
  • G Ken Wregget
  • G Grant Fuhr
  • G Curtis McElhinney
  • G Curtis Joseph
  • G Karri Ramo
  • G Chad Johnson

All goalies! Spanning the course of about 40 years, the Flames have had a number of goalies take up the #31 for them.

The best #31


Because of just how long ago some of these players played – most notably Belanger – there’s incomplete data here. That said, there’s a pretty clear uptick in save percentage as time has gone on, with Johnson very notably being the best of the bunch.

I’m hardly in a position to judge across eras, so I’m going to keep is strictly recent. The Flames’ goaltending was one of the main factors in completely sinking the team last season. Ramo may have been the best of the 2015-16 group, but even then, Johnson is a clear upgrade.

Ramo has a .906 career save percentage across 158 games played. That includes his time in Tampa Bay, when he was much younger and probably not ready, so we can be nice and just look at his time in Calgary: a .911 save percentage through 110 games.

Johnson has a .917 save percentage through his entire career of 101 games. He’s better, plain and simple; the Flames’ goaltending got a serious upgrade this off-season.

Previous numbers

#1Brian Elliott #3Jyrki Jokipakka
#5Mark Giordano #6Dennis Wideman
#7T.J. Brodie #10Linden Vey
#11Mikael Backlund #13Johnny Gaudreau
#15Ladislav Smid #17Lance Bouma
#18Matt Stajan #19Matthew Tkachuk
#23Sean Monahan #25Freddie Hamilton
#26Tyler Wotherspoon #27Dougie Hamilton
#28Emile Poirier #29Deryk Engelland
  • ChinookArchYYC

    Just a guess, but I’d bet that anything north of a .88 SV would like have been considered pretty good in the early and mid 80’s. 2-1 games were rare and shutouts a mere Mathmatically possibility.

    I was lukewarm on Johnson as I only considered him a good backup, but I’m starting to wonder if the ceiling might be higher.

  • Bring Back Brathwaite

    Rick Tabaracci was giving out autographs in some grocery store in Calgary when I was 4 years old.

    Rick Tabaracci is why I wanted to play hockey the following fall.

    Rick Tabaracci is why I fell in love with the game

    Rick Tabaracci is why I’m reading hockey articles in July

    Rick Tabaracci is love

    Rick Tabaracci is life

  • Slowmo

    I’m curios how he will fair in Calgary he now has to contend with a terrible D. Hopefully they pickup there laces or both Elliot and Cad will be praying for a trade before there SV% drops to 8.89.Saying that I doubt GG will allow the D to jump up as much as when Hartley ran the show. What an exciting show though lots of chances only problem was there were to many on the wrong side of the Ice.

    • Baalzamon
      1. Buffalo’s D is far, far worse than Calgary’s.
      2. St. Louis’s D isn’t as much better as you think it is.
      3. If team defense mattered that much to goaltending performance, no one would pay for goaltending, because it literally wouldn’t matter who was in net.