Flames announce Young Stars Classic roster

After a lengthy, lengthy summer, the Calgary Flames are about to play meaningful hockey again. The road to the 2016-17 season opener on October 12 begins with prospect camp and the 2016 Young Stars Classic Tournament!

Featuring players with fewer than 100 North American pro regular season (and playoff) games or fewer than 25 NHL appearances, the Penticton tournament has been the first chance for fans to see youngsters in live hockey action! Who will be suiting up for the Flames during this year’s affair in Penticton? The Flames have released their roster for the event.

Goaltenders (4)

No. Player Age 2015-16 Club Acquired Catches Ht Wt
32 Jon Gillies 22 Stockton Heat (AHL) 2012 Draft Left 6’6″ 223
70 Nick Schneider 19 Medicine Hat Tigers (WHL) Signed as free agent Right 6’2″ 170
72 Mason McDonald 20 Charlottetown Islanders (QMJHL) 2014 Draft Right 6’4″ 200
80 Tyler Parsons 18 London Knights (OHL) 2016 Draft Left 6’1″ 185

Defensemen (9)

No. Player Age 2015-16 Club Acquired Shoots Ht Wt
53 Kenney Morrison 24 Stockton Heat (AHL) Signed as free agent Right 6’2″ 208
54 Rasmus Andersson 19 Barrie Colts (OHL) 2015 Draft Right 6’1″ 214
58 Oliver Kylington 19 Stockton Heat (AHL) 2015 Draft Left 6’0″ 183
67 Ryan Culkin 22 Adirondack Thunder (ECHL) 2012 Draft Left 6’2″ 200
73 Keegan Kanzig 21 Calgary Hitmen (WHL) 2013 Draft Left 6’7″ 247
76 Roman Dyukov 20 Yunost Minsk (Belarus) Invite (AHL contract) Left 6’1″ 190
80 Stepan Falkovsky 19 Ottawa 67’s (OHL) 2016 Draft Left 6’7″ 224
92 Aaron Hyman 18 Calgary Hitmen (WHL) Invite Right 6’5″ 224
98 Riley Bruce 19 North Bay Battalion (OHL) 2015 Draft Right 6’7″ 212

Forwards (16)

No. Player Age 2015-16 Club Acquired Shoots Ht Wt
19 Matthew Tkachuk 18 London Knights (OHL) 2016 Draft Left 6’2″ 202
45 Morgan Klimchuk 21 Stockton Heat (AHL) 2013 Draft Left 6’0″ 185
47 Matthew Phillips [C] 18 Victoria Royals (WHL) 2016 Draft Right 5’7″ 140
56 Ryan Lomberg 21 Adirondack Thunder (ECHL) Invite (AHL contract) Left 5’9″ 190
59 Dillon Dube [C] 18 Kelowna Rockets (WHL) 2016 Draft Left 5’11” 183
60 Brett Pollock 20 Edmonton Oil Kings (WHL) Trade with Dallas Left 6’3″ 195
62 Austin Carroll 22 Stockton Heat (AHL) 2014 Draft Right 6’3″ 212
71 Hunter Smith 21 Stockton Heat (AHL) 2014 Draft Right 6’7″ 231
77 Mark Jankowski [C] 21 Providence College Friars (NCAA) 2012 Draft Left 6’4″ 202
78 Justin Doucet 19 Baie-Comeau Drakkar (QMJHL) Invite Left 6’6″ 229
82 Eetu Tuulola 18 HPK (Jr. SM-Liiga) 2016 Draft Right 6’2″ 224
87 Mathieu Sevigny 18 Drummondville Voltigeurs (QMJHL) Invite Left 6’1″ 175
89 Andrew Mangiapane 20 Barrie Colts (OHL) 2015 Draft Left 5’10” 184
94 Brayden Burke 19 Lethbridge Hurricanes (WHL) Invite Left 5’10” 165
95 Mikkel Aagaard [C] 20 Sudbury Wolves (OHL) Invite Left 5’11” 180
96 Dennis Kravchenko [C] 22 U-Mass Amhearst (NCAA) Invite Left 5’9″ 176

Not Attending: Rushan Rafikov (Europe), Adam Ollas Mattsson (Europe), Adam Fox (college), Brandon Hickey (college), Pavel Karnaukhov (Europe), Linus Lindstrom (Europe), Mitchell Mattson (USHL), Tim Harrison (college), Daniel Pribyl (eligible but recovering from surgery), and a few Flames farmhands (such as David Rittich, Emile Poirier and Brett Kulak) who are technically eligible but probably wouldn’t get much out of the experience.

