Preseason FGD: The Canucks Are Coming

Good news! September is almost over, which means the new season is almost here. 

Bad news…it’s still the preseason and rosters remain littered with PTOs, AHLers and unknowns. Sometimes it’s fun to see if a kid or a tryout can make an impression, but most of the time it means the hockey is shinny grade. 

Tonight, the Canucks send their sad collection of hopefuls to the Dome to take on the Flames’ semi-AHL squad. While the outcome of this one doesn’t matter at all, losing to the Canucks in any form is never entirely acceptable. Vancouver is going to stink this year, so it would be nice start things off in what will be typical fashion for them (a humiliating loss).

The Flames

Some regulars make their way back into the lineup tonight, but mostly you’ll see kids and fringe guys if you’re in attendance. Here’s the rumoured depth chart for this evening:

  • Tkachuk – Bennett – Brouwer
  • Higgins – Hamilton – Chiasson 
  • Ferland – Stajan – Shinkaruk
  • Klimchuk – Jankowski – Hathaway
  • Giordano – Hamilton
  • Kylington – Wideman
  • Wotherspoon – Engelland
  • Elliott / Parsons
Tkachuk gets another spin with the Bennett Brouwer duo and it looks like Gulutzan is going to experiment with the Giordano, Hamilton pairing to start the year. 

Kylington seems to be getting a long look so far. It will be interesting to see if sticks around with the big boys as camp matures. Also, Tyler Wotherspoon is looking to make an impact and stick as the 7th d-man to start the year. His runway as a prospect in this organization is running out, so he needs to have a stellar camp.

The Canucks

Are you ready to be completely underwhelmed? Take a gander:

  • Skille-Gaunce-Burrows 
  • Baertschi-Granlund-Rodin 
  • LaBate-Ruutu-Grenier 
  • Zalewski-Chaput-Rendulic
  • Hutton-Gudbranson 
  • Brisebois-Tanev 
  • Tryamkin-Larsen 
  • Bachman / Demo

That’s right – Tuomo Ruutu is still in the NHL. Tonight, you can watch him center a line featuring two guys you’ve never heard of before (and may never hear from again).

So yeah, not much here. Former Flames Sven Baertschi and Markus Granlund might be the best of the bunch up front for Vancouver. 

When Last We Met

Let’s skip over last season’s results and instead go back to when the Flames eliminated the Canucks in the first round instead. Remember this?

Sum It Up

Another round of cuts is expected after this game, so many of the hopefuls not playing tonight (and many who are) probably don’t to make it past Saturday. That said, Wotherspoon, Jankowski, Shinkaruk and Hamilton are the guys pushing to stick around, so keep an eye on them tonight. 

  • Arminius

    I have to say I’d love to see someone break Burrows face. Biggest POS in the league and the biggest chicken s*!& as well

    Also I long for the days when guys would actually fight and not just try and get leverage and pull them to the lame.
    I guess I’m getting old..”back when I was a kid the players were tough” . (seems like I recall my Dad saying that..)

  • Nugent-Bagkins93

    At the game, here is my review, keep in mind I’ve had a few beers.

    Stajan looks real bad

    Wideman should be competing for a job

    Bennett is amazing

    Elliott was stellar

    Jankowski didn’t impress

    Liked Kylingtons game tonight. Feel like he’s getting close.

    4 mins left, torn between watching the end and heading to Duttons.

  • The Fall

    Stajan thoughts:

    The good and the ugly.

    The good:

    Saw Stajan make a really good stick on stick defensive play midway through the 3rd to tie up Zalewski near the Flames net and prevent the Nucks player from scoring as the puck got there.

    The ugly:

    A Power play happened and Staj killed that same PP twice with horrible passes.

  • Baalzamon

    I thought that was Tkachuk’s best game so far. He was much more settled, but still involved in the play and causing havoc in front of the net.

    Definitely Bennett driving the bus on that line, but the others are not hurting him at all.

    The Flames were really bad in the second, but good in the third.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    “Flames semi-AHL team” That made me laugh. Maybe 3 or 4 guys not there who would be on your main squad. Just admit you iced a better team. Nevertheless, y’all still won the game fair and square so its a moot point. After all, who takes jabs at teams during the preseason right??

    Look forward to seeing you guys in a couple weeks 🙂