What could the Flames’ lines look like in Penticton?

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Hockey is almost back! And not just weird pseudo-international gimmicky hockey: Calgary Flames hockey. Almost.

With the Young Stars Classic set to kick off this Friday, the Flames have released their roster list. Six of the Flames’ nine picks from this past June will be there, as will be four of five from the 2015 class, as will some stragglers from a couple of years earlier, plus a handful of invites.

Naturally, some of these players are more exciting than others. They’re all going to have to come together, though, so let’s muse on just who might play with whom while the clock counts down to their first game.


The Flames have really gone heavy on the left side as of late, and the Penticton tournament looks to be no exception. Of the 16 forwards they’re bringing in, half of them are listed as left wingers, while the other half are made up of centres and right wingers. So it seems probable some guys will play out of position over the three games, if only so everyone is able to get a chance.

By my own personal count, you can divide the forwards into three classes: the guys who are really exciting, the guys who are pretty intriguing within their own rights, and the “oh okay you’re here too” guys.

Really exciting: Mark Jankowski (C), Andrew Mangiapane (LW), Matthew Tkachuk (LW)

Intriguing: Brayden Burke (LW), Dillon Dube (LW), Morgan Klimchuk (LW), Dennis Kravchenko (C), Matthew Phillips (RW), Brett Pollock (LW), Eetu Tuulola (RW)

Okay: Mikkel Aagaard (C), Austin Carroll (RW), Justin Doucet (LW), Ryan Lomberg (C), Mathieu Sevigny (LW), Hunter Smith (RW)

Here’s a thought: at the draft, Tkachuk said he could play all three forward positions. With that kept in mind, the Flames could easily load up on all of their exciting forwards and put them together on a Mangiapane – Jankowski – Tkachuk line.

After Jankowski, Kravchenko is probably the next intriguing listed centre; he didn’t quite reach a point per game during his two NCAA seasons, but he came close. He’s also listed as 5’9 – how about a skilled short line by putting him in between Burke and Phillips? Dube could easily fit in well here, too.

Aagaard scored 53 points in 60 games as a 20-year-old in the OHL last season, which isn’t awful, but not particularly impressive, either. Klimchuk and Pollock could probably fit alongside him, though, and I’m getting the gut feeling so could Tuulola. Maybe because he and Aagaard are the only European forwards invited?

Lomberg seems slated for the fourth line. So do Carroll and Smith, but both are right wingers, so they can probably swap out. (Though due to Smith’s second round status, the Flames may want him to play on one of the other lines.) Doucet would probably be their matching left wing counterpart; he’s huge with little offence to show. Sevigny doesn’t have quite the size of these guys, but his offence isn’t great, either.


The Flames are bringing in nine defencemen. Five are lefties, while four are righties, which leaves for a pretty even split between the groups.

Really exciting: Rasmus Andersson (RD), Oliver Kylington (LD)

Intriguing: Ryan Culkin (LD), Stepan Falkovsky (LD), Aaron Hyman (RD), Kenney Morrison (RD)

Okay: Riley Bruce (RD), Roman Dyukov (LD), Keegan Kanzig (LD)

The top pairing is pretty obvious to me. I really, really, really want to see the two Swedes together – maybe not even just in this tournament, but through the season in the AHL, too. They both project to be offensive defencemen, but with what Kylington has learned over his first year of professional North American hockey – not to mention his skating ability – they could be really fun to watch.

After that, it looks a little less clear-cut. Falkovsky, Hyman, Bruce, and Kanzig are all huge; Falkovsky, however, appears to have more offensive ability than the rest. In fairness to Hyman, though, he’s only just really started to make a mark on the WHL – not to mention his explosion for six points through three preseason games, which currently sees him as one of the most offensive defencemen in the Dub so far (caveat: preseason). So how about putting Falkovsky and Hyman together?

After that, putting Culkin and Morrison on a pairing together seems like the next route to take, particularly as both their entry deals expire after this season, so the clock may be ticking on them more than anybody else.

I’m not quite sure how to sort out Bruce, Dyukov, or Kanzig, but they’ll no doubt get their playing time, too. If one of Dyukov or Falkovsky can play their off-side, then they could be interesting to watch – they’re both from Minsk.


Obviously there aren’t going to be any lineups to decide here. But on that end, who has you excited for goaltending?

I’d rank Jon Gillies and Tyler Parsons as the really exciting guys, while Mason McDonald and Matthew Schneider are more in the intriguing or okay categories. 

Gillies we’ve been waiting for for some time now, and hopefully, this is his coming out season; Parsons, on the other hand, will likely end up back in the OHL, but considering the hype surrounding him and his Memorial Cup champion team, he could be the next one to look out for in the Flames’ system.

Anyway. What combinations would you like to see among the Flames’ prospects this weekend? Sound off in the comments!

  • Parallex

    I’d probably put the guys playing for a contract (if any) with guys already playing pro (Falkovsky in particular since he’s a two slotter in the CHL and would be hard pressed to be back at that level as a result). To see if they can keep up. Other then that I think Ari has the right of it.

  • Bean-counting cowboy





    -extras (the rest)


    Kylington/Andersson (gotta try this)



    – Rest

  • The Fall


    The only D that have a shot at the Flames roster over the next couple seasons. I can see these three cycling through different combinations to see if any chemistry results.

    • cberg

      Don’t agree with that at all. If the Oilers are able to actually get better and continue with their tough line-ups, expect to see at least two of our own big guys make it in short order. That would likely be Kanzig and Ollas-Matsson, but could be others. Remember, after this season Engelland gone (likely) and all the rest pretty soft, with the exception of Giordano occasionally.

  • L13




    Would be my preferred top 9, although if Burke is fighting for a contract it might be kinder to him to play him on the second line.

    Speaking of which, it is a little funny how many Flames fans have higher expectations of Tuulola than of Phillips, seemingly not realising that based on Tuulola’s past performance he would need to overperform greatly in his draft+1 year to match the point total Phillips achieved in his draft year.

    What I’m saying is that Phillips is somewhat likely to be a top 5 scorer in the WHL this year. Tuulola is unlikely to be a PPG player, unless his development explodes. Just an FYI, I guess.

    • T&A4Flames

      I think it’s more intrigue than expectations that draw Flames fans towards Tuulola. If he does put it together, that is a nice piece of nasty wrapped around decent skill and great attitude.

    • cberg

      While that may be true as far as WHL stats go, Tuulola is better-fitted for the NHL game and brings some things the Flames sorely lack. Although I agree Phillips will likely outscore him, Tuulola has an easier road to the NHL in my view.