Report: Brad Treliving visited Gaudreau this week

The ongoing Johnny Gaudreau saga got a little bit more interesting this week. According to multiple reports, Calgary Flames general manager Brad Treliving met Gaudreau’s camp in New York earlier this week.

TSN senior writer Frank Seravalli first reported the trip via a tweet mid-week:

His report was corroborated in this week’s edition of Elliotte Friedman’s 30 Thoughts:

3. Calgary GM Brad Treliving met with Johnny Gaudreau’s agent, Lewis Gross, in New York on Tuesday, then the family joined both men Wednesday in Philadelphia. It sounds like there’s been movement but sometimes the problem is that both sides see themselves as having moved enough and everyone digs in again. I think they are grinding, trying to close. The key is how many UFA years are going to be included. Gaudreau is five years away.

For reference: a six-year deal for Gaudreau would buy one UFA year, and the longest deal the two sides can sign, eight years, would buy three UFA years. We did a piece back in August looking at how adding UFA years to a player’s first deal after their entry-level years are over impacts cap hits. (The short answer is “it has a small impact, but point production is by far the primary driver of cap hits.”)

The “good” news, if there is any here, appears to be that there has been some movement on the Gaudreau front. The 2016-17 season begins on Wednesday and rosters have to be into the league office at 3 p.m. MT on Tuesday.

  • KACaribou

    Pike, I see you are just extending the conversation. I mean that is alright. But man, your article has nothing everyone didn’t already know. Dig man, dig… find a new angle.

    Journalism these days… if that’s what you call it… geez.

    • Craig

      Man, if you don’t like the free content go elsewhere, this is being brought up to continue the discussion.

      Even better offer some valuable content yourself.

        • First: Your comments below an article (negative or otherwise) are rewarding it by generating more hits/traffic and guaranteeing more like it.

          Second: Not every story has to be an exposé or have a strong narrative, and it’s not like the small update posts are taking the place of ones that do. I don’t follow Seravalli or Friedman on Twitter so this actually was interesting for me.

    • Stu Cazz

      You make an interesting comment…why is it that certain Eastern journalists are “in” with the local team when Calgary is full of journalists and in many cases are clueless about the Flames despite being located in Calgary.. yet we listen to Freidman on AM960 tell us scoops about the Flames….I agree the local guys need to dig more and perhaps take a lesson from the Freidman’s and Mckenzie’s….I don’t buy the argument of the advantages of being centrally located….

    • KACaribou

      Dude when you look on this site and see the ads, who do you think pays for content? It’s visits to the site that create more revenue. And with short, boring stories with no research, and only a few people checking in to read and comment then those ticks just aren’t there.

  • KACaribou

    To prove my point, in a city of 1.2 million people with Flames fans all over Alberta and beyond added to that population, this is the 8th comment on this article. The article has been up quite a while and every comment to this point has been about me daring to question Pike’s effort and FN’s blase attitude towards “news.”

    • Craig

      The point is, you have the power if you don’t like what’s being written, write yourself or find something you like.

      On the actual topic here, I’m fairly confident something will get done, I will start to worry once the regular season begins.

  • beloch

    The thing about the Gaudreau contract story is that everybody cares about it a great deal but there’s next to no new information out there. Treliving and Gross aren’t spilling the beans because they know doing so would turn their negotiations sour. We’re not likely to get any real information until the deal is done or the negotiations break down completely and somebody starts slinging mud.

    Even the pro’s, including Friedman, are mainly just speculating wildly. Look at what he said. There’s nothing solid there. No facts. Nothing other than the previously reported fact that Treliving went to NY and came back.

    Given this, it’s a bit of a conundrum for blogs like FN. Do you report on something everybody is dying to know more about, even when there’s nothing to report? Obviously, if it scores page hits, you do. Friedman himself probably feels a twinge of guilt about all the copy he’s written on this topic that is nothing but vapor. He still does it because people want to bury their noses in that vapor and suck it in like crack-cocaine, even though they know there’s nothing of substance there.

    Some days sports journalism is a crummy gig.

  • Craftmatic4.0

    My conspiracy theory …… after the season starts, Smid’s cap hit gets written off opening up space for Johnny! A day or two into the season he signs on tha dotted line!

    • Jumping Jack Flash

      There is a really good chance that the Flames could be within a couple of points of making the playoffs…so why would the take the risk at the start of the season.

      • Craftmatic4.0

        I think it’s a numbers game and the only way i see this getting done, unless they patch 2gether a one year deal in the final hour. I am not in favour of this route by this is where my crystal ball took me! LoL!

    • piscera.infada

      One more time. The Flames can’t take advantage of Smid’s LTIR status until they are close to the cap ceiling. Therefore, there is no chance Smid gets LTIR’d until Johnny is signed.