Flames hire former Coyotes GM Don Maloney as pro scout

The Arizona/Phoenix connection that Brad Treliving has continues as the Calgary Flames added former-Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney to the scouting staff as a pro scout. Maloney served as the Coyotes’ GM from 2007 until the end of this past season.

In what seems like a step-down from his previous role, Maloney’s role is a little unclear though it could potentially serve as a potential replacement for Todd Woodcroft, the Flames’ former scouting director who joined the Winnipeg Jets as an assistant coach.

By training camp we should have a clearer understanding of what Maloney will be doing in the organization – specifically if he’s in a traditional scouting role or looking to fill some of the void that Woodcroft left behind prior to his hiring.

During his tenure with the Coyotes, Maloney was lauded as a man capable of assembling a budget team, and was the NHL’s first-ever GM of the year. Prior to his role with the Coyotes, Maloney served as the New York Islanders’ GM from 1992 to 1995 and assistant GM under Glen Sather with the Rangers from 1996 to 2007

  • Bean-counting cowboy

    Maybe the Coyotes “budget team success” was because Treliving gave some good input to Maloney on the management side and Maloney had a bunch of the draft pick success?

    One can hope

  • beloch

    Given the Flames past history, it’s very possible Maloney will be Treliving’s successor. Granted, barring any major snafu’s in the next month it doesn’t seem like Treliving is going anywhere. However, in the unlikely event Treliving F’s up big, Maloney is a guy you could realistically see stepping in as “interim” GM. Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen!

      • beloch

        Feaster was hired as Sutter’s assistant GM. Sutter was fired and Feaster became GM.

        Burke was hired as President while Feaster was still GM. Burke became interim GM a few months later.

        All I’m saying is that Maloney is likely the next guy. Probably not soon, and possibly just as an interim guy. All I was pointing out is that the Flames have a history of promoting from within, with Treliving being a rare exception.

    • The GREAT Walter White

      BT and the scouts keep filling the bucket with talent…..unfortunately there is a Huska (loosely translated from Finnish as “hole”…) in the bottom of the bucket so it keeps draining…..

      Interesting how none of the FN writers have taken on the project of evaluating Huska’s body of work…..


  • Parallex

    Meh, I highly doubt he’ll be doing much in the way of actual scouting. Probably just the good ol’ boys club looking after a fellow good ol’ boy.

    I’d be shocked if it’s anything other then just a part-time gig and a way for Maloney to keep his networking active.

  • Druds

    yeah BT is just giving his buddy a job so he has someone to drink coffee with …I hardly think a guy has been a GM and AGM for the past 10+ years will be satisfied at being a scout…

  • MontanaMan

    Seems like a good hire. Extensive experience and knowledge of the pro game and hired as a pro scout. With experience throughout the league and an eye for young pro talent, Maloney is an asset.

  • piscera.infada

    I don’t necessarily disagree that this hiring is likely a “favour to a friend” to some degree. However, any time you can add someone to your organisation with as much experience as Maloney, for any length of time, and at basically zero “cost” to the club (aside from physical dollars), it has the potential to be fruitful. To be blunt, if there was no possible upside from the Flames perspective, they wouldn’t do it.

  • freethe flames

    As there is no salary cap on staff then why not add someone who can help your organization. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Maybe there is someone in the that Yote’s are no longer keen on that might be a good add for the Flames. (BB knowledge of Colborne was a good pickup for the Flames)