Highlights from the waiver wire, 10/6/16 edition

After yesterday’s craziness – everybody cleared, which means 30 NHL general managers are confident they have a better backup goalie than Reto Berra and a better seventh defenceman than Mark Barberio – today’s waiver wire is a little quieter. It is fairly rich in defencemen, though, including 346-game NHL veteran Clayton Stoner.

The full list, via our own General Fanager:

Let’s take a look at what’s there.

  • C Michael Chaput. Vancouver’s waiver assignments today were pretty unsurprising, but Chaput has some things going for him. He’s a 6’2” centre with okay scoring numbers (45 points in 63 games) in the AHL and a two-way reputation. It’s more likely that he’s a recall option, but a team in need of a No. 5 centre might plausibly be interested.
  • G Magnus Hellberg. Today’s waiver wire goalie option has played all of two NHL games, but he’s 6’5”, Nashville-trained, only 25 years old and coming off a 0.918 save percentage season in the AHL.
  • RD Scott Mayfield. Mayfield is from the same draft class as David Musil, and has some virtues in common. He’s 6’4” and 225 pounds and plays a physical brand of hockey – though we should give him credit for slashing his AHL penalty minutes total from 173 in 2014-15 down to just 80 last year. Footspeed and overall ceiling are a question mark, though being a right shot improves his chances.
  • LD Andrey Pedan. Ryan Biech of Canucks Army has a thoughtful write-up on Vancouver’s decisions this morning, and naturally he spends most of his time on Pedan. The 6’5”, 213-pound defenceman put up 21 points in 45 AHL games last season and found his way into a 13-game NHL call-up, too. One has to like his tools – in addition to size and ability with the puck, Pedan’s actually a pretty decent skater, too.
  • LD Clayton Stoner. I can’t imagine him getting claimed. It’s not that he’s a bad defenceman – the 6’4”, 216-pound stay-at-home rearguard is actually a perfectly capable No. 5 defenceman. His problem is the same one Mark Fayne had when he was waived last year: contract. Stoner comes with a $3.25 million cap hit for two more seasons. Add in that he’s 31, and it’s difficult to justify taking that commitment on. Perhaps there’s a trade to be made later sending money back the other way, though.
  • RW Matej Stransky. Stransky finally had something of a breakout year. The 6’3”, 210-pound winger scored 23 goals in the AHL last season. He’s only 23 years old, he’s good with the puck and both killed penalties and worked on the power play last season. Offensive upside is obviously a bit of a question mark, and he’s not an overly fast skater, either.

With all due respect to Stoner, the most attractive options on today’s waiver wire are younger defencemen. One of the reasons that depth defenders tend to fall out of the league as they approach age 30 is because teams like to clear space for players with a bit more potential. Pedan and Mayfield are both young enough to have growth potential. In Pedan’s case, the selling feature is his tools, which suggest he may have upside beyond being a No. 6 defenceman; in Mayfield’s case, it’s the fact that he’s a right shot who can probably effectively play a No. 6 role today.

Mayfield probably has the best chance of landing somewhere else. 

          • Oilerz4life

            The basement is full of old inbred Canuck Swede’s. The Oilers are on the up and up with a pair of Swede’s from a fresh gene pool.

            *Nice edit, it means Henrique is going to get plastered all over the boards by Larsson (it’s nice to know you have a secret collection of Oiler memorabilia in your basement).

          • First, it’s “Swedes”, not “Swede’s”. Second, those “inbreds” to whom you are referring are: a) future Hall of Famers who have back-to-back Art Ross trophies and a Hart trophy, b) the former league Iron Man, c) guys who have donated $1.5 million to BC Children’s Hospital and spent many more countless hours fundraising and helping the Vancouver community and sick kids and d) have had to put up with endless bullshit from asshats like you without ever sinking to your level. I’m goddamn f’n proud to have had Daniel and Henrik be Canucks because they aren’t just hockey players, they exemplify what every professional athlete should aspire to be. The top of their game *and* model citizens. So you can take your clueless arrogance and shove it up your ass. Stay friggin’ classy Edmonton, stay classy.

          • Wow. First, it’s “Swedes”, not “Swede’s”. Second, those “inbreds” to whom you are referring are a) future Hall of Famers who have back-to-back Art Ross trophies and a Hart trophy b) one of whom is the former league Iron Man, c) guys who have donated $1.5 million to the BC Children’s hospital and have spent many more countless hours in community fundraising and child development (also the current King Clancy award winner), and d) have had to put up with endless bullsh*t from clueless gutter-trash asshats like you and will never sink to your level. Guess what, I speak on behalf of all Canuck fans and CanuckArmy readers and we’re damn proud to have Henrik and Daniel as Canucks for life because they exemplify what’s missing in professional sports now. Athletic excellence combined with modesty and model citizenry. Stay classy, Edmonton, stay classy.

          • defenceman factory

            Very well said.

            I have been very impressed with young McDavid. He has the same humility as the Sedins. A superstar in the making. Hopefully he can bring some class and optimism back to the Oilers. Strong BC Alberta rivalries are fun to watch.

          • Oilerz4life

            Mmm, yes. Here, here indeed. James, can you bring the car around, I wish to view some riots. Soon your dreams can really come true and you can play old timer hockey with the Sedins.

          • Reg Dunlop

            If there is an Alberta/BC rivalry it involves Calgary, not Edmonton. To us, the canucks are completely irrelevant and as they filter to the bottom of the league they are little more than a free space on the schedule.

          • defenceman factory

            As the Oilers have been beaten routinely by every team in the conference for longer than most readers of oilers nation have been alive I don’t understand the hatred for the Canucks. They simply collect their 2 points from Edmonton like everyone else.

            There are certainly Canucks fans that disparage the Oilers but most just hope they have finally overcome their inept management and start playing entertaining hockey again.

          • Dirty30

            How do you have an Alberta/BC rivalry involving Edmonton and Calgary when both are in Alberta?

            Oilers fans aren’t just stupid for being Oilers fans, they’re just plain stupid.

    • defenceman factory

      Oilers for life, I know what you mean, watching an oilers game has felt like a life sentence.

      I hope the Oilers are an improved team so we can watch some quality hockey with healthy rivalries in Western Canada. Watching Vancouver play Edmonton for the last decade has been like watching the Sedins take turns kicking a puppy.

      • Oilerz4life

        Nice to see you know what I mean, because what I mean is the Canucks blow. It will be a “riot” to see Canuckleheads sink to the bottom as the Oilers improve. Canuckleheads, always an air of elite about your talk for having jack squat. Sedins… LMAO!

  • If I am Chia, I would grad one of these right hand AHL Dmen with some upside for depth. There is little risk and next year if we grow them right, they could possible replace Gryba, who we need to sign ASAP.