The Invites

At first blush, the Flames have invited far fewer players to their camp from outside the organization than they have in previous years. This year’s invites are:

  • Big-bodied defender Aaron Hyman of the Calgary Hitmen. He’s big and right-handed, which are two things the organization loves. His offensive game isn’t amazing (yet), but he split sixth-defender duties with Jakob LaPointe last season and basically played half the time. He’s led the Hitmen in scoring during the pre-season for what that’s worth.
  • AHL signee Roman Dyukov.
  • AHL signee Ryan Lomberg, who was at this tournament last year.
  • Denmark-born OHL center Mikkel Aagaard, who has scored impressively but may be looking for a new home (given he’s both an overager and an import player, and junior teams typically don’t keep guys like him).
  • Big-bodied forward Mathieu Sevigny, who was also invited to development camp.
  • Small-bodied forward Brayden Burke, who was also invited to development camp.
  • Small-bodied forward Dennis Kravchenko, who was also invited to development camp.
  • Big-bodied forward Justin Doucet, who was also invited to development camp.

The Schedule

The youngsters gather in Calgary on Thursday for medical testing. After that, it’s off to scenic Penticton, British Columbia for the annual Young Stars Classic Tournament!

  • On Friday (September 16), Calgary plays the Winnipeg Jets at 5 p.m. MT
  • On Saturday (September 17), Calgary plays the Edmonton Oilers at 8:30 p.m. MT
  • On Monday (September 19), Calgary plays the Vancouver Canucks at 4:30 p.m. MT

The games will be streamed on the Flames website.

  • Baalzamon

    I’m actually vaguely surprised McDonald is participating this year, since he’s already been to two of these and there are so many other goalies to evaluate.

    However, I’d feel better about McDonald starting a game than Schneider.

  • Nick24

    This tournament is always fun to watch! I’m very excited to see Magiapane and Philips among the forward group and Kylington and Andersson among the D-group.

  • smith

    The oilersnation site is now unusable thanks to all the pop up adds. Reading one article I gave up after being redirected 4 times and having to find and shut off two videos. I really hope flamesnation will not go the same way.

    • Captain Ron

      I had a similar experience and left the site immediately. Hate being force fed a bunch of crap I don’t care about. Have better things to do with the limited number of minutes we get in a day of life.

      If it happens on FN I’m outta here till it goes away. Hope they listen to all the complaining that will inevitably happen.

  • Bring Back Brathwaite

    I hope Burke gets signed after this tourney. He would immediately bump Culkin or Lindstom for the last spots on the top 20 prospects.

    Excited to hear how Pollock looks. top darkhorse prospect. Slightly less junior production than klimchuk with quite a bit more size.

  • redwhiteblack

    The most interesting forwards to watch: Tkachuk, Mangiapane, Jankowski and Phillips. Hopefully they all show well.

    Realistically the rest have large odds to slay. Maybe one dark horse (Burke) shows well.

  • Skuehler

    I think Carroll may dominate…He plays a confident style, lots of experience at this tournament, big body, this may be his last big chance to make a case for being a part of the Flames future plans.

  • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

    Does anyone think Hunter Smith has the skills to make it in the NHL , even as a fourth liner.
    Was great a couple of years ago in the Memorial cup , but can be translate that into a pro career?

    • Prototype369

      Honestly, his chances are zero. He’s probably the worst second round pick in the history of the flames. Can’t skate, next to nothing hockey IQ, his only chance is if Brian Burke goes to Boston, and Boston starts reminiscing about how they played in the 80’s

    • beloch

      Hunter Smith is a guy with some shut-down ability. I’ve seen him play against Leon Draisaitl and keep him pretty much contained, which is not too shabby given that Draisaitl turned out to be NHL ready. His offense in junior wasn’t great, but it also wasn’t a problem. He had a NHLE of 22.6 in his final OHL season. However, last season was a bit of a disaster for him. After moving to the AHL, his NHLE cratered to 5.7.

      Was this an inability to play at the pro level, a blip, or a sign of deeper problems in Stockton? Who knows? He’s a guy who needs to have a bounce-back season this year. If he can prove he’s a reliable shut-down player at the AHL level, he has a shot to be called up if injuries thin the Flames RW ranks. Hey, it beats asking Bollig to play on his off-wing! While it’s great to give more gifted guys a cup of coffee, I can realistically see Smith being called up to ride pine and maybe play 5 minutes a night for a while if injuries make it necessary. You probably don’t want to derail Mangiapane’s season to play fourth-line minutes.

    • OKG

      The way the NHL is trending, guys like Smith do not make great fourth liners, you need guys like Paul Byron and Garnet Hathaway and Josh Jooris on your 4th line. Speed, and relentlessness.

      Where Hunter Smith could carve a niche would be that “slow, but strong cycling/garbage goal forward on a line with a non-physical centre and a smaller winger (I dunno, maybe Jankowski and Mangiapane?)” that you see on some teams. His puck protection is not awful and he can screen/deflect point shots.

      Patrick Maroon is probably his best case scenario and like Maroon it will take him years to get to that level if at all. You stash him in the minors and if he does anything of note, sweet, otherwise cut bait in two years.

  • everton fc

    Kenney Morrison’s 24. At this tournament, he better dominate.

    Some interesting forwards. Tuulola is one I’ll be keeping tabs on. Another is Pollock. Ditto Phillips. AIso pulling for Klimchuk and Carroll. Always liked Carrroll’s game.

    Should be a great tournament.

  • KACaribou

    Can’t wait to see the guys play in Penticton. I’ll be there for two games anyway.

    After the first portion of the first round there are no guarantees. Sven looked like a sure thing, and he’s borderline. Poirier looked VG and he was #22 I think, and he hasn’t shown much yet. So I don’t blame the Flames for taking chances on a Hunter Smith or Keegan Kanzig; anymore than I I blame them for taking little guys like Mangiapane or Matthew Phillips. It’s a crap shoot.

    As much as some people have their head in the clouds and don’t think you need talented LARGE players, just know you’re wrong. If a Keegan or Hunter happened to turn out it would be a great find and a rare talent.

    These are young men. Give them a chance. Can’t wait to watch them all and I wish them all luck in their development.

    Oh, and BTW, wasn’t it here not too long ago that everyone was announcing the stupidity of Jay Feaster taking Mark Jankowski 21st overall? He is getting more interesting to watch every year.

  • McRib

    One interesting last minute invite is Aaron Hyman who plays on the Calgary Hitmen. Only reason I mention it is he has been shockingly good this preseason for the Hitmen (6 Points in 3 GP), he doesn’t even look like the same player compared to last season. He was a serviceable stay-at-home defender in the league last year his draft year (also first full year in the league), but this preseason he has just shown so much more confidence with the puck and everthere in general. Obviously it’s only preseason, but he has been fantastic in my multiple viewings this month, he is second in preseason defense scoring in the WHL to only Artyom Minulin who will be a Top. 40 pick this season. Who knows if he continues his recent play he could earn a contract, hopefully alongside Brayden Burke.

    Aisde from that I am most excited to see Stepan Falkovsky, he is finally a big body project that I am excited about, after dismal early round picks of Hunter Smith and Keegan Kanzig, we might be rewarded handsomely this time around. He had 0.55 PPG and was +17 on a bad Ottawa team didn’t score a ton in first season across the pond.

  • Burnward

    This Tuulola kid. Could be the hockey gods smiling on us.

    Exactly what they need. Can you score four by accident? Don’t remember that happening very often.

    • L13

      Wait, you’re seriously saying that a scrimmage in development camp is hard evidence of something? Of course it wasn’t by accident. It was also utterly meaningless.

  • FlamesFanOtherCity

    Looking forward to seeing Mangiapane, Big Ras, Kylington, Pollock, Burke and some kid named Tkachuk. Mangiapane and Burke were both standouts in their CHL seasons, regardless of size.

    Also can’t wait to see the Big Finn Eetu. Still raw, but ya gotta like that size. A year in Everett could be huge for his development.

    Would be nce to see some of the undrafted guys get signed rather than going back in the draft.

  • McRib

    I think Dennis Kravchenko will have to forgo his final two years of NCAA eligibility to be at this tournament? Correct me if I am wrong. He didn’t put up a ton of points his first two years at U Mass Amherst, but neither did Frank Vatrano who has since turned into a legit NHL prospect. Obviously UMA coaches play a very defensive game, therefore he must be looking for a pro contract at this tournament, which was the rumour this summer at developmental camp. I mean can you pay your own way to this tournament and still maintain NCAA eligibility (school has started though)? Interesting development, he is from California so he likely is hoping to end up in Stockton..

    • Nick24

      I think he’d have to forego his eligibility if the Flames paid for him to be at the tournament. If he is playing on his own coin the NCAA should be okay with the situation.

    • Arminius

      Ever hear of Matthew Tkachuk? I’m sure you have as he was all Oilers fans talked about pre draft.

      If I was a Coiler I’d be hoping McLellan plays Gaudreau with McDavid as much as possible to see if Johnny can jump start him prior to the season.
      Johnny is scoring with whoever he plays with. Connor should be taking notes.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        You guys were beside yourselves at the draft cuz you thought you guys had a 3 way trade to get Puljujarvi.
        Anyways your shiny new toy Tkachuk won’t be ready this year maybe next. Jankowski is the guy to watch.

      • #97Train/McDavidCopperfield

        You really think Jankowski is only the 11th best prospect? That in one word is crazy. I followed his career so far and it is trending upwards. Marner and Dvorak were absolute monsters for the Knights . They can do everything on their own . I’m not sure Tkachuk can make that claim . This is the NHL, and skating ability goes a long way and that is a big knock on Tkachuk .

        • FlamesFanOtherCity

          Here is the list of the top 20 prospects. Some other 1st rounders didn’t make the top 10.

          Rank Prospect Points

          1 Matthew Tkachuk 180

          2 Hunter Shinkaruk 160

          3 Jon Gillies 157

          4 Rasmus Andersson 149

          5 Oliver Kylington 146

          6 Andrew Mangiapane 138

          7 Tyler Parsons 112

          8 Adam Fox 108

          9 Daniel Pribyl 105

          10 Brandon Hickey 97

          11 Mark Jankowski 96

          12 Brett Kulak 79

          13 Emile Poirier 65

          14 Dillon Dube 62

          15 Matthew Phillips 51

          16 Brett Pollock 47

          17 Mason McDonald 39

          18 Morgan Klimchuk 29

          19 Linus Lindstrom 25

          20 Ryan Culkin 20

          You will notice some high ramked D-men ahead of Janko, as well as two goalies that have star power and winning pedigree. 1st rounders that didn’t make the top 10 – Klimchuk, Poirier and Janko.

        • OKG

          You may be the most sensible Oilers fan ever at least WRT Jankowski. Anyone who actually believes Jankowski is the Flames’ 11th best prospect, boy do I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell to you

  • Stan

    Surprised nobody has said it yet, but I’m excited to see both our second round picks from the most recent draft – Tyler Parsons and especially Dillon Dube. I think Dube could really break out this year.

  • freethe flames

    Looking at this roster I remain concerned about the organizations lack of depth at center for this year. It is unlikely that that either Phillips or Dube while very good long term prospects make the bug club out of camp and they cannot play on the AHL. These leaves Janko and FHamilton and a bunch of guys I know little about as our center iceman in the AHL and therefore 1 injury away from being in the NHL. A lack of skill down the middle may impact the development of our skilled wingers.

    The lack of RW is also concerning when the 3 listed all our projects and seem to fit a certain profile. What I am hoping is that some of the LW prospects are comfortable playing on their off wing.(Tkachuk, Mangiapane)

    So while I am excited about this tournie I remain guarded about some of our prospects. I wonder what the strategy of puttings lines together will be? I would love to see a line like this Tkachuk/Janko/Tuuloala, Klimchuk/Dube/Mangiapane, Burke/Philips/Carroll and then whoever.

    Regardless it will be interesting to watch.

  • Parallex

    Guys I’m interested in seeing…

    Phillips: We’ve had a lot of luck with tiny dynamo’s in this franchise… let’s see if we found another.

    Jankowski: Interested in seeing him against some higher level comp.

    Falkovsky: Big Giant Coke Machine… but a big giant coke machine that put up points at the junior level.

    Pollock: New prospect entering the pro-ranks. First chance to see what we got.

    Aagaard: Got me a soft spot for guys from outside the traditional hockey markets (and guys with an obscene amount of vowels in their name).

  • jakethesnail

    Falkovsky, Kanzig and Bruce all 6’7 D-man. Have one of them play forward with Hunter Smith 6’7 and Doucett (only 6’5) with Jon Gilles 6’6 in the nets.

    and smash the smurf oilers!

  • Just.Visiting

    My succinct response when looking at the roster was to note how far we have come building an inventory of prospects!

    I particularly like the 2016 draft, as I like all of the picks. Tuulola is of particular interest after what is showed at the summer camp.

    It will be interesting to see how Janko does in this tournament. I’m hoping (but not going so far as predicting) that he’s a dominant force for the Flames.

    Looking forward to reading the FN reports and the responses.