Report: Linden Vey, Tyler Wotherspoon on waivers

Following yesterday’s game in Vancouver, Calgary Flames head coach Glen Gulutzan reportedly wanted to get the team’s playing roster cut down to the opening night group so he could fine-tune systems and other such things.

Given the many impending moves today, we’ve had the first ones: Linden Vey and Tyler Wotherspoon are reportedly on waivers… presumably (but not necessarily) for the purposes of assigning them to the American Hockey League’s Stockton Heat.

Vey, 25, was acquired by the Flames as a free agent following a tumultuous last few seasons that saw him bounce between the NHL and AHL (in both the Canucks and Kings systems) while his father was undergoing a trial for conspiracy to murder Vey’s mother. He’s established himself as a really solid AHLer but has yet to really cement himself as an NHLer. He’ll be a resource in Stockton, and possibly the first call-up if they require a right shot forward.

Wotherspoon, 23, was a second round pick of the Flames in 2011. He spent time in the NHL in each of his first three pro seasons (a total of 26 games), and he’s shown himself to be a capable (if slightly inconsistent) NHL blueliner. He’ll likely be a top pairing guy in Stockton and probably the first callup if a defender is needed.

Based on their skill sets and experience levels, it’s unlikely that either player will be claimed off the waiver wire as most teams have their own versions of them within their systems.

Based on the five projected available roster spots, we already know that one is going to Matthew Tkachuk. Wotherspoon’s waiving strongly suggests that either Brett Kulak has made the team or that Nicklas Grossmann will be signed for the final defensive spot, and that the other forward spots will go to Alex Chiasson, Brandon Bollig and Freddie Hamilton based on Vey likely going to to the farm team.

(Update: looking at the roster numbers, presumably at least one of the PTO or waiver-exempt forwards stays with the team if they begin the season with 13 NHL forwards that aren’t Johnny Gaudreau.)

Upon clearing waivers, players can stay on the NHL roster for 30 days (or 10 games played by their team, both cumulative) before they require waivers again to go to the minors (and they can go to the minors at any point during that 30 days).

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  • Longshot1977


    We’ve still got Bollig in the NHL. What. The. Heck?

    I don’t feel too bad about Chiasson and F.Hamilton making the team. Hopefully that last d spot is Kulak. If they keep Grossman over Kulak that would be a damn shame.

  • Backburner

    No big shockers there.. just waiting for our PTOs to be cut loose.

    This is way off topic.. but would anyone be interested in a Yakupov for Wideman deal?

    • BurningSensation

      Calgary would have to retain half of Wideman’s salary, but, yeah, I’d still do that deal quickly.

      Yakulov is a ‘bust’, but he’s had a different coach every season he’s played, bounced around the lineup often getting 3rd and 4th line muckers to play with, and been part of a terrible losing culture.

      The kid also has some desireable skills in his toolkit, including, NHL wheels, and excellent shooting ability.

      He isn’t a 200 ft player by any means, but he is a young goalscoring winger with lots of untapped upside, who plays a position of screaming need for us.

      I’d love him in a deal for Wideman.

      • jakethesnail

        Yes, he has had different coaches every season, and voila! they all found the same thing – that Yakupov’s tool kit is missing something – ability to listen to his coaches and execute what he is supposed to be learning!

          • jakethesnail

            A light bulb may go on in Yak’s head after being traded.

            After all, Sven Baertschi did finally see the light after he got traded to the Canucks. His former junior coach, now with the Canucks hammered it home that he could not play “his game” in the NHL. There has to be structure to his game in the NHL. If your teammate expects you to be in a certain position to receive the pass be there not somewhere up the ice….etc etc. The coaches were not there to bury him and the instructions they give out is meant to help the player and the team move forward.

      • Backburner

        It just kind of makes sense for both clubs.

        Edmonton is desperate for another defenceman, who can play point on the powerplay.

        Flames need a RW who could possibly play on the top line.

  • freethe flames

    Get them on a plane to Stockton. Make a seat available for Bollig. Get rid of all the PTO’s. Fly back to NJ with the wallet open and get Johnny signed. Make a trade for Wides and find Nakdladal and put Russells agent phone number on you block list; not much to do by tomorrow.

  • McRib

    Edmonton trades Nail Yakupov for a very mediocre ECHLer and then signs Andrew Ference 2.0, I mean Kris Russell for $3.1 million all in the same day…. Bahahahahah. What a day to be alive. Zach Pochiro was such a mediocre WHLer if not for being on PG he would have struggled to stay in the league at 20 on most teams. Porchiro would struggle right now to play top six on good CIS Teams. He definitely wouldn’t make U of A.

  • FireScorpion

    Funny stuff. Those jokers just keep giving up gold. Reinhart sent down to remind us of that fiasco followed with Yak getting traded and than the signing of Russell.

    Chiarelli is a spaz

    • freethe flames

      While I am not an Oiler fan the one thing I will say is that he has changed the atmosphere in Edmonton and that was long over due. I would not have made those moves but it will be a different team. Some how I don’t see the need to call him a spaz.

      • McRib

        All Edmonton has to show for 1st Overall Picks (in 2010, 2012) and the 2016 16th & 33rd picks in a deep draft are Adam Larsson and Griffin Reinhart. That’s inexcusably bad asset management. This isn’t us trading a past prime Iginla or Bouwmeester with no trade clauses for a first rounder and AHL depth (although that didn’t help our rebuild at all). This is trading one of the best wingers in the league, a 23 year old pre prime former first overall pick who could still turn it around and a future star in Matt Barzal and more than half of Anthony Beauvillier another future star for essentially nothing. Worst thing of all for Edmonton is Larsson and Reinhart are two defenseman who would have been effective Top. 4 defenders a decade ago, but in today’s speed game these slow footed defenders are basically being passed over as we speak by a generational changing (see Team NA at World Cup) and will never be anything more than average third pairing defenders.

        One only has to look at Tyler Seguin to see how bad of an idea it is to trade away a disenfranchised young star like Yakupov before prime. Yakupov isn’t going to ever be a star like Seguin, but things will be better in St. Louis and all they have to show for it is Zach Pochiro a guy who like I said yesterday couldn’t get quality ice time on U of A and at best a second round pick (see Mitch Moroz). Edmonton couldn’t even get a Ty Rattie?!?!? Someone who St. Louis barely has room for going forward and will likely not be tendered in the future anyway? Or Jordan Schmaltz (exactly what they need a young right shot defensemen) and someone who once again likely isn’t sticking in the Top. 4 any time soon because that’s a blueline with Pietrangelo, Shattenkirk, Parayko, Bouwmeester. Worse case get a Glen Gawdin a prospect with some sort of potential upside or eat some salary so you have something to show for it down the road, because when you have nothing to show for it down the road we know how that looks (again see Feaster).

        You know what’s crazy, I think that Griffin Reinhart trade is the worst of all these trades, because it shows how out of touch Chiarelli is and how little due diligence he does before making a trade. Reinhart had a horrific first AHL season (he also regressed steadily following his draft year outside of a decent Memorial Cup run) and Chiarelli admitted to not watching him at all that AHL season before making the trade. Plus that was a great draft year and that was essentially two first round picks. Matt Barzal and Jeremy Lauzon would look real good right now. It also shows how out of touch Chiarelli is when he is the GM of Team NA and sees all of that speed and still thinks a Larsson can cut it in today’s game or then later that summer it’s a good idea to sin an aging awful skater in Lucic who all historical drop off a cliff.