A history of Flames numbers: #36, Troy Brouwer

Troy Brouwer wore #36 in St. Louis. It was actually the first time in his career he wore the number; he’d previously worn mostly #22, but occasionally #29 and #26 with the Blackhawks, and #20 with the Washington Capitals.

The number 22 actually isn’t taken with the Flames – Drew Shore was the last one to have it, and ways have been parted with him – but Brouwer is bringing his Blues number to the Flames.

#36 on the Flames

Brouwer is the 10th player in Flames franchise history to wear #36:

  • G Doug Dadswell
  • D Len Esau
  • G Jason Muzzatti
  • LW Yves Sarault
  • D Yves Racine
  • RW Eric Charron
  • RW Ronald Petrovicky
  • D Mike Mottau
  • G Matt Keetley
  • RW Troy Brouwer

Just like with #29, we have a diverse group of players here from all positions – except centres. Brouwer will be the fourth winger, putting them over the top; before him it was three of them, plus three defenders, plus three goalies.

The best #36



Brouwer hasn’t even put on his jersey on the ice yet and he’s already the best Flame with this number, although we should give a shoutout to Racine for coming close in the points per game category as a defenceman, even though he only ever played 46 games with the Flames. (And Keetley DID stop all two shots he faced in the NHL!)

Previous numbers

#1Brian Elliott #3Jyrki Jokipakka
#5Mark Giordano #6Dennis Wideman
#7T.J. Brodie #10Linden Vey
#11Mikael Backlund #13Johnny Gaudreau
#15Ladislav Smid #17Lance Bouma
#18Matt Stajan #19Matthew Tkachuk
#23Sean Monahan #25Freddie Hamilton
#26Tyler Wotherspoon #27Dougie Hamilton
#28Emile Poirier #29Deryk Engelland
#31Chad Johnson
  • freethe flames

    Brouwer is being paid as a top 6 forward for the next 4 years; here’s hoping he delivers. He needs to be @the 20 goal mark each year and needs to find a home with either Johhny/Monny or with Bennett.

    This number series has become an interesting distraction through the summer as we await the Johnny and Monny contracts. Let’s not forget BT still has to sign Spoon and Hamilton. Ideally he also needs to move one of the bad contracts. For me one of the frustrating things has been the fact that we have not been able to move on some UFA’s that have been signed for reasonable contracts and there might still be a few out there.

    With 40 NHL contracts and say nothing goes wrong in signing the 4 guys mentioned above it leaves him with room to add a few more guys. I wonder if he will invite anyone to camp on a PTO hoping to use the cap relief we expect from Smid being LTIR. Does anyone have any thoughts as to who from the UFA’s that might be a good candidate for this? I also believe they need to add some veterans to the AHL squad; there is a great deal of potential there but they could use some veteran leadership. Again UFA pool of guys late in their careers might be good pick ups.

    • Baalzamon

      I wonder if the Flames should try to make a trade for Jussi Jokinen. Reliable 2nd line forward, two years left at four per. Not sure what the Flames have that Florida would want though. Panthers would pretty much have to take Wideman back, too, which surely wouldn’t interest them.

    • Jake the Snail

      “Brouwer is being paid as a top 6 forward for the next 4 years; here’s hoping he delivers. He needs to be @the 20 goal mark each year and needs to find a home with either Johhny/Monny or with Bennett.”

      I am not particularly worried that Brouwer score 20 goals, as long as Johnny/Monny improve their production. Brouwer could be the third wheel on that line and his points don’t really matter as long as Johnny/Monny are able to free-wheel without harassment and pop the goals.

  • RedMan

    useless stats like goals/points… why not compare the only actual stat of value, CORSI.

    what’s the value of a useless perennial 20 goal/40 pt 6’3 tall powerful forward if he int able to possess the puck 1 or 2 percent more than the other side